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Monday, March 30, 2009

Well, unless they're purple. The purple ones are pretty. Can I say that here? Purple is pretty?

So, now that I've hopefully got the inevitable looking-like-a-complete-fool part of my first blog post ever over with...

I could use a proofreader for a chapter of something I'm writting.

I expect to finish sometime this week, and it should be about four to six pages in microsoft word, so it won't take long. Ships are canon, not really prominent, but Kaylee does talk about Simon at one point. Rated about PG, probably.

One of my major problem areas to look for is when I get overly flowery with the narrative language, it's a habit of my writting style, but it's probably not perfect for the firefly feel. My pacing might be going too fast. I'd like to be spot on with my characterization. And I'm also trying to decide whether to keep this chapter, since it's mostly exposition, or just skip it in favour of starting the story right in the middle of all the action.

I tend to write in third person passive voice, so the text should read somewhat like the perspective of the point of view character. As a stylistic choice, however, I don't fully adopt the speech pattern of the character for the narrative.

Oh, and since this chapter is meant to have some comedy in it, it'd help to know if it's, you know, actually funny.

And if there are any other problem spots, I wouldn't mind hearing about them so I can make some effort at fixing them.

I really don't know how people beta around here... If there's any etiquette I'm supposed to observe or if anyone's interested, feel free to message me.

Sorry if this is too long.


Tuesday, March 31, 2009 3:37 PM


I can take a look for you Byte. Also give Woonsocket a try. She has been very helpful with my fanfics.



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