Star Caller (A Journal)
Saturday, February 20, 2010

Day 1

I woke up in a hospital.
I can't remember who I am.
I can't remember anything... except floating.
Floating, and being very cold.

The nurse here calls me Spyder.

She says that I've been in a coma for months.
She says that I was picked up by a government ship and brought here.
She says that the restraints are just for my own safety.

Day 2

The nurse's name is Tracey.
She told me that I can be discharged soon, after a few more tests.

Day 3

Tracey says that they've set me up with a place to stay when I leave here,
and a part time job.

Day 4

Today I was discharged and taken to my small new apartment.
It felt good to have the restraints taken off.

Day 5

Today I started My part time job.
I'm a telemarketer - or at least I think they want me to be.
I sit in a cubicle with all the communication equipment around me.
They want me to focus on one thing,
but when I start using the calling system
I use it to direct the satellite dish
(or whatever they call the machine that sends out the signal to the rest of the world)
towards one star every night.
Instead of calling who they tell me to,
I send Messages to each star, hoping for a reply.

So far no luck.

The shifts here are very short.

Day 6

I called a new star again today - nothing.

Day 7

I walked to work with many other people from my block.
I think they put us all together so we can all work in the same place.
New star - no reply.

Day 8

All the people on my block walk together each day to the park.
We only spend an hour there, then it's back to the apartment.
New star - no reply.

Day 9

I wonder what my life was like before all this.
I think there's a problem with the electricity in my apartment.
Every night at the same time, all the lights go out.
It's ok though, I want to sleep anyway.

Day 10

Still no reply from any star.
I won't stop trying.
At least they haven't found out that I'm doing this.

Day 11

I heard voices today!
I heard them, although I was not at my cubicle.
I was in my small room.
This must mean that the voices are from one of the stars I've been calling,
but the voices communicate through brainwaves.

Of course! Why would they respond to me through satellite and risk being overheard?!
They are much further advanced than we are.

They told me that the apocalypse is coming soon.
They said they will come to save me.

They said I need to give them my astronomical coordinates.

It took a while but I found them.

Here they are:
537.5 272.9 Achernar

I know they can read my mind so now they have my location.

They say 'Your time is short.'

I hope they get here in time.

Day 12

They have arrived for me.
They are all dressed in white.
Some are armed.
They said they are taking me to a room and preparing me for transport.
They said that I will be strapped into a special chair and electrodes will be attached to me for the journey.
They have given me a last meal here on this planet.
This will be My last entry as they won't allow me to take this journal.

Good bye.



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