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Thursday, June 7, 2007

I know that I've probably missed the boat, but I was reading on the Fox website (please throw nothing) and I see some of the pain that we had over Firefly played out again.

This brings me to the conclusion that Fox truly doesn't know what people like. Okay so maybe I like Family Guy, American Dad and a few other shows. I guess that it makes me angry to think that people feel the same way about a show that we do and now they have to experience the same pain. How can the cycle continue.

I often find myself thinking about the things that I am passionate about and wondering what other people are passionate about. Then when things don't work out for something, I wonder how those who adored it feel now.

I know from experience that it's not fun. I've been a huge fan of Star Wars for years and lived with the notion that there would never be any more. Then there were more! I've lived with knowing that Firefly was gone and then there was Serenity. I've lived with Star Trek coming, going, coming again, going again and returning as a movie.

So is the way of life. From my ramblings, I just want to say...."Here's to everyone who has a passion."


Friday, June 8, 2007 7:43 AM


*raises a glass right back*

Amen to that, imin:D



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