Thrive, what on earth is it going to take
Friday, November 11, 2011

Has anyone downloaded the movie yet? I was wondering if it was worth paying $% for or is it just a load of crap?


Saturday, November 12, 2011 2:52 AM


Implications and Conclusions of THRIVE http://thrivemovement.com/the_code-et_ufo :
"Full disclosure of the ET and UFO phenomena could dramatically transform the quality of life on this planet. It has the potential to alleviate poverty worldwide, by allowing for new energy technologies to emerge, and shifting geo-political power on a massive scale. Right now multiple industries have a vested interest in maintaining secrecy and suppressing UFO evidence – particularly oil, gas, and coal companies. However, if we can expose the suppression, reveal the truth about ET visitation, and further develop new energy technologies that ETs apparently rely on, then we can decentralize power and make massive strides toward a thriving future."

I'm reminded of the most recent South Park episode, “A History Channel Thanksgiving,” which has the boys learning what really happened at the first Thanksgiving—including an extraterrestrial presence—from a TV documentary. Turkey and stuffing are not from Earth, but from a highly technological civilization.

Friday, November 11, 2011 1:26 PM


Everyone can take advantage of my "Thrive" googling powers: http://thrivemovement.com/

From their FAQ, I DON'T want to know more about it:
THRIVE is intended to empower a self-creating movement by adding a bold and crucial perspective as well as tools for leveraged action.

You can help by engaging as many people as possible to watch and share THRIVE. Our distribution strategy is to go network to network, on line, with a technology that makes it seamless to share the movie around the world, already dubbed in 10 languages.

You can also sign up to host a screening of your own, follow us on Facebook or Twitter to stay updated about Thrive, embed banners and posters on your website or blog, explore and utilize the What Can I Do? Section of the THRIVE film and website and take part in Critical Mass Actions. We appreciate your help and support.


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