RED - Part Three
Tuesday, June 13, 2006

This is a Jayne-centered fic set over a four year period ending just after my story, “Waited Long Enough.” If frankly erotic content offends you, read something else.


NOTE: I attempted to post this entire story as a unit last night and for whatever reason, the site posted only part so I’ve whacked it into smaller bit. My sincere apologies for any inconvenience.

Disclaimer: These characters, at least some of them, are other people’s children. I am only playing with them.

Rating: A hard R, includes graphic sex. If this disturbs or offends you, please read elsewhere.

Setting; This is a Jayne-centered fic set over a four year period ending just after my story, “Waited Long Enough.” Porn with plot. After all the angsty stuff in “Raping Serenity, I needed a break before getting back into the thick of things.

Written for my friend AP.

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RED – Part Three

So sit Annie did, and Jayne happily brushed her curls until they gleamed. He set the brush on the nightstand and gathered Annie’s curls aside, then bent to nibble his way from her softly rounded shoulder up her neck to suckle and nip at her earlobe. His big hands found their way upward to cup her breasts and tease the thick, rosy nipples that peaked over the top of her corset.

“Mmmm. I’m tempted to just let you do that all evening long,” the girl cooed, “but I seem to recall sayin’ that you looked like a fella needs fussin’ over.”

“An’ I seem to recall bein’ the payin’ customer, if you please,” the merc teased her. “This get-up is purty an’ all,” he murmured against her ear, “but what I want is to see you just as the good Lord made ya.” He slipped loose the corset strings which bound the lace-trimmed garment around her voluptuous form and she loosened her garter clips and rolled off her lavender stockings before turning to stand nearly naked before him.

Jayne took a deep breath and smiled wide and slow. “Now, that’s an eyeful.” With a quick turn and shift, he’d hoisted her over his thigh and back onto the pile of pillows. “What I want me right now is some strawberry pie…”

He rolled onto his stomach and parted her full thighs, settling a strong leg to either side of him. Before him, a tiny slip of violet silk failed to contain the nest of copper curls sheltering her nethers. Jayne inhaled the perfume of her womanhood and felt his cock twitch beneath him. He bent his face to tickle at her tender sex through the thin fabric, knowing the rasp of his beard offered a sharp-sweet contrast to the warm breath he exhaled over the girl’s clit. Hooking her g-string with his fingers, he slipped it off and tossed it on top of her corset and stockings.

The big man teased a long finger through her curls, and found her full nether lips already moist and pouting. He glanced up to see Annie alternately grinning provocatively at him and lapping at the perky pink nipples she raised within reach of her own pointed tongue. “Whoo-ee, you sure know how to mess with a man’s head,” the merc exclaimed and Annie laughed, a rich alto chuckle.

“Honey, I know how to mess with a man’s anything!”

With his callused thumb, Jayne barely feathered the tip of Annie’s prominent clit, gradually slipping the first two fingers of his other hand unto her wetness. As Annie began to rock herself onto his probing hand, his tongue teased at her ruffled inner lips, now swollen with desire. Lord, she tasted good, clean and sweet and faintly like the sea. Jayne replaced his plunging finger with his nimble, avid tongue, burying his face in the wetness of Annie’s flower. He alternately tongue-fucked her opening and sucked and nibbled her clit, enjoying how she squirmed and thrust her sex against his mouth and face.

Beneath him, his diao felt like a red-hot iron bar, his pre-cum soaking the sheet. Trim was trim, and Jayne wasn’t sure there was such a think as “bad” sex. However, he certainly appreciated good sex, and Annie was dishing it out. The pretty whore pulled her knees up to her chest, opening herself even more widely to Jayne’s passionate tonguing. She knew a lot of men were only interested in their own pleasure and was delighted to find the big man adept at giving as well as receiving.

Jayne buried his face in the delicious feast before him and within a few minutes was rewarded with a throaty groan and shudder, as Annie came against his tongue. How he did love making that happen, with tongue or fingers or the truncheon Mother Nature’d blessed him with.

Annie grinned and panted, catching her breath. “Well, I must say, Jayne, you are a rather remarkable fella.”

The merc rose to his knees, chuckling smugly. “So it’s occasionally been said… "

Between Annie’s legs knelt as handsome a man as she’d ever serviced, even with the numerous scars that punctuated his massive body. Lord knew what he did professionally, but he’d clearly not lived a life of ease and safety, Perhaps a bodyguard or soldier, maybe even a hired gun from one of the border worlds. Annie saw a man with wicked blue eyes and a strong jaw, his powerful chest covered in crisp dark hair, one shoulder emblazoned with an old tattoo. Annie’d seen about every size and shape of cock a man could be graced with, and the one displayed before her was unquestionably impressive.

