A slight elaboration and До свидания!
Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The point of my last post is that Germany unlike most of Western Europe have had no history with real representative democracy.
Said point was made by my dad's BC back in Germany during the '80s are a response to the idea that the US was there to simply deter the Soviets.
Enough with that bullocks.

I'm going out into the black. I found Firefly and I loved it. I missed the good fight and nearly three years later exactly I have no hope in a real continuation of the story. I never was one for sci-fi convention crowds and I feel a lot like an outsider in the Firefly ranks. Just not my style; I'm more of a history nerd and I like my corner of that world. In that corner I'm content to dig my heels in and sit alone.

Politically I've sat and watched Browncoats argue and I hate Internet politics, but sometimes you got to fight fire with fire. The plithy anti-Americanism is old and I'm not leaving without my parting shot at it.

So Godspeed. Keep trying to do the impossible, I hope you can. Unfortunately I'm turning in my arms and taking parole. Maybe next time I'll break rather then bend.



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