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Saturday, August 11, 2007

Well, haven't things been interesting lately.

Let's start at the beginning...

Semester 2 of Uni has begun. And it is WAY better than semester 1! For starters, I got every single course I wanted.

Film? Check. Pop Culture? Check. Ancient History? Check. Creative Writing? Check.

Things are never this good. Something is afoot. I'm thinking something evil.

And this time, I'm actually learning something! Especially when it comes to film. Last Semester...nothing was learnt (especially Film 101) and it was boring as shite. What I'm doing now is Contemporary World Cinema, and it's frickin' fanstastic. Ancient History...well, I'm doing that course for no other reason than it fit snug in my timetable, but I hold no grudge against it. Even if it does bore me to tears.

Pop Culture...sounds like the biggest bludge on the planet. It's really not, which is a good thing. The whole class is pretty much about Australia as a zeitgesit to itself and the outside world, from Lawson's short stories to Mad Max 2. yes, I get to watch Mad Max 2 for homework. To everyone outside Australia, you'll want to be thinking of The Road Warrior.

Creative Writing is simply awesome. And somewhat shocking. I actually met a bona fide Browncoat in that class. And by bona fide I mean a member of this very site! TheHeroofWilliamtown is actually a dead set champ. And consequently a waaaaaay better writer when it comes to haiku than I am.

And while I'm on the topic of writing, I suppose I should mention that I wrote a fanfic. I say wrote because I'm no longer writing it. It took me a long damn while to finish (and in secret no less. Quite a task to not spill the beans to you folk) and I put the finishing touches on the last chapter about 10 days ago.

And here's where that evil afoot thing rears it's ugly head.

Something terrible happened.

It vanished. Gone. Dissappeared. Pulled a ninja on me. THIS is what happens when Vista decides to be unfriendly. Stupid new laptop. Cost me a fortune and it doesn't even work.

My fic, that took me 11 long goddamn months to finish, no longer exists. I have a prologue, chapter 1, and every subsequent chapter is an exact replica of chapter 2. I won't say how many chapters there were, but just know that it was 3 books long. And not short books. The Prologue alone is 11 pages long. And aren't prologues meant to be short?

Kinda depressing, because even though I acted as my own beta, I was more harsh on myself than was probably fair, and I was damn proud of what I'd written. I'll admit I had some trouble with a few characters (Inara didn't appear until the 6th chapter of the first book, I was that afraid of writing her), but I loved the whole thing, and I as ready to share.

I damn near cried, I tell ya.

I'm drowning my sorrows the only way I know co-writing, co-producing and directing (solo directing)a short film. My friend is in charge of music, as it's kinda his thing. And hopefully, we'll be eligible for entry in Tropfest (big short film festival). Should be arduous, mindbending fun.
Now all I need is that $2600 camcorder my work just got in stock.

Also, some parting advice: If you ever go to an Against Me! gig, and some douchebag kicks your very expensive glasses off your head while you're in the middle of a moshpit....leave them be.

Because crawling around on your hand and knees in the middle of said moshpit will get your head and hands stomped on. Repeatedly. Hence the scar above my left eyebrow. Got my glasses back though! Wouldn't have been able to driv home without 'em!

So what have we learnt?

1.Karma sucks.
2.Microsoft is evil. No surprises there.
3.When in doubt, write a movie.
4.Browncoats are everywhere.
5.Moshpits give you scars.

Something of a rollercoaster ride since my last blog (when was that? January?) then, eh?

Stay shiny folks. I know I am.


Sunday, August 12, 2007 10:53 AM


sometimes i wonder if writing on paper is a better idea, i mean,i type faster obviously, but man, i understand losing stuff. Not nearly the same amount as you, but it's frustrating. maybe if we all went back to type writers things would be better. or linux... ;D


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