Oh i do love the reading and writing....
Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Ok so i have the beginnings of too many ideas and stories to post all in one place. At the moment each individual site i post at only caters for specific sections of my writing so i've decided to combine everything into a blog and delete them from anywhere else. I'm still going to stay in some of the online communities but i think it will just be easier this way.

So for those of you who read my fan fiction thank you very much for your time and if you enjoyed them feel free to head over to my blog and read some original works.

If you haven't read anything of my Serenity Series, you are totally missing out! the season is almost finished and WOAH i can't believe how big the story has gotten.

If you have never read anything of mine i ask simply that you read something once and then make a decision to wether you want to continue reading.

My new writing blog is


Love what you love to read, but there is always room to love something else!!!




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