My best FF-ism insert ever on KCAA radio show today.
Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Ni Hao-dy all...

I'll be reading the episode for todat's (Tue. march 23) of "Understanding Islam"
which will air Tue morning at around 9:20am on KCAA 1050-AM radio in the Inland Empire (L.A.)

You can listen live via the internet by going to and clicking on LISTEN LIVE or the KCAA TV button to see the live webcam at the studio.

The Understanding Islam is part of the MORNING SHOW podcast, so you can listen to the podcast for Tuesday anytime you want.

I will also be starting a 30-min. version of "Understanding Islam" with my Imam at another radio station with more signal coverage -- KSPA 1510-AM. That show will start sat. April 3rd at 10:30am.

so here's the FF-ism I incorportated into the script (cuz I'm de writer.)
PAUL: OK, tell our listeners what these Ten Conditions of initiation into the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community are.

Ghaffar: Before I begin, Paul, I just want to make it clear to those listening that anyone from any Faith can join our Muslim Community. The only difference between us and any other group of Islam is that after a person agrees to worship only God and follow the Prophet Muhammad(sa) they must accept the Imam Mahdi and Promised Messiah which isn’t all that hard, if you consider that anyone who hasn’t already rejected us would be open-hearted to us.
PAUL: You say open-hearted. . . not open-minded. Why?

Ghaffar: Because seeking God is all about the heart, not the head. It’s about love. Love for God, love for mankind. You can learn all the math in the universe, but you join a spiritual community and you don’t love God, He’ll shake you off just as sure as the turn of the world.

PAUL: Recite the Ten Conditions of initiation into Ahmadiyyat.

Ghaffar: #1: The initiate shall abstain from Shirk (association of any partner with God) right up to the day of their death. . . .

Stay Shiny & Keep Flyin'...
-- Jonathan M.A.Ghaffar



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