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Thursday, November 4, 2004


Whether or not anyone reads this, I'm not concerned about. But per this whole election thing, I'm glad Bush won. More voters than ever before came out for a national election, and Bush won by over 3.5 Million votes. No more idiotic cries that Bush was 'selected' or him being the 'resident'. Looking across the board at how the GOP won seats in the House AND the's a clear indication of what is the mood of the American voter.

Now, to get right down to it. I'm not gloating. No need to, but there is a serious problem that I'm witness to ,and I don't know how it will be fixed. The problem? The extremist radicals on the far Left wing. Things have gone from bad to worse, and I've about had it. Yes, we have the freedom of dissent, but the Left chooses to misuse that freedom at the risk of us all. There is a culture of hatred and venom brewing from them that simply needs to be defused. What I speak of is the mindless, out of control lies, the baseless and fanatical claims of fraud and accusations of homophobia and racism coming from the Far left....that have no basis in reality.

The only place I know of that exhibits such fanaticism is over in the Mid East. Over there, from the street corners to the highest Universities, folks are told to hate this, hate that and fed lies upon lies. Lies intended to divide people and instill irrational fear. Stories like how 5,000 Jews didnd't show up for work in the WTC on 9-11. Many people read these stories and , as Niska says... it becomes 'fact'. That is no longer a myth to them, or some urban legend,but has become 'solid' in how they percieve the world. It dictates the very thoughts in their brain and subsequently controls their very actions. This same style of mass delusion , fed by lies , wild accusations and blind , empty hatred is what I'm seeing, reading and hearing from the extreme Left wing.

After the 2000 election, many from the noisy Left said that Al Gore didn't push hard enough for their 'core beleifs'. So, 2004 comes around, and look what we have. George Soros,, Al Frankin, Michael Moore and FH-911, extreme activist / entertainers saying the most horrific, over the top and hate filled lies put out in the arena of public discourse since the NAZIs of the 1930's. Sadly, the tactics are deviously the same. To gain power, say/do A-N-Y-T-H-I-N-G. The unsuspecting public will, for the most part, not have a clue of what to make of it. "Clearly.. " , they'll say, " ... they Left wouldn't make such a fuss if there wasn't something to it, right ? ". Wrong. This is how evil propaganda works, and the Left is doing it to perfection. Make a claim so outrageous, so completely mind boggling that others will think there is no WAY anyone would risk making such a charge , unless..... The next step is to fire off, in a rapid manner, a whole list of lies , distortions and cherry picked facts that are presented WAY out of context. Simplly overwhelm the public w/ so much info, they can't think for themselves. Play upon their emotions and scream about the INJUSTICE of it all!.

The far Left Dems, the 'AirAmerica' crowd, are trying to whip up such mistrust in not only this Administrtion, but in the very framework of this Gov't, and how it works. " Bush couldn't have won by almost 4 million votes, so there HAD to be fraud" See how it works ? It's the exact same M.O. that is being used by the Islamo - Terrorist. " The Jews are so evil, they HAD to be the REAL ones behind 9-11, it's JUST what they'd do!" By playing upon a groups worst fears, then fanning the flames of those fears, you can create an absolutely baseless reality in which they view everything through the lens of suspiscion, doubt, fear and vitriol.

(to be continued... )


Friday, November 5, 2004 1:40 PM


HERE HERE!.... I would say something deep and perfect but am stunned by the eloquence of this post!.... thanks a bunch!

Friday, November 5, 2004 3:32 AM


GreyJedi - No need to tell me about religious fanaticism. I live in the South ( Georgia ) and am ever mindful of televangelist and Jerry Falwell crowd. But those folks don't infiltrate Hollywood or the mass news media. My issue is w/ a Free,'unbiased' media that feels so comfortable in its position that CBS can used forged military records to back up a bogus story - and nothing happens. Dan Rather still has is job, and not federal charges have been brought up. Figure THAT one out.

Thursday, November 4, 2004 8:46 PM


To be fair, let's not forget the extremism that exists in our own Republican camp. And Republican majority in the Senate and House PLUS a Republican president lends itself to a lack of check and balance. Hopefully, the winner in all this will be our nation, and none of us losers.


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