Simple Simon?
Sunday, July 6, 2008

Frequently I read viewer comments on the Serenity movie to the effect that Simon's character is incongruous between the show and the film version. They specifically cite the opening scene where Simon rescues River from the researchers. The complaints usually run something like this:

"Wait a minute. I thought the original(and more plausible) story was that Simon paid a bunch of guys in the blackout zone to get River out and then made his way to the Eavesdown Docks and met up with Mal & Co.
He could never pull something like that off in person. I mean, look at how bad he is when they go to Jaynestown and he has to pretend that he's a buyer. Impersonating an Alliance inspector? No way.
He's totally out of his depth. That scene was just to amp it up post-series for the movie, awesome as it was."

To those persons I would say: Think on this--maybe on a border moon, Simon is out of his depth. I completely agree. Most of the time he is at a total loss in those other worlds. But they weren't holding River on the Rim, were they? Simon has lived his whole life up until now as a 'rich Capital-City-Boy' sort of guy. His family position and more importantly his profession both allow for all sorts of information. He knows the system inside out and upside down. It's more than enough proof to believe the rescue.


In "Ariel", Simon showcases not only thorough knowledge of the Alliance medical system but that he also has the makings of a criminal mastermind. Without Jayne, the whole thing would have been hitch-free. [there is also the possibility that it was hitch-free BECAUSE of Jayne for the reason that security was not deployed so that the alliance could trade merchandise for fugitives, was a good plan anyway.]

In "Safe", Simon seems to be galvanized into action and authority by his position as doctor,(as in other situations) and when it coalesceses with wanting to protect his sister, it seems like he just might be burned alive along with her.

That all seems to me be guts and brains enough to sneak into top secret Alliance testing facilities posing as an eensy Alliance inspector.

Simon may be awkward around the crew because of their differing views, backgrounds and positions, but he's not as simple as most make out. Even if he does wear rosy glasses sometimes. :)


Monday, July 7, 2008 2:12 PM


I suggest reading, "A Tale of Two Heroes", from Serenity Found. It's a contrast and comparison essay on Mal and Simon, very interesting and insightful on both characters and why they clash and why they come together in the BDM.

Monday, July 7, 2008 9:04 AM


Very interesting thoughts. I agree that Simon is often underestimated and his strength of character misunderstood. This can clearly be seen in much of the fic that appears on this site. I don't see any contradiction between his behavior in the movie and series. Simon is someone who will do ANYTHING to protect his sister, including infitrate a government facility at great personal risk. Remember, his purpose in setting up the Ariel job was to gain access to the diagnostic equipment in the hospital in order to help River. Heck, the guy has given up his entire life for her. He is frequently mocked because he doesn't respond to Kaylee's attention, but it's clear from both the series and the film that is due in large part to his self-imposed determination to help River at all costs. I'm sure plenty of people would disagree with me, but of all the Firefly characters, I believe he is the strongest and most admirable.

Monday, July 7, 2008 8:35 AM


The groovy Oldman-style shades are to prevent retinal scans a la 'Minority Report'. I always said so, and 'Better Days' backs me up!

Simon IS at his best in Core world situations. A few more 'Ariel' type adventures, and I think we might have seen something very interesting develop.

Sunday, July 6, 2008 10:21 PM


interesting blog entry:)
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