Monday, July 2, 2007

Hi all,

My first blog entry. Wonder who'll bother reading? I know I ought to be writing more TiYBoD, but I am so stuck. After everyone hankering for Mal POV, I've decided to write a Mal-centric Interlude. But the problem is...

I really, really suck at writing Mal.

Well, okay, I'm not as bad as SOME people I've seen, who tend to make Mal sound as hokey/jerk-off-y as possible (Hello, OOC, what's up?) But still. Inara is pretty much my homegirl...just like Ginny in HP fandom comes right to me, or Buffyvoice is second nature. To switch it up and try and write me some Mal, especially in this delicate juncture in the fic?


Also, while I'm at it, I'm writing some Zoe/Mal, because it's impossibly beautiful. Some Kaylee/Mal, 'cause the way I see it, it's all post-apocalyptic and despairing, and HAH Kaylee, try smiling NOW muwahahahaha. There's a lot of Mal going around. But um. Not so much good with the voice. Need some help. Some guidance. Someone to HOLD MY HAND PLZ.

Anyone willing to deal with flaky, fidgety, fic-writer me? I fully anticipate no response, I actually shuddered at typing that question because *I* wouldn't even wanna deal with me.

BUT PLZ DO. Shiny fic and my undying gratitude will be your reward. I just need someone to vibe with, someone to tell me honest-like how I'm doing...

In other news. LJ sucks teh hardcore. I'm really fed up with getting links to such horrible quality fics at update notice board comms, and watching amazing fic get bypassed. Over on, a fic with OOC characters and horrible grammar gets 29387283 reviews and some of the most exquisite stuff gets, like, one: OMG SO GOOD PLZ UPDATE MORE ROFL.

Fandom makes me wantto throw up sometimes.

But then I come here and I read me some Mal4Prez, or some Kaynara, or some Chazzer, and I get all squee-like again. And LJ has some redeeming points..browncoat2X2, for example, and again, Mal4prez (obviously you can all tell I, along with others, am a fangirl), and some other lovely ladies.

Eh. I'm nominated for the Serenity on the Hellmouth awards for my Zoe/Wash fic, Elegy for a Pilot. If you're hankering to cry, go read :P

Anyways...HELP PLEAZE FF FANDOM. Because you guys are my favorite (omg shh, BtVS and Harry Potter will HEAR YOU) and all. Mwuah! <3


Monday, July 9, 2007 5:40 PM


Honestly? Mal is probably one of the most complex character to write out of all the BDHs, since he really doesn't stick to one major characteristic. He can quip and banter like Wash, go all self-oriented like Jayne, spout wisdom like Book and be selfless like Simon. Though he can't quite match Kaylee's sunshine-like optimism, Inara's wilese River's Cassandra-like presence;)

And I wouldn't get too smackdown-happy about LJ flanfics, biggrstaffbunch. Not every one can hit a home run on their frist shot, so there's gonna be some rather painful stuff to slog through. It's how an author's track record changes over time that really says something, IMO. Though there is quite a lot of dreck done by people who are only putting in minimal effort too.

I would offer to help...but my turnaround time is abysmal right now and I dunno how well I could do in getting Mal's voice right. Certainly happy to take a peak at it once you got some stuff written:D


Tuesday, July 3, 2007 5:32 AM


Mal4prez is such an awesome person to have look at your stuff because she's very good at being critical. For those who can't handle such things, she's probably not the best for you, but I love it. She's helped me loads. I'm sure she's dreading the day I send her the 110 page sequel I just finished . . .LOL!

Anyway, I couldn't even begin to help you with Mal characterization, but I wish you the best of luck. It's hard to get characterization of him right without making him sound too hickish - like Kaylee.

I really like how you write, and how you get into a characters head and make them sound right. I'm not sure I'll read any of your non-cannon pairings but we'll have to see what mood I'm in when I see them posted! Getting the characterization right for those is essential, and something SO few writers are able to do:) But, you're a good writer, so I bet you can make a good stab at it.

See, you got a huge response to your blog! And you expected nothing. Feh! :P Hopefully, buried in some of these comments is something you were looking for! :)

Tuesday, July 3, 2007 4:35 AM


Flattery will get you everywhere...

LOL! Just kidding - I meant to post a reply before I got to that part of your blog! But thanks for the mention (thanks Chaz too!) A nice pick me up on a blah kind'a day.

So... I tentatively raise my hand... I like how you write, and your subject matter, and I'm curious to give your stuff a read. Besides, I kind'a owe you, after I hijacked your thread so badly LOL!

Anyway, I'm not the best at turnaround time, but I'm chock full of all kinds of opinions about writing Mal and I'll do what I can! Drop me a line: mal4prez at

Tuesday, July 3, 2007 3:59 AM


Hi there-

Check out this thread, here:

for a list of people who can beta for you. I think that's what you are asking for.
I beta for Chazzer- and that chick's a writing I can't volunteer for you. Check that thread and see if anyone matches closely with you.

Good Luck!

Tuesday, July 3, 2007 3:57 AM


Record: most people don't know how to review. I think I'm ascending from those ranks very slowly, with my living at Whofic and all, but... What I see about Mal is he can be a hard person to write, but he writes like an older character sometimes; he's seen the hardship of the world(s) and lived through losing everything he had. But then, like Joss says, he can do that kind of stuff, but for crying out loud tell a joke. Mal's good for that - it's possible to stick him in the worst situations, and he'll start acting like Wash and say something silly. He does that well. Wit and banter are generally separate with him, from what I see, 'cos he doesn't always think highly enough for wit, but is quick for a quip anyway.

If any of the above helps and/or made sense, I give the assistance I can. (Now I've said that, I, too, am in a fanfiction writer's block that would probably just be cured by sitting down at the computer with all of it on it (currently unplugged, yeah...) and writing.)

Tuesday, July 3, 2007 3:54 AM


OK what the smack is kl stry?? ( ok I do get it's cool story, but I mean PLEASE)

Tuesday, July 3, 2007 2:28 AM


Of course we read these things!

I have to say I agree about the fandom thing. So many people who don't put any effort into stories, and get a bunch of reviews from people who are on auto-review. (You know, the ones who write 'This iz so gd update soon i lv it' on EVERY single fic they read.

On one of my HP fics that I SLAVED over, I got the following review:

'kl stry'

NO JOKE. They couldn't even be arsed spelling 'cool' properly. Or 'story,' for that matter. Ach.

Okay, rant over.

I'd love to help you, but I've had some comments on my Mal being OoC, so I probably won't be much help. I, too, find him really hard to write.

Saying that, if after you've written something you want a second opinion on how in-character it is before posting, I'd be only too happy to give it a look.

But you're probably better off waiting for someone who can actually help you, as oppposed to someone who is trying to but actually can't, LOL.

If it helps at all, I loved your Mal in Moving in a Non-Linear Fashion.

Thanks for the shout out, btw, and gotta agree that Mal4Prez is all kinds of talented.

wow, long response.

Chaz xx


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