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Monday, June 23, 2008

Wycthcroft recently requested that I post a little about my take on the firefly 'verse post Serenity as related to my Fan fic.

Since this is my first fic I'm still figuring out how the characters "Voices" work. I'm having the most trouble with Inara and Simon. I think I do better with River, Mal, Jayne while my Kaylee is improving.

I'm writing my Fic from my original characters Allan's point of view since it let's me "Project" myself into Allan and have him react to the 'verse as the outsider he is.

Anyway, this is how I see the original characters in my take on the 'verse.

Mal: Mal has mellowed quite a bit after the death's of Wash and Book. Inara and him have finally gotten together and she has helped Mal heal and become the Man he should have been if Serenity Valley hadn't happened.

Zoe: Zoe while healing still from Wash's death, the crew have helped her heal. She now treats River like a younger sister and now with Allan appearing on the scene, she feels that maybe she can find love again.

Inara:Inara has now retired from the Guild and has decided to remain on Serenity. After some more dancing about She and Mal Finally confessed their love for one another. They still fight but the making up later is worth it

Kaylee: Kaylee is hopelessly in love with Simon and her other love in life, Serenity. She's hoping Simon will pop the question sometime but she's patient. She fully considers River her sister in all but name.

Simon: Still the big overprotective brother, Kaylee is helping Simon let river live for herself more.

Jayne: Jayne has changed a lot in the two years since Miranda. He considers himself the crews protector and not the merc he was before. He's found friends and family on the ship and he protects his family. He and River started out with a mutual respect turning to a friendship/partnership after Miranda and now it looks like it may go further (Rayne)

River: Now twenty years old and maturing into a young woman and not the scared/crazy little girl she was. She has stepped into her role as Serenity's pilot with enthusiasm. She is mostly sane now. being able to control her abilities much better. She suddenly finds herself attracted to Jayne but she's not sure weather it's stemming from her friendship with him or just because he's the only available male on the ship.

Alliance: the Alliance is still about. the operative was able to kill the Tam's warrants. Parliament is trying to sweep Miranda under the rug but is having trouble with that. Internal political unrest has moved troops and ships to the core, leaving the rim a little more open than it was. While there is still a presence, it's not as strong as it once was. Unfortunately it's allowed an increase in slavery and piracy in space since there's fewer "cops" around on the rim and border planets.

Blue Sun: Blue sun still wants their greatest success back in the form of River Tam. The still hold great political influence over the Alliance.

The "verse itself: I envisioned the firefly verse itself as a trinary star system about 20 light years from earth. the core planets are around the primary blue star with Persephone and Boros as border planets to the rim. the rim planets and moons circle the two smaller outlying stars. Thats all I've figured out for the moment.

Serenity: I use the movie version of the ship as the basis of my fiction. I've heard argument's that there are no showers on Serenity. Well I have a set of Quantum Mechanics Serenity Blueprints that show two showers, one in the dorm and one along the crew bunks corridor. Since the prints are authorized by Universal I myself consider them cannon. The reason Inara was taking a sponge bath in the pilot episode was that there isn't a shower on her shuttle, just a small lavatory.

Well thats it for the moment.. hoe this helps explain where my fic is coming from



Tuesday, June 24, 2008 3:14 AM


Mm. I think this helps us understand the story better!


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