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Monday, October 29, 2007

In earnest, I think I'm beginning to develop a little crush on Jewel Staite.

Usually I never care to know much about actors/actresses in real life. Primarily because they can, almost invariably, never live up to the character in the show you fell in love with. Film is grander than life, right? But when Jewel Staite began to publish her myspace blog, I subscribed to it all the same: she is, after all, Kaylee. And now I'm finding that I am even fonder of Jewel than I am of Kaylee! That seem right to you? Not that I don't like Kaylee. It's not a question of whether I like her... some of us have grown attached. But Jewel, I dunno; she's got a cuteness to her, and it ain't just her clumsiness with fire-arms.

Odd thing is, I really got a crush on her beatiful heart and mind. Sure, I find Jewel pleasant enough to look at myself. Yes, because she's pretty. But the way she writes... it's just... wow! Funny, genuine, witty, smart, kind, and genuine; did I mention genuine? She's the real deal. WYSIWYG. And I just can't get past how friendly she is to her fans.

Honestly, I do not think I've ever been so attracted to a person's mind, really, more than anything else. Her words are sexy, without being sexual. That make sense?

Word of the Day:

"spottie", NOUN. PRONUNCIATION: spä-tE. Contraction of "space" and "hottie". ETYMOLOGY: coined by Jewel Staite in her myspace blog.


Monday, October 29, 2007 4:59 PM


I love reading her blogs too. So witty and so gracious to all her fans. I think she's a great person and actress, a real spottie in my books. There's been a lot of heated debate about her on the Stargate Atlantis websites, mostly about her lack of acting skills, which is a total crock of BS. Truth is, Stargate Atlantis doesn't have near the quality of writing and directing Firefly did and her character as written is so one dimensional. She is also replacing a favorite charater who got killed off so that doesn't help. That show had a lot of bad acting before she joined and she's the least of its problems. Anyway, wish she had went to Battlestar Galactica instead since they both shoot in Vancouver, Jewel's hometown. Now that show has great writing, directing, and acting. Watching Batttlestar kind of takes the sting out of no more Firefly. Well, kinda.

Monday, October 29, 2007 3:59 PM


I've read her blogs, I don't blame you :)


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