D.C Dollhouse naming system
Monday, October 31, 2011

So... after some long hard thought, I finally came up with a plausible naming system that D.C Dollhouse used! I already knew that LA Dollhouse used the NATO phonetic alphabet, and D.C would also have some structured naming system.
The system?
Roman and Greek deities!
The way I figured it out was the fact that two of the dolls mentioned by Bennett (Summer Glau) were named Apollo and Cassandra. I thought, "Wait... aren't they a god and goddess?" so I googled it (Always my last resort... [Cue Nathan] if you like eating horse shit...) and it came up with Roman and Greek gods and goddesses!
Anyone got any other theories, or has this already been found out and my information is obsolete?

Stay Shiny!

*Fun fact- Apollo fell in love with Cassandra at first sight. Apollo offered Cassandra a deal. He would give her a very special gift, the gift of prophecy - the ability to see the future - if she would give him a kiss.
Cassandra accepted. With a laugh, Apollo gave her his gift. Instantly, Cassandra could see the future. She saw Apollo, helping to destroy Troy. When Apollo bent to kiss her, she angrily spat in his face. Apollo was furious. Although he could not take away his gift, he could add to it.
Although Cassandra could, forever after, see the future, no one would believe her.
Moral of the story- think before you date a god *



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