I went crazy... But I didn't fall down
Thursday, January 27, 2011

An age and a half ago, I wrote about how I'd never participate in Firefly RP again.

Well, a good friend and fellow RP player made a liar out of me. I started Bordertown over on and we're going on a year now this March.

One of the major things I changed about starting an RP was eliminating the "Persephone Boarding Day" element. In live table RP, that might be okay to start, but I've found in PBP RP all it did was cause trouble. The format involved managing several threads at one time, with me playing the captain and requesting developmental interaction in each one. It worked so well that we merged into the actual plot of the RP without anyone being the wiser.

Some of you might remember Rene Cariveau from Heartbroken. Well I took the good Cajun Captain and went a ways off with him. He still has Zirondelle, but a few other things have changed.

I have to say it's been fun, and it sure makes me miss Firefly less. The engines might miss a little, and it could maybe use a little polish, but my corner of the 'verse is still flying.

Come find us on If you're interested, sit a spell and stay awhile. There's a lot more on the way.



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