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I'll just use this blog entry to keep track of stuff related to my recent Blue Sun Room postings. All of the images I modified are used without permission. For non-Firefly images I did a Google images search on the topic ( - I'm purposefully removing the http:// from all links. The reason I'm tracking all this information is that I have a half-baked plan that would necessitate me actually getting permission from those who hold the copyright on these images. So I wanted to have as much information at hand in case I move forward with that not-yet-fully-formed plan.

Hollywood sign
The search string I used was "hollywood sign". The picture I ended up using was on the first page of results and was found at the following url ( The web site is maintained by Barry Kolsky, so I'm assuming that he is the one who originally took the picture.

Tacoma Narrows bridge collapse
The search string I used was "tacoma narrows bridge". The picture I ended up using was on the first page of results and was found at the following url ( wgbh/buildingbig/wonder/structure/images/narrows1_bridge_1.jpg).
The picture is from PBS' Wonders of the World databank entry for Tacoma Narrows Bridge. The attribution for the picture is, "M.S.C.U.A., University of Washington, Farquharson 12". This translates to the Manuscripts, Special Collections, University Archives Division, University of Washington. Farquharson 12 is a reference to Professor Farquharson. Frederick Farquharson was a civil engineering professor at UW at the time of the bridge collapse. He took still photographs and movies of the event. My best guess is that this image comes from the movies and is a particular frame. This link has more details about Prof. Farquharson and other individuals prominent in the story ( TNBhistory/People/people1.htm).

King Tut's tomb
It took a little bit of work to find what I was looking for. I wanted to find a picture of the interior of King Tut's tomb but there are so many images on the web associated with the phrase, "King Tut", that I had to go through a number of iterations on search strings. I can't even retrace my steps at this point in time. So here is the site where I found the picture ( Athens/Delphi/3499/LEFT.HTM). This is from a website operated by Ian Waldron called "The Wonders of Ancient Egypt" and has some interesting features in addition to the tour of King Tut's tomb. The actual photograph itself was taken by Harry Burton. I've found references to him as the pre-eminent archealogical photographer of that time period. He happened to be working in the area for the Metropolitan museum at the time of the discovery of King Tut's tomb by Carter and was borrowed to photograph the interior. The copyright on his photographs is held by the Griffith Institute, Ashmolean Museum, Oxford ( Griffith.html - page does not load at this point in time. I'll have to revisit this to find out more information).

The search string I used was "napolean". The picture I ended up using was from the first page of results and was found at the following url ( This is actually a high school history class web page. The image is of a painting of Napolean that was comnpleted in 1812. It is an oil on canvas that currently can be found in the National Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C. The artist was Jacques-Louis David. For more information on the artist and to see additional work visit the following url ( wm/paint/auth/david/).

Firefly related images.
Most of the images were found at the Still Flying website (which, for those of you who haven't been there yet, is an amazing resource of Firefly related images). The Still Flying website can be found at the following url (

The front view of Serenity used in the Hollywood Sign image was from "The Train Job" opening sequence where Serenity rises up from below the edge of the cliff (trainjob057. jpg).

The catalyzer view used in the King Tut's Tomb image was from the "Out of Gas" scene where Mal gets the upper hand against the anti-crew after being shot in the gut (outofgas455. jpg).

The blue sun hand used in the Napolean image was modified from the "The Train Job" scene where the Blue Hands dude shows a picture of River to the Alliance commander (trainjob460. jpg).

The only Firefly related image that wasn't from Still Flying was from this site. I used the high resolution side view of Serenity for the Tacoma Narrows picture. This image can be found at ( newsimages/serenity_side.jpg). It was part of a feature article, "Serenity Up Close" (



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