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Friday, June 25, 2010

Okay, not so much with the working. Making with the full-time (and then some) studying.

I am forcing myself to take the second half of the summer a little easier because the first half has been insane.

I met another Firefly fan who is in both my classes, so it's not a total loss!

Yes, only two classes. Two entire-semester of science-with-labs crammed into six weeks classes. Two two hours a day per class four days a week, one hour of recitation a week, and two three hour labs twice weekly. Now go write up your lab reports, read one chapter in each class per day, do the homework, take quizzes and an exam on three chapters or more every two weeks.
I was going to do that *twice* this summer, but have decided to try sanity for a change and drop one of them instead. This allows me to go back and review the material I'm not really getting in the one class I'm having trouble with. I am still passing by the skin of my teeth, but it's a very thin film and we're not done yet. It puts me a semester behind where I wanted to be, but I'll survive and hopefully do better than I would have otherwise.
Plus: I'll get to see my son and husband for more than an hour a day. Literally. Maybe even get more than six hours sleep per night while I'm at it.

I really need to watch the BDS and BDM again. It's been too long.


Saturday, June 26, 2010 7:48 AM


TWO lab classes in one 6-week Summer session? HO!!! That's the equivalent of taking a 27-unit load (re: a regular 16 week semester)! *is not worthy*

(I did that once for (a mere) TWO weeks because I was going to two different schools, and the semester/quarter systems overlapped.)

Friday, June 25, 2010 9:45 PM


The first year after I got my liberal ed done, I tried to take Physics for Sci/Eng, Chemistry for Sci/Eng, and probability and statistics for Sci/Eng together.

It didn't work very well.

Then my cat died, and I started to starve myself because of stress and grief, and dropped physics. Managed to survive.

Might I recommend a song for you? It will make any up and coming scientist, mad or not, feel better. I promise.


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