Writing For a Movie Short
Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I was asked about a week ago to write a fifteen minute short to be used in a film grouping of stories based in Tulsa, where I live so...Here is the plot I figured I'd share.

Our main character is a woman assassin (fancy that from me) that is a cross between the crazy Cat and the back water Angelle. Her name is Demond. (Yes, I see the irony) Anyway, she is hired by this nerd who wants her to kill his boss for reasons he gives her like drugs and all that. Well, the spin is when the deed is done, the only reason why he wanted him dead was because the man stole his stuffed bunny. So, here is Demond, big bad assassin and she has just killed a man for nothing more than a stuffed rabbit, which the nerd claims was a gift from his mom. Fearing that her rep will be ruined, Demond drops him, and then walks away carrying the rabbit. After all, it gets lonely one the road. It all takes place in Tulsa.

What do you think?!


Wednesday, December 17, 2008 10:50 PM


Sounds really interesting! So give me an idea of who you would visualise in the role of Demond. I sort of see Zachary Levi as the nerd, because I think he could play evil/stupid very well. And I love the final image of Demond walking, hopefully into the sunrise, with the stuffed rabbit. Can he be called 'Jayne', please?


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