Monday, July 9, 2007

Since PMing may or may not work on this site, I don't want there to be any confusion on my last blog...

thecortex *does* have quality fiction. Fifty percent of the time. I just read Five Drinks They Lived To Regret, by lyrtzha (sp?) and it was effin' fantastic! And Mal/Simon, btw, so yes...non-canon pairing.

But in that same issue, three of the fics featured OOC writing, or gratuitious smut with OOC writing. That's the pattern I've seen, so the other 50 percent? Arg.

Now, two points: one) maintainers of thecortex are awesome people, who have undertaken a great duty for others who dont want to rifle through all of fandom for fic. How can they help it if all that'd advertised or pimped know...Binky? Red! Slashy death! So no, it's not their fault.

And two--hey, I love me some smut. But some smut bookended by good writing please. Not just...take A and B, mix in some non-con, and YAY FIC! Come on!

It's not about non canon pairings...I read non canon pairings ALL THE TIME even (and close your eyes Mal4Prez) Rayne. Im looking for good fic. Period. And thecortex, lately, has not delivered.

As for TiYBoD--maybe I'm being lofty here, but I like to think I wrote my characters as characters somewhat independent to just smut for the sake of smut. With, you know, thought and the care Joss put into his characters.

So yeah. That's my clarification.


Monday, July 9, 2007 9:13 AM


Can't read... eyes closed...

LOL! You know, I used to not mind Rayne so much, even thought it was a reasonable course of action in some ways. But she always seems to end up married and pregnant. What's up with that? The character River Tam is so *not* about domestic bliss...

Doh! I wasn't going to rant about fic today! See what you made me do? :p

Monday, July 9, 2007 8:50 AM


I agree, smut is great, but 'Jayne-rapes-Mal-and-then-slits-his-throat' isn't Firefly fan fiction. It's .... a perversion of Joss's creation. It's badly written and OOC.

Not a big fan of non-canon pairings but I will read and wouldn't discard a story on the basis of such.

I noticed people misunderstnading your last post but I thought you were perfectly clear, and I forgot to mention in that comment that I LOVE When the Cold Comes in.

Love Chaz xx


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