Pinocchio and His Spending Money
Sunday, March 15, 2009

This is technically an update on "Copper for a Kiss". Yes I know I can't let it die. And I like making connections that are only coincidental. This is very specifically disclaim'd as one of those.
I realized the first time I saw it that the copper was supposed to be the Judas parallel + 'penny for your thoughts', combined by River's metaphorical brain.

Pinnochio is given a bunch (either 30 or 50) pennies by Geppeto to attend school with.
They are very specifically copper pennies in most tales(ie coppers). Pinocchio our real boy is off to school when he meets with a pair who chase him through the entire bizzare plotline--the deceitful Cat and Fox, referred to as an entity (they don't separate) throughout the story. Disguised, after setting a trap, they finally catch him and try to hang him, but he puts the coins in his mouth (as for the dead, oddly) and they never find the money. Also, the "Blue Fairy" is presented as a magical all-powerful entity that rewards, destroys and watches over Pinocchio, intervening seemingly at random. Hmm.

Whatever, just thought I'd throw in another two cents. I think I'll just go listen to the Fruity Oaty Bar song now. :)



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