needleseye I could talk to grown-ups
Monday, September 20, 2004

Ok, I'm bored today, so I thought I'd hang out with my computer.
Even better, talk to myself here. ( It's OK you can listen)

To set the scene, I'm a work at home mom, baby is nearly 1 year old.
"We" are watching TV, rather he is watching, and my brain is slowly numbing.
It's Miffy, Maisy, The Wiggles, Roli Polie Olie, and then Blues Clues.
My thoughts wander.
I think how much better Blue's Clues was with Steve. That RPOlie is so much more interesting than other cartoons because even the furniture are characters. I get a Wiggles song stuck in my head.
NOOOooooo! I hear Dorothy the Dinosaur is mowing the lawn! :{
My mind is slipping into a mire of Elvis impersonating Australians, dancing pirates, and cartoon furniture and appliances with eyeballs.

So before I lost what was left of "me",I took a part time job so I could talk to grown-ups, or anyone over the age of say 10?
I was never so happy to go get a job, and to be at work.

Guess I just had to say so.

(I would have been committed already had it not been for the OB, and our BDH's. )



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