Thanks and acknowledgements:
Saturday, February 23, 2008

(Firstly – Colt99 and TuJiaoZuo, I forgot to say thanks before – your comments and posts were essential to the writing of Spiritual.)

cough – cough – ok, at the risk of coming on like gwyneth paltrow (and not in the Royal Tennenbaums – sigh) and because I am going on holiday once my current story is posted, there follows a long list of thanks and appreciation…

The Wages of Sihnon is dedicated to MSB, Sister and Riverflan. You ROCK.

I started writing Wages of Sihnon last year after Quicksilver… the story wouldn’t break and I realised that I could not write Inara at all. So I wrote Words on a Wing instead which looked at a Companion’s experience through the eyes of a young trainee. Inara had one line on a video screen!

It was quite some time till I had the guts to put Inara into a fic for the BSR but I have never stopped working on the Sihnon story. For this reason the list of people who helped, inspired or supported this tale is a lot longer than others. I hope my fic stays interesting.

Kimber – you’ve weathered many a storm – I would not be writing about Inara at all still if not for you!

I have read many significant Guild related stories and it would be dumb to pretend that there is no influence on me from the likes of Tamsibling, SpaceAnjl (thanks for tolerating my inner xander!), Jane0904, Mal 4 Prez, LeiaSky and Slumming. The quality of these writers staggers me.

I have always devoured every thread posted about Inara or the Guild and so thanks are due to Agent Rouka, Asarian, Platonist and many others.

Jetflair (also a fic stunner!) and NBZ (sick of being thanked yet?) helped me during my first period of very low confidence – their advice on writing has been vital. Still is. Thanks!

Schooner – I always come back to a post of yours that Firefly is about the little people grinding away and you remain an influence on every one of my fics ‘Sihnon ‘ included.

In a different way, MerryK has also helped put some humanity back in my writing.

Ambdobell – you won’t likely know how helpful your comments long ago about ‘voices in fic’ were and still are. Thanks!
Similarly, Zzeta and Desertgirl for their posts to the board about dialog.

Chrisisall and Safeat2nd – general comments and posts to the board have really inspired me (you won’t know why!) – and kept my feet on the ground, a smile on my face and my head out my ass (blog pages like this excepted!).

Current inspiration for keeping with a wider verse – HermitsRest and GorramMan. Thanks!



Tuesday, March 11, 2008 2:58 AM


And you said YOU were late to the party...

See what happens when I don't visit enough?? I get compliments...hmmm maybe I should stay away longer and people will construct a shrine in my honor...

Seriously now, I listen to and read about other peoples creative process and I'm envious. I have nothing so structured. I let my pen lead me too much when I should be mapping out a destination. Probably why I'm stuck on 500+/- word pieces.

Keep at it, your stuff is excellent to read even if I don't get to read all of them. The work and sweat you put into them are evident in the finished pieces.

This site has become my cyber writers circle.


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