Serenity RPG- Good Will and BIG DAMN HEROS PT2
Monday, July 16, 2007

So we were visited by a local by the name of Zeke, grateful for the Doc's work on his friend, he gets ready to leave just as Captain, Jeb, Silas and Rez load up in the hover mule to meet our moonshine contact. Zeke is impressed by the machine and lets on that he's got something of a mechanical touch if we ever need any help with anything.

He heads home and the group drives off to get our shipment. The place is tucked in the woods, out of the way, kind of a tight clearing, with a big bonfire marking their location. Captain and Silas make nice with the contact, Mutt, a man of many parts, so to speak. He's the type of guy that makes Badger look like a very fine gentleman, but he's got the stock already crated and ready for our group to pick up, even offering free samples, explaining that they know the good stuff by the way the bubbles are shaped. The Silas and Rex like it enough to each buy a bottle and they load up the crates for Lord Kingsley and move off.

We load up the stuff on Scirocco and get off the planet without incident, and Rez or Jeb has the great idea to split it up in everybody's bunks so it looks like personal stock, but of course on the way into Persephone's atmo, we get waylaid by some Purplebellies with a die hard snot-nosed LT and a long suffering Captain who only takes a quarter of the shipment off our boat.

When we finally get planetside, Captain, Rez and Jeb drop the stuff off at Lord Kingsley's estate and that seems to be the end of it. We have to stay planetside one more day because B is doing some repairs on Scirocco. Everything still seems to be going smooth though...

Until they get a wave the next day asking them to come back to Lord Kingsley's estate. We were all thinking it was just for another job,(we still need funds for our monthly expenses) so Capt takes Jeb and Rez and off they go. Lord Kingsley's gate guards give them some hassle until they see that our crew is on the list. Once invited into the parlor Lord Kingsley invites the Capt and her escorts to sample a bit of the delivery...except as they each slug back a shot, it burns their noses like tractor fuel.

Lord Kingsley pulls out a weapon and says "Enough of this ruse!" which is a catch phrase from another game where the guy playing Rez gets a gun pulled on him. The captain has to do some fast talking now and they all finally get Lord Kingsley to realize they wouldn't have tried the liquor if they had known it was crap. Doesn't have the bubbles after all. Lord Kingsley declares that he'll forgive the crew if they go cut off Mutt's thumb and destroy his operation.

The captain has to agree right away, just to get away and Kingsley offers compensation if we pull it off. When the three get back to the crew and explain, Goose and Doc are against it, and even Silas isn't real pleased as he liked Mutt. Plus one thing I failed to mention last update is that Mutt has his sharpshooter son posted up in a tree who shoots cans off a fence 150 yards away while the deal is taking place and he pulled that trick in front of our Captain and her escorts so Silas is really not sure it's something we can handle. He wants some for certain motivation and uses his trustworthy gut to discern if Mutt was screwing us on purpose and the GM gives him the nod. That being the case, Silas says he's in and explains why, which pulls me and Doc to make it unanimous. Scirocco flys back to Athens.

We decide to meet up with Zeke first, hoping he'll help us to find Mutt's camp (we had a guide last time) and we find that someone's been using Zeke's face to practice fist placement at high velocity. Zeke is more than willing to show us how to get to Mutt's place. Silas breaks off just before we get to the clearing to do a stealthy hunt for Mutt's sharp shooter and Jeb brings up the rear as he's a better shot than Silas.

After a few spot checks, Silas finds the lad with his trusty rifle up in a treestand and gives Jeb the coordinates. They hold off just long enough to see another deal go down in the camp site and watch the sharpshooter do his trick then as soon as the buyers leave Jeb rolls two extraordinary successes and puts a couple of shots right in the sharpshooter's brainpan. He tells Silas to retrieve the rifle and charges down into the campsite, which the rest of us have surrounded and are closing in on.

Meanwhile Doc gets to hollering, "Drop your guns or we'll kill the boy" hoping Mutt hasn't figured out that we've covered that ground already, but Mutt just gets madder and starts firing.

Goose charges right in and takes two wound points for her trouble, but the vest bounces it and she makes cover right on the other side of the shed that the guy who shot her is hiding behind. Rez gets in behind the same shed and we do a bit of Naked Gun scenario where we trade shots with guys just a few feet away.

This works well though as we roll better than they do and Rez manages to favor Mutt with a sucking chest wound, while Goose puts another guy on ground. There were a total of four and only one is left alive. Silas volunteers to duct tape this guy's face for us, but Captain's a softy and won't let him. We loot the camp and destroy the still, but somehow or other nobody thinks to look for the money that Mutt collected for the deal that happened right before we closed in. We did cut off his thumb though and put it in one of the bottles he used for his liquor. Silas also manages to stock up on the last three bottles of Mutt moonshine, saying it's a rare vintage now.

We tell Zeke that there won't be any trouble from this site anymore and pack up to go. Just leaving atmo when a strange looking boat flies past us, all done up in red paint and radioactive-like, heading right for the peaceful settlement of Clayton.


More to come...


Wednesday, July 25, 2007 5:28 PM


Certainly entertaining stuff;)



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