Would You Like A Bedlam Bards Concert in Your Town?
Sunday, July 18, 2010

Ni-howdy, Browncoats,

The Bedlam Bars are putting together a trip from Texas to Ontario and back, and we don't want to pass up a great opportunity to see lots of our shiny fellow Browncoats.

So if you live in between Texas and Ontario, we'd love to play a house concert for your local crew. We'll even help you raise a little money for a local charity.

A few of the cities we'd love to stop off in include Kansas City, Saint Louis, Chicago, and Madison--but nothing's nailed down yet. We like a slow, langorous journey.

So send me an email at fithelere@gmail.com for more details.

Keep flyin',


P.S. If you emailed me about this in the past, please note that the email address in my earlier blog entry was wrong . . . Gosa!



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