A day to remember..
Sunday, May 4, 2008

So, it was my niece's birthday today. Ol' 'Star Wars Day' as it's lovingly called.. xD Btw, no.. We never bought her any Star Wars related toys.. At least, not this year.. We stopped giving her Mr Potato Heads in the form of Darth Vader and C3PO a long time ago now.. xD

Anyway.. I bought her a Spiderman 3 ball thingy that changes shape. (Essentially from a disc to a ball.) I know what you're thinking - it's a typical guy thing to do.. It's cliche for guys to buy presents that they want themselves.. BUT, and this is a big BUT.. When my niece was receiving treatment at hospital last month, my niece, sis, mum and myself ended up playing with this Spiderman ball thingy together in the ward.. It was a riot, and even caught the attention of another wee girl patient, who joined in.

It was an ideal birthday gift, 'cause my niece was just ending herself, while we constantly waited for it to change shape and pop up on the table! It was SO much fun..

Anywho.. We had a wee party at my sis's house, and I spent most of the day there. My sis whacked on a Hannah Montana DvD, and I got completely hooked on watching it. Hahahaha! Billy Rae Syrus is in that, if you remember him back in the early 90s.. I've heard of Hannah Montana, but never realised how fucking funny and cool that show really is, and I'm not afraid to say that..

Also, I ended up watching a music channel, and all of these no.1 hits from the 90's.. That really made me feel nostalgic.. There were some great hits back in the day, and some total shite.. (Like the Mr Blobby song.. Although, I do miss 'Noel's House Party', set in Crinkly Bottom.) xD

I have to mention the hunt for the small caramel coloured balls.. That was quite funny. They were part of a Thomas the tank engine playset. I remember seeing them still in their packet, on the floor, (and at my feet), but we never found them.

The house pratically ended up becoming a CSI crime scene looking for them. Hahahaha! My sis was pitching a fit while we looked, and my mum couldn't help but laugh.. It was classic..

So, yeah.. Today was cool.. Memorable to say the least.. I'm gonna have some birthday cake now that was brought back..


Tuesday, May 6, 2008 12:51 AM


Sounds like a good day .Though i'd keep the montana thing 2myself if i were you :-)


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