I have an idea . . .
Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Two, actually. But no stinkin' idea how to implement them. I can see them clearly in my head, but not the skill or the know-how to even get a prototype made. I guess you could call it "crafty" to an extent. Or even "home & garden." I'm stumped. I would think . . . I hope that it would be something that would sell relatively well at conventions and the like, but ya never know. My luck . . . probably not

I'm hesitant to bring it up here, 'cause . . . you know . . . don't want the idea stolen. I mean, even if I WANTED to tell you guys, how could I protect myself? I don't even know how to do THAT!!

But if anyone has any clue or any experience in bringing ideas to fruition, I sure would appreciate any direction you might offer.


Wednesday, July 15, 2009 7:22 AM


Well, since I don't know what your plan is, all I can offer is two sentence fragments worth of advice: 1) procrastination will kill a project, so keep working at it whenever you can, even if you only have a few minutes worth, and 2) don't let your worries cripple you. I happen to do the second one a lot, and the only way I've found to overcome that is to force myself to push forward.


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