Where do we go from here?
Wednesday, July 30, 2008

So, I was just thinking, if there WAS to be a Serenity 2, where do we start off with everybody? Reconnaisance and postulation.

The deceased:


His plastic dinosaurs will stay somewhere, unremarked. At least one will. The sarcastic edge really needs some boosting now, because he was the main source.


I think he may have had an impact on Jayne, who may actually be turning in the direction of being slightly more principled than amoral.
His less-than-open life before he became a shepard may come to light (and come back to haunt them)in the form of contacts and schemes.

The living:


What DOES he do with himself now? Does he just, as in River's speech about herself "fade away, disappear"?
Seems an odd end for him (although alliance will probably execute him and he won't resist) and while I applaud the originality, I dunno where it leaves us. Still, I kind of like that.


He's got a ship again, and a reasonable crew, if somewhat diminished (handy, now he has a co/pilot who presumably can navigate in her head, although if she rubs soup in her hair again while on a run it could get... ugly):D
He's faced the alliance, and the reavers, and "won". He's also proved himself to the crew. So now what? They still gotta live, which is essentially what it was all about anyway; the flashy stuff was mostly 'pretty pretty lights' and a surface distraction. But we need something, as Jayne would say, 'epic-er'. Still thinkin on that.

Will the alliance leave him alone? Nah. How can they? He's a smuggler and they likely still want River back (duh, that doesn't go away.) But they may have another open rebellion happening like the Independents---people get upset when you kill entire planets and create things like reavers.

In other news, I think in a while, he'll be just about set to start calling River mei-mei or something like that. After he gets the reaver scene out of his head, which'll take a while.


She'll fly true, but subdued for quite a while. Lots of inner grief. I can't believe what she does with it all--I have a feeling Wash softened a lot of the Serenity Valley stuff, but what's gonna help now with the memories of Wash?
I think we may see some of her pre-firefly, Serenity-Valley-self emerge again. Really, she makes me think of the heart of the ship---she and River combined in some weird way make up the 'personality' of Serenity. With some Kaylee 'all shiny' and a little Mal thrown in, of course, because ship affects captain and vice versa.
Anyway, I wonder if she'll 'leave' or stay, whether she's seen too much or has nowhere else to go, or decides the only loyalty she has left is to her captain. Big questions for someone who never seems troubled by the answers. If this is going to work, she needs to be there.


Jayne's loyalty has been majorly tested in Serenity. I think he passed the test--but can we 'trust' him now? I think that's the fundamentality of Jayne--we can't, or he's not Jayne. I just don't know where he goes.
He may at this point decide to go out on his own, but I think he kinda likes hangin' around Serenity---starting to learn that life isn't all paychecks and job hazards? I think he's fond of River, even if she's tried to injure him more proportionally than the rest of the crew. Also respects Simon more, so I see new, different interaction between them.


Getting some respect, I think. Pretty comfortable with the Firefly crew, now he's made a place for himself. They realize they really need him. Less worried about his sister, since although the Alliance screwed up her brain I get the impression that what was making her THAT hysterical was the Miranda memories--she'll still have plenty of problems, but now they've been through a reaver attack. Woo hoo.
Starter-relationship with Kaylee I guess. Maybe it'll work and maybe it won't. I forsee nagging and moping. And lots of misunderstandings. I think he (therefore Kaylee) and River probably have to stay on Serenity unless they relocate to a rim moon (the more dangerous choice, actually).


Well, for a girl who wanted to see the verse, she's seen quite some stuff. I have a feeling she'll settle in the most like the old character of all of them. Except for her relationship with Simon--don't know exactly where that will go. Don't know if she'll stay or not. Best mechanic in the verse for making a two-week drive belt last for six months.


Has tired of at least some of her high-falutin life. Like Mal, she's seen that some parts of her verse are built on a lie--we also see maybe a partial decision to keep hanging around with Mal, who she's always come back to anyway, lol.
Wonder what exactly that will turn into. There were a lot of silent, symbolic, indirect, and/or implicated statements by many of the characters at the end of the movie about what they felt/had learned/would do in the future.

(to follow)

(more to come on all...later. Going for a ride. :P)


Thursday, July 31, 2008 12:46 PM


Very interesting take on things after the BDM. If you could flesh it out into a fic or two it would be might interesting reading.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008 9:57 PM


Same as wytchcroft,nice too see other browncoats thinking,looking forward too more

Wednesday, July 30, 2008 1:24 PM


i will never NOT be interested in other people's takes on the post-BDM 'verse.

cheers - look forward to reading more:)


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