My Dadoo's Story
Saturday, February 7, 2009

Okay, so to start, I've been a little blocked in the writing lately. While expressing this to my Dad (also known as Dadoo), he said he'd been thinking about what could happen in the sequel to "Serenity." I said, "sure, Dadoo, let's hear it." And he told me the outline of "my" current piece - The Reunion.

Given that Dadoo is a canon-only-fan, I listened happily as he told me what he thought happened years after the movie ended. We argued on some points (turns out my father doesn't like Inara's character at all and she didn't appear in his telling of the story. when I asked about her, he said "oh, she went back to wherever" and I repeated line-for-line her last conversation in "Serenity," he said "well, okay if you want to include her...i guess, she could...") and since I ADORE the Mal/Inara romance, I decided to make that a bigger part of the tale. We also discussed River - who I always find a challenge to write - and agreed that because in the Visual Companion to "Serenity," the shooting script gives vague notions that River might be on the mend suddenly, and Joss says in the cast commentary that when she vomits after seeing the hologram, it's a catharsis...I decided to keep her a little on the loopy side and a little on the sane side...but still odd.

So...all that being said...I hope you will forgive me my rusty writing, the slightly-sane River moments and the absence of Inara. I missed her in writing this.

But I still hope you enjoy it.



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