Monday, July 2, 2007

You might have guessed by my lack of excited posting during the entire last month, that the vacation I'd planned to take didn't happen. Tijuana got nixed.
There were three reasons for it. First of all, I didn't go because my mother had some dire issues stemming from her pancreas. She was in rough shape, and lacking anybody else to look after her plethora of dogs, that duty fell upon me. Luckily, she's not had to have her pancreas out (especially because that's pretty much instant diabetes, right there), but she's still a bit tenuous on what she can and cannot eat.
Second, I learned that she had extreme reservations about me going to Mexico. Now, do understand that my mother is not one to worry easily. I dare say that she's one to worry far too little. So when she admitted that she didn't want me to go, it lended her argument a certain added credence that others in my position might not have heeded.
Thirdly, I didn't go for the same reason I never started drinking, smoking, or doing drugs. I didn't have enough money. Lack of money's a pain in the ass, especially if you wish, as I do, to see some portion of this world before something comes along to remove me from it.
Well, that's all in the past. I've recently started a job in what the Yanks would call Loblaw's, but we call the SuperStore (Ain't we arrogant cusses?). Produce is repetitive and dull, but it gives me a chance to turn my brain off every day, and that's something I'm sure some people can appreciate. My boss is a good guy, but his boss is a total asshole. Par for the course in the work world. Well, as long as I'm getting paid, I can put up with Larry's bullshit. What I won't do, though, is put up with it for free.

On another note, I've got two more chapters of Legacy up. They're slow in the making, between work and all of the other distractions I fail to filter out, but the first two parts of a three parter I have planned are up, being the Agony and the Ecstacy, part one. Part two should be coming sometime this month. Fingers crossed, of course.


Sunday, July 8, 2007 11:30 AM


Let me just express my sympathies concerning your mom's health. I certainly know way too well about having to deal with my mom being mucho sick and getting tasked with a number of responsibilities. Certainly hope she gets better soon;)

And which SuperStore you working at? Cuz I kinda would life a reference point before I start trading "working a rather crap job for dosh" tales with ya;)


Tuesday, July 3, 2007 3:52 AM


HGS I'm just glad you're back with us...HUGS

Tuesday, July 3, 2007 3:46 AM


I'm sorry, but I hope your mother gets better, and stays that way.


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