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Thursday, April 3, 2008

Here is the bio for the character I play on the virtual firefly "The Book." I rent the shuttle. Further information on my profession can be found under my bio.


My Bio:
“just call me abbey”
Age: 38
(rents shuttle on the Firefly “Book” for the purpose of Gaming - think of it as a mini travelling casino)

***Cortex Search: abbeygirl***
Birth Recorded: Londinium (38 years ago)
No Educational Record Found.
No Medical Record Found.
No Military Record Found.
Criminal Record: Expunged.
No Current Warrants on File.
Occupation: Gamer (Games Entrepreneur) – Registered with The House 8 years ago
House Rating: 5 out of 5 (excellent)
No Previous Employment History Found.
Current Address: Unknown

Other Useful Information:
Not wildly interested in making waves.
Able to blend into crowds easily.
Knows Oram (also on crew of "The Book" - Doctor)


Information on Gamers (be nice, I made this up - not everyone is the Companion type):

A Games Entrepreneur (aka Gamer) is responsible for operating an establishment committed to the enjoyment of playing games of chance, such as Poker, Tall Card, etc. The area where the gaming takes place is called a Gaming Pit (otherwise known as the Shuttle). The games could be high stakes - or not so high - depending on the venue.

Gaming is a profession with over a millenia of history, dating back to Earth-that-Was, and is held in high regard in the 'verse. Having a registered Gamer on board could open opportunities to small independent transport ships that otherwise may be closed to them.

Not unlike 'The Guild' who governs over the Companion industry, the Gamers' governing body is called 'The House' (The House always wins in gambling ). The House keeps reliability and honesty ratings on all its registrants. Last minute cancelation of scheduled games and no-shows may lower the Gamer's Reliability rating. Proof of cheating will lower their Honesty rating. A consistent record of such behavior could cause the gamer to be stricken from the House.

If anyone has any questions, please feel free to ask.

Would anyone like to schedule a game? :-)



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