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Tuesday, July 27, 2004

No real reason to start this. Had a 4 day weekend cause I wanted to. Not sure if the desired effect was achieved, but it was nice to not face Monday. What did I do ? Very little. On Monday I ducked into the megaplex and caught I,Robot and The Bourne Supremacy. I really liked I,Robot. It was much better than I had expected. Bourne was good too..very good, but I didn't care for the camera work so much. A lot of it was that hand held, jerky camera stuff so often used on cop shows on tv, but unneccesarily too much so for Bourne. It's like they were trying to cover up for deficencies which weren't there. Oh well, $ well spent for 1 movie ticket. ( heh heh heh ).

Today I drove up to Helen, GA. It's an small village in the hills of N.GA for those who don't know. The real draw of the town is that it's decked out like a small alpine village. Come October, it becomes THE place to be, for drinking beer and such. Octoberfest and all. I wanted to check out the hotel that I'm staying at, provided I actually attend this year. That remains to be seen. Better safe than w/ out a room, I always say.

Anyway, am I the last browncoat to know what fresh bao was ? Here I thought it was a soup dish of some sort...sheesh. Just found the recepie for Bridgets fresh bao ...go figure. Now if I can just find someone who can make Wife Soup..... ok, enough.


Wednesday, July 28, 2004 7:34 AM


Mahealani makes very good wife soup. In our home, there's usually a crock pot full of it for the entire winter. Would you like the recipe?


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