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Monday, September 13, 2004

Ni Hao, Browncoats!

It's been a while since I made a Blog entry about the development of this board game.

If you have no clue what I'm talking about...

Firefly: The Board Game is a game for one to nine people ages 10 and up. It is played co-operatively, meaning all of the players compete against the "game" to win collectively. It can be played in 1 - 2 hours depending on the luck and experience level of the players. Further instructions on how to assemble the game can be found in the link below.


You'll need access to a colour printer and be able to scrounge up some easily found parts in order to use as markers.

You can also join the YahooGroup directly to download the PDF files here:


Please keep in mind that if you are having difficulty with downloading any files (i.e. you get a file not found error when you click on a file link) that there is a file download limit per day. If you get the file not found message, the limit for the day has been reached. Wait 12-24 hours and try again.

For a taste of what the game components look like, here are some images:

I haven't included all of the information that I put in the Yahoo!Groups update, only the NEWS and VISIONS portion.


Current Rules: version 0.2 – February 29, 2004 – note that there is no date on this version – future versions will include revision number and date. This version is up on the files section, with the previous version for reference.

Michael from http://www.thatiscorrect.com has offered to mirror files on the Yahoo!Groups site. You can link to all of the files necessary to play the game at http://fireflygame.thatiscorrect.com

In order to preserve Michael's bandwidth, please use this site only if you are unable to download files from the Yahoo!Groups files section.


A few people both here and in my playing group have commented about the possibilty of either adding new tales or having a "random adventure generator" of some sort.

To address this suggestion, I've been thinking about inserting "Free Tales" - tales which are essentially cobbled together from several parts - probably about 5 - which make up a story.

Here's how I'm currently envisioning it:

In addition to the standard "canon episode" tale cards, there are several (probably four or five) "Free Tale" cards which are shuffled in with the standard tale cards. When you draw a Free Tale, you are essentially developing a randomly generated storyline.

There are five piles of plot cards, each with 8-10 cards in them. The piles are:


(Names for these categories are still negotiable - those are working titles)

Each Free Tale is a five part Tale, much like the standard "canon episode" tales, but you flip over a random card for each tale part.

For example, you might draw a Free Tale card after doing a few of the episode tales.

Then you flip over the top card of the "Introductions" pile:

"Running From the Law"

which describes the opening of the episode with Serenity running from an Alliance patrol. A flying challenge with a random challenge number determined by a die roll. After completing that, you flip the next card, after reading it, you do the interlude.

The next card (from the developments pile) might be:

"Badger wants his cut"

which talks about a meeting with Badger. It's a talking challenge with a random difficulty number.

then flip next card (from twist pile) and interlude...

"Double-cross Ambush"

which is a fight on planet with 2 thugs and 2 goons then flip next card (from climax pile) and interlude...

"Alliance Barges in"

Which is a double challenge, flying and fighting 4 Alliance troops.

then finally...

"This Wasn't Part of the Deal..."

A talking challenge, which determines how much platinum the crew receives as a reward.

Different Tale cards might mix up the order of the plot cards - i.e. Introduction, Twist, Development, Climax, Denouement or Intro, Twist, Twist, Twist, Climax - whatever might lend interest so that every Free Tale card doesn't sound the same.

I've written about 20 "parts" (10 introductions and 10 developments) – 30 more to go. I'll post them as PDFs here to the site when they're complete.

I'd like to encourage anyone who writes or reads fan fiction about Firefly to contribute tales based on their favourite Fanfics. Follow the format that you read in the "canon" episode cards – ½ of a 8.5 x 11" sheet, with parts laid out and described in generally the same way.


Tuesday, September 14, 2004 12:28 AM


I've been playtesting this lately, and it is very cool. Very true to the series, and well thought out.

I encourage everyone who is even vaguely interested to download the components & give it a try!


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