Of Conversions, Computers and Smooth Meshes
Monday, November 8, 2004

Here is a littlie blog of my life over the past 3 months or so.

First while over at my good buddy Steve’s house I tried introducing him to Firefly, he was reluctant but he thought it was OK but he wasn’t that enthusiastic about it. His brother walks in while the “Strawberry Scene” from Serenity is playing and he’s hooked right then and there!! Maybe the BDM should start with Kaylee eating some strawberries.

So latter on after watching all the DVDs with Steve's Brother we upgrade my computer somewhat. Got a New Processor and a new HD. But a few days after coming home my computer dies. So I convince Steve to come over with another buddy of mine that we both know from senor year of HS. So my computer is basically a lost cause so he hooks me up with a spare (and superior) system. After going out for Pizza as a thank you we decide to put in Jaynestown since Steve kept talking to my other buddy about Firefly on the way over. It turns out Steve is a bigger fan than he let on. So three conversions courtesy of my old crappy computer.

Well this has nothing to do with Firefly but just last week I finally figured out how to make my Gmax made models nice and smooth via 3D Exploration and map them Via LithUnwrap. Now I can finally finish all these submarine and warship models I never got completed, and I’m only a few days away from releasing a USS Seawolf SSN 21, which was a collaborative effort with another 3D Modeler.



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