Snowball - my new fic
Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Snowball –

It’s finished! I’m so excited to start posting. Snowball was conceived almost a year ago while I was engaging in one of my favorite winter sports, actually my only winter sport. I ignored it because at the time I was in the middle of writing “Underground,” (a fabulous little story in which our BDH’s get to be heros.) For some reason, however, the snowball plot bunny kept hopping back up into my head. Don’t you hate that? Perhaps it was just that in July, it’s about 110 degrees here, and the setting is a ski resort, hmm.

Ok – back to telling you about Snowball. Snowball was originally conceived of as a character study, how would each of our BDH’s react to being forced to go skiing? It turned into an 11 chapter epic, with murder, swindling, smuggling and just a little skiing.

I had three goals while writing. First, I wanted to try and write about how people relate to those in different social classes. Second, I wanted to write an epic adventure without any original characters that show up in more than one chapter. In this I failed, a couple of folks show up in a couple of chapters but no more than three. Lastly, I was intrigued by the gen fic challenge someone proposed in a thread some months back.

The story takes place six months after the BDM, and pairings are standard; Simon and Kaylee, and Mal and Inara angst. And, it is pg-13 with the exception of a Jayne scene in chapter 8, I’m not telling you more it would ruin the fun.

Of course - its Joss’s world and his characters, but I sure am enjoying the chance to use them to improve my writing skills.

I need to thank Mal4prez who gave me wonderful Beta type advice throughout and has really taught me a lot about the craft of writing.

I also need to thank Valeriebean who helped me figure out just how a planet could be stuck in perpetual winter.


Tuesday, December 18, 2007 1:42 PM


Ahh, so this is what Mal4Prez was assisting with. I wondered if we'd ever get to see it! :)

Looking forward to reading.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007 10:00 AM


Well, bring it on! I'm looking forward to the reading the final version, it was certainly a good time the first time through!


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