Browncoat Songstress Marian Call in LA. . .
Tuesday, November 11, 2008

'Case anybody has listened to Marian Call's stuff -- she's a Browncoat singer/songwriter in Alaska who's done some FF-themed songs -- she is in L.A. now. Here's the text of an email she sent to me...
LA Tour Dates

Greetings, friends! This is a special e-mail update since I'm playing in LA all month. So come out to a show! Bring a friend!

**Having 4 or 5 fans come out for each one of these shows makes the difference between life and death, career-wise, at this stage in the game. So make the effort to show up and bring someone! You count! And the music is great, so you'll always be glad you came. Everyone who comes to my live shows wishes they'd brought a friend. **

If you're not in SoCal, forward this to someone who is!

Addresses and other concert details are on the website or myspace.

Sat. 11.8 - 6:30pm - House Concert & Party in San Diego
RSVP to for the address. Open to the public with RSVP. Donations appreciated.

Thurs. 11.13 - 7:30pm - Stanford Singer-Songwriter Showcase at Molly Malone's in LA
Marian performs two of her own songs as arranged by composer Jonathan Beard, in part of a showcase of Stanford alumni talent. Open to the public. 21+, $10 cover, friendly mixer at 9:00pm.

Fri. 11.14 - 7pm - The Squeaky Wheel Tour at the Talking Stick in Venice
A forty-minute set with other 'Nette Radio artists, featuring LA guitarist Scott Barkan and Seattle drummer Colter Lemons. Free, all ages, donations encouraged.

Tues. 11.18 - 7pm - Club Derby in Los Angeles
A set at the famous and historic music venue. Come out and stay with Marian for drinks after! 21+, cost TBA

Wed. 11.19 - 11pm - Acoustic Cordiale at Caf? Cordiale in Sherman Oaks
Free show, free parking, full bar, and an excellent set list. Dinner served until 10:30. 21+, free

Fri. 11.21 - 9:30pm - The Talking Stick in Venice
Showcase at a great free all-ages venue.

Sat. 11.22 - private event - Concert at Creation's Salute to Firefly & Serenity in Burbank
Marian will perform at the Gold Members' dessert party at the convention, and she'll be present all weekend to meet and greet any and all attendees. For information on the convention and ticket details, visit

Sun. 11.23 - 11pm - Hollowbody presents TRIP in Santa Monica
The last chance to listen before Marian leaves town. $7, $5 with TRIP flier, 21+, free parking.

If you want coffee or a drink together while I'm down here, just get in touch. And there may be more stay tuned!

The very last Song of the Month, "West of the Mountains," is currently available for free as an MP3. So is a live performance version of the song "Fret." If you use myspace, you can download the songs there, and if you don't use myspace, e-mail and ask for the track. If you enjoy the track, drop a dollar in the Paypal tip jar on my website ( or myspace (


Tuesday, November 11, 2008 6:00 PM


Woot woot! I'll be at the Gold pass event on the 22nd!


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