Wytch's fic guide (i)
Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Notes on a fic timeline - narrative and context
(note - this guide is spoiler heavy and also treats as 'fact' many things merely hinted at or suggested in my fics)

Wytch guide Pt II Serenity crew and other characters -
Pt III characters continued


- RNRZ Simon and River on the run and before she gets boxed. The fic speculates that the Tam family as a whole may be culpable in regard to River’s fate.


A Day at the Races is set during the show – most likely right after Trash or Ariel. The crew got some coin for once.
Words On A Wing is set not long after OiS (Book is onboard and Inara has not 'officially' left – The Crew agree to transport two children, one a Companion in Training, at her request. This fic speculates that River can, under extreme circumstances, become ‘The Weapon’ she is seen to be in the near future of the BDM. The outcome has potential repercussions for Blue Sun.

SOLACE The crew recover the hulk of another Firefly with serious repercussions for both Shepherd Book (soon to leave for Haven after all) and River. As with the previous story – River’s psychic abilities are highlighted.

Bell, Book and Candle
Serenity sets down on the township of Candle for a simple job that turns out to have serious repurcussions for Shepherd Book...

Those Left Behind

The Road to Haven
While not dealing with the after effects of TLB the crew of Serenity are forced to deal with something far weirder...
written with SpaceAnJL: http://www.fireflyfans.net/bluesun.aspx?bid=20455


Darkest Hour This fic, set during the BDM, shows Simon on Beaumonde – he meets the Underground and a mysterious man who suggests to him that he should become more an active agent against the Alliance.


LockJaw The crew establish themselves on Mr Universe’s moon. Simon decides to become the ‘new’ Mr Universe - with help from the underground – to further resist the Alliance.

About Face The crew meet a new Shepherd, apparently sent by the Abbey. Solomon Face. His immediate mission would seem to be to help Mal adjust to life after ‘Victory’ after The Wave. The Crew also meet a Space Circus and a colourful con man, Jefferson Feng whilst uncovering some nasty facts about the Alliance in relation to the citizens of Seleni Station.

Quicksilver is a coda featuring quite possibly The Operative in his new life. He assists Serenity through a hazardous area of space – whilst his listening post would seem likely to become part of Simon Universe’s info web.

To Have and To Hold Up Following events in About Face, Simon again sends the crew on a mission to uncover Alliance secrets and bring a particular individual, Renway Stenner, to justice. Saffron helps.

The Christmas Run Playing Doctor for once – Simon convinces Mal to take Serenity to an interstellar ‘Trailer Park’ to assist a house of women (in the Nandi sense). Again nasty secrets about the Alliance/Blue Sun are revealed.

Spiritual Serenity goes on a mission at Mal’s insistence to chase down a debt. However more evidence of Blue Sun chicanery is the result after revelations concerning an ex-working girl from the trailer parks. An epilogue suggests that there may be a malign force enabling Simon (ignorant of the fact) to more easily uncover dirt on Blue Sun/Alliance activities. By now, Shepherd Face is a full member of the crew and he regards Serenity as home.

Key Locations:

The Sanctuary Moon – visited by Simon and River while running from the Feds.
BuMali – a core resort and tourist shopping paradise.
Candle - A distant yet prosperous Rim colony. Apparently one of a clutch of 'Beacon Worlds' that the first colonists from The Earth-That-Was established.
Endeavour - a large and old craft with many secrets...
The Independence Moon – previously owned by Mr Universe.
Seleni – a far off moon in a dangerous quadrant of disturbed space, the Mekong Delta meets New Orleans.
Navaha – a humid little rock and home to many a racketeer. Away from the main drag is the port of Hades where Mal hangs his hat for a spell.
The Trailer Park – is actually in space and was previously Alliance maintained now… not so much.
Regis – A harsh world and home only to a mining colony.
The Heap - a large section of old Alliance Blockade and owned by Uriah Sallow. Monty is considering purchasing it.

Merrion – never visited often mentioned… the site of brutal trench based battling during the war. Also it makes whiskey.

The Justice and The Judgement - two small ships manned by Captain Lancy's posse.

Serenity – still flying:) we know the story of at least two similar vessels ‘Solace’ and ‘Sanctuary’…


The Alliance
Post BDM the verse appears to be shrinking some. Even as the Independence Moon resumes transmitting damning anti-Alliance/Blue Sun signal, it is clear that the Purple has responded to the Miranda/Pax revelation by tightening up on the Core, cleaving to its power base and leaving as much of the Rim as possible to go hang. The repercussions within the Parliament itself are less clear – but probably dramatic.

Significant propaganda damage may well have been done by Serenity’s uncovering of the Alliance mal-treatment of the Seleni citizenship and by the revelations regarding Renway Stenner and the ‘Academies’. Whilst more concretely the Parliament has directly lost members – killed by Quicksilver.

However – The Alliance may reap the benefits of a structural overhaul, its power in the verse may yet spread anew. The use of an Operative – the sheer open scale of the massacres under his command – and the use of military force to blockade Mr Universe’s moon demonstrate the lengths that the Alliance will go to, quite openly.

Blue Sun Corporation
May well be a spent force. Miranda and the Pax debacle aside - after bungling the recapture of the Tam’s (TTB) and in the kidnap of Ryadni (mistaken identity) Blue Sun’s field agent competency looks rocky.
Rennway Stenner appears to suggest that the era of the Blue Glove Man is over and they have been securely implicated in controversies surrounding Elite Academies and covert human experimentation. Recently their stock value has plummeted toward free fall… but it would appear that others are waiting to take Blue Sun’s place.

The Shepherds
It would appear that the Shepherds are aware of Book’s fate and have directly ordered Solomon Face to join Serenity. Such a move may be damaging to them – it is hardly politically ‘neutral’.

The Guild
Although undoubtedly aware of current events – the Guild’s response is as yet unknown.

The Independents
Still fragmented, infighting or just too damn busy surviving… a post-pax verse does not seem to mean the inevitable rise of the Browncoat.



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