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Friday, July 30, 2004

'kay, this has nothing to do with FF, but it's been driving me crazy, so you're stuck with it.

I just finished reading "Cerulean Sins" by Laurell K. Hamilton, the 11th book in the Anita Blake Vampire Hunter series.

I love the universe she created, and I love the characters, and that's why I keep reading. But good Lawd that woman needs a new editor!

Ugh, the plotting is poor and the spelling is atrocious. Multiple spelling mistakes in the same sentence is just bad. It's been that way throughout all of her books, and I can't seem to understand why such a popular author doesn't get someone better (or someone at all?) to read over the damn manuscript.

The word "alright" is not all right in a book. It's totally incorrect. "Marshall" is a name, not a federal marshal. The word "toward" is used in American English, while the word "towards" -- used extensively in this book -- is generally British usage. I also know it's wrong as far as AP standards, because I used to be an editor for a newspaper.

It's stupid stuff like that that always ruins her books for me. Well, that and the lack of plot. Her books remind me of Plot?What Plot? (PWP)fanfic. Has anyone who has read her books just wished that Jean-Claude would sit Anita down and give her a history lesson on vampire politics and customs? That would solve like, 99% of her problems in any novel.

It's a standard theme now in her novels to have hundreds of pages of vampire politics, sex, and descriptions of Anita's emotions and senses in between a few pages of plot. "Cerulean Sins" is especially poor in plot, and it's really disappointing. The first time the actual plot is mentioned, the murders, is on page 110. Sheesh. Then there's more sex and vampires, and the last few chapters go back to the murders. By that time I don't even care.

It's a shame because the universe she has created is so unique as far as vampires go. I'm fascinated with that aspect of her books. It's too bad the rest is laughable.


Wednesday, December 15, 2004 5:12 PM


I'm with you on the too much sex, not enough plot issue. Spelling I haven't noticed too much, and usually that stuff bugs the heck out of me. :)

Cerulean Sins I think has been the worst offender yet. However, Incubus Dreams shows some improvement. Not great, but definitely better. Some issues look like they are resolving, so we might actually get back to plot sometime in this millenia. Just don't look for a semblance of a plot in it. Mostly, it wraps up loose ends in Anita's personal life.


Monday, November 29, 2004 9:37 AM


hey. if you want some great books with nifty new ideas about vampires, with a tiny bit of sex and a whole lot of plot, not to mention they were checked for both spelling and grammer issues before they went to print - check out the series by charlene harris.
the southern vampire mysteries start with "dead until dark."
and then chuck your laurrell k. books because they are about as good as fanfiction pairing giles with the master.

Friday, July 30, 2004 7:46 AM


I agree. Some of books just forget about the plot and just focus on sex and violence. One that comes to mind is Burnt Offerings. The plot about the vampires waking up during the day was wrapped up too quickly and reason behind it was really lame. The eariler books are better, before Anita got involved with Jean-Claude. Laurell K. Hamilton is a good writer, but I wouldn't mind less sex in the next book.


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