Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Bell.Book and Candle - deleted scene

With a movement Bell activated yet another of his creations and whirling and whirring with the tinker bell sounds of a child's music box, the mechanical device went through its motion like some sort of funfair merry-go-round.
Book was absorbed watching the swoop and glide of the small globes as they passed by and between one another. There were - he noticed - two sizes of sphere. Almost like planets and moons.
"Do you know what this is?" asked Bell - his voice taking on a peculiar avid tone. Whatever it was, thought Book, it was clearly pride and joy of the collection - precious. Tread tactful. The Shepherd was not surprised that Bell didn't wait for an answer from the preacher. "It is an astrolabe. D'you see?"
Book was becoming curious now - Is that temptation? .
"I'm not sure." Was he talking to himself now?
"An astrolabe is a working map of the stars."
"Yes - I am familiar with the term." He was remembering quite suddenly the planetarium he had visited as a child.
"Watch closely," Bell advised. "Have you heard of the Kabala?"
Ah. So - that was it. Book kept his face as inscrutable as possible.
"Vaguely," he said, "in the Abbey, I believe. Now let me see - an old system of belief, is that so? Some sort of - myth... cosmology."
"I suppose you could say that..." Bell had all the glee of a stage magician about to reveal his favourite trick. Book disliked that.
"It was very primitive as I recall. Yes, a map - supposedly linking the Earth to... yes, other worlds. Fanciful, very fanciful."
"Yet here we are." Bell said stonily - and Book realised he gone too far, thought hard for something to... Yes. "Then Candle is on here?"
Bell smiled and pointed to one of the globes. "This, you could say is Candle, one of the five Beacon worlds.” Bell pressed an ear close to whirling globe. “A beautiful melody, don't you agree?"
"I'm sorry - I prefer something a little more... rugged."
"Ah. Of course."
"But I was wondering, were there not more worlds in that system? There may have been five, uh, beacons - as you say - but that surely is no accurate reflection of -"
Bell cut him off with a gesture. "How very obtuse," he snarled. "Five worlds - five ships. See?" He pointed to one of the smaller globes - moving in a concentric circle and dancing past 'Candle' once with each rotation.
"That," said Bell, as if Book were slow, "makes ten."
“It makes whatever you want it to I’m sure,” Book said disinterestedly.
Bell sneered. “Well I found it to have very practical applications when I was mapping the Mind-Brain interface. It’s a funny thing the Mind-Brain interface…” a deliberate pause for effect, “a River runs through it.”
Book was startled – jumping from the chair – or rather trying to. He didn’t seem able to move.
"Unimpressed?” Bell was so disappointed. “Oh. Well, in that case perhaps I should wrap you in mystery; shadows and wonder... become the Great Mage whose power is revealed with one magical movement from Kether to Malkuth*. Or, uh, Mal - if you'd prefer heh, heh."
Not as deranged as it may seem – the ten linked spheres from Crown to Earth, Kether to Malkuth, make for an interesting reading of Firefly’s 10 inter-linked characters (inc Serenity) and their various qualities. Hell, Malkuth – Malcolm, aint much of a stretch. Also – the abyss can be seen as ‘the black’, the missing 11th sphere 'Knowledge'as Mr Universe...

On the other hand – Kabala already? Madonna right? Yeh, bored now.
And yeh – one time I joined the dots in a picture and made a real nice car - then mom said it shoulda been a donkey. Waaah!:(
* Gratuitous bowie alert.



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