Update Delays
Friday, August 14, 2009

Hi everyone!

One of my friends had a bit of a medical emergency recently. They're okay now, but they're not feeling up to writing this original story they've been working on, and they asked me to help them finish this one chapter.

I agreed to. They really helped me out a lot with my initial brainstorming for my stuff, and they also pretty much introduced me to Firefly in the first place.

But, for anyone who's interested, that means less to no time for working on Eidolon. I'm not sure exactly when I'll be finished with this other project, but soon as I'm done, I'll get back on with the story.


Friday, August 14, 2009 6:07 PM


The good news is, if I just sit down and start typing, this story comes pretty easily... I just wrote about a page and a half, and finished up the first journal-entry style half of the chapter.

Of course, now I have to write an action and horror intensive part... We'll see how that goes. Hopefully it should come about as quickly, because I've been given a pretty good idea of how to take this and already sorted out the notes I was given and smoothed over all the plot holes. If I don't procrastinate, I might even be done this weekend, and if not possibly sometime during the week. Then it's back to Eidolon.

Friday, August 14, 2009 4:44 PM


We'll hold until you return;)


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