Observations on Newer Transports
Wednesday, October 13, 2004

So I'm still stuck spending a little time planetside lately, but I'm trying to make the best of it. With not much to do 'cept sit on my hands (hey, it's cold in the mornings) I've been staying down at the space docks watching other transports come and go. And I tell ya, many of these newer transports are just too over the top! Bigger than they need to be, more powered than they need to be, just ships that are too complex! I mean, hell, even some of these transports made during the war (anything after about '07) is just too over-engineered!

Take my "Riviera" for example. It's over 50 years old (series time)...it was made back in '67! It's simple. It's graceful (if only in design). I can work on it. I mean, that's independence, people! Having a transport that you can fix on the fly instead of getting stuck going somewhere and paying more credits than you have to get something simple fixed! Okay, so my transport rides rougher'n a newborn bronco as I'm coming into atmo'. Feels kinda like riding a mule with the seats mounted just over the front suspension. But if I get stuck on some backwater moon and my navigation goes out, I can get in there and under things and fix it myself! And dang, these transports are so old and so few that the Alliance isn't even regulating the size of our power units nor our emissions while in atmo'.

Yeah, sure the Independents lost the war, but we're still out there doing our thing and giving our proverbial fingers to the winners. ;)




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