Berries of the Bad Color
Wednesday, September 15, 2010

^That should be an emo band.

Haven't posted in a while.

I currently live in the middle of prime farmland, and that makes the bi-weekly farmers market very worthwhile.
I was passing through, but got to lollygagging, just to look at all the fruits and vegetables (honey, herbs, nuts etc.)piled in the stalls. It occured to me, looking at a tiny, perfectly round cherry tomato that had rolled away from its basket--fruit and veggies are beautiful. Really beautiful.

The actual ones are, that is. The entire shape, size and coloration (not to mention the wonderful smell hanging everywhere) is unique to fruit grown without the pesticides, genetic alteration, output-increasing practices--watered-up, bloated, tasteless cardboard that I am usually forced to buy in the grocery store.

This may explain why still lifes of fruit are not that popular now--who would bother when fruit is not a nice aesthetic or gustatory experience anymore?

As happy as I was about the whole thing, I was determined not to buy anything. Authenticity, unfortunately, comes at a steep price, specially when you're broke.

Living off multi-colored protein and caffeine as I have for the past month makes things look a lot more inviting.

And then I saw them. The strawberries. Not huge and tasteless, but tiny, egg-shaped and very glossy. Bright, almost iridescent, blood red. They didn't look real.

But, paradoxically, that's how I knew they were.

Side note: Just saw Shyamalan's The Village, and liked it against my will. It got horrible reviews and people still mention it as a failure--but that movie was not about the plot twist. It was about the consequences of creating that plot twist. It's a modern fairy tale.

Back to strawberries.

I never understood Kaylee's fixation before.

Now I do.

(off to question the buffet table, back in 15...)


Thursday, September 16, 2010 8:51 AM


Mm, Farmer's markets. I need to go to one. I've been eating several day old sandwiches were the bread has either dried out or become soggy, and the lettuce has wilted.

Yes, those tiny little gem like strawberries are excellent. Though some of the big ones can be good too, but you have to get them at the right time.


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