Above low-slung, heavy balls rose Jayne Cobb’s favorite gun.

“Miss Annie,” Jayne grasped his weapon and stroked it once, slow and firmly, conscious of the trickle of fluid that eased forth, ”you two ain’t been properly introduced. I’d like ya to meet the Ol’ Monster.”

There was no doubt of where the nick-name derived from.

“My goodness, ain’t he a sight!” Annie remarked in admiration as she reached out for him. “Cheeng jeen, Lăo Yaoguài!” Annie grasped Jayne’s narrow hips and pulled him deeply into her heat, inhaling sharply as she wrapped her legs around him. For just a moment, they lay still as the merc nuzzled at the girl’s neck, allowed Annie’s body to accommodate his mass. Her perfume enveloped him, the rich musk of sex and bright greenness of lemon verbena and bergamot.

The sensation of her tight, hot canal around him was delightful and suddenly all he wanted to do was to move, to slide himself in and out, plunging deeply and then withdrawing to tease her clitoris with his cockhead before driving deep again. Jayne bent his head to her breasts and worried the rosy nipples that rose from them like thick buds, all the while plunging into her with a thrust and tug that quickly had them both panting.

Annie’d had big men before and most of them failed to appreciate how their large size might be uncomfortable for their partner. Not so this man, who possessed some of the most adept cocksmanship she’d ever encountered. On rare occasions, business crossed the line into pleasure, and Annie knew that with Jayne Cobb, she’d left that line far behind.

Jayne supported himself well above her with his powerful arms. He enjoyed studying her face, gauging how to adapt his movements by the changes in her expression, discovering stroke by stroke the unique responses of Red Annie’s lush body. Their enthusiastic coupling rocked the wrought-iron bed and soon the shade on the oil lamp was also swing to and fro. The big merc shifted into a deep, pounding rhythm, plunging his diao into Annie’s ji bai with all of his substantial strength, spurred on by her cries of passion and the sting of her nails raking his broad back.

He saw Annie’s emerald eyes go wide and felt her crest beneath him. Flinging her head back, she arched hard and came with a shuddering cry. The clutch and tug of her core at his driving cock was enough to make him flare within her, balls tightening to launch stream after stream of his cum into Annie’s spasming depths. The merc growled low and deep as he came, his bearded face buried in the hollow of her throat.


The following morning dawned on two individuals who had found that they shared a great deal in common, not so much in terms of life experience, but rather more in their shared approach to life and sex. Annie’s playfulness and passion and Jayne’s skill and stamina had rewarded them both with a great deal of pleasure, and Jayne knew that he would eventually return to the arms of the red-haired whore.

Jayne lay propped up on a pile of pillows with Annie resting her head on his chest. Her hand played softly through the hair on his chest and his long fingers burrowed through the mass of her copper curls and snaked down her back to cup the curve of her bottom.

“Ya know, “The merc mused, “finding a whore that really suits ya is damn near as important as findin’ boots as fits right.”

Annie chuckled. “I never thought to hear myself compared to a good-fittin’ pair of boots, but just as long as you were pleased, Lord knows I was.” Annie arose and tucked a green satin dressing gown around her curves, shaking out her mane of copper curls. This was a customer she’d gladly see again.

Jayne took a few minutes to wash up and dress before laying a generous tip on the washstand. The mercenary buckled on his gunbelt and settled his hat rakishly on his head. “You’re as fine a night’s pleasure as I’ve found anywhere, Miss Annie, an’ I’d be pleased to call on ya again when I find myself back in these parts.”

“And you’d be right welcome, Jayne Cobb,” she replied.

(Continued as RED – Part Four)


Tuesday, June 13, 2006 3:57 AM


He slipped loose the corset strings which bound the lace-trimmed garment around her voluptuous form and she loosened her garter clips and rolled off her lavender stockings before turning to stand nearly naked before him.

Jayne took a deep breath and smiled wide and slow. “Now, that’s an eyeful.” With a quick turn and shift, he’d hoisted her over his thigh and back onto the pile of pillows. “What I want me right now is some strawberry pie…”

I want some of that!!!

Tuesday, June 13, 2006 5:54 AM


Forgot to comment and rate this one.

Hot, hot, and hotter still. Jayne - he is a remarkable fella!!!

Tuesday, June 13, 2006 3:55 PM


This is my favorite singular line you have ever written. EVER.

"Above low-slung, heavy balls rose Jayne Cobb’s favorite gun."

I love it when two people who love sex find each other. Jayne and Annie are a fine pair.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006 12:36 AM


Very steamy! I like the mutual pleasure, with no pretence at anything else, they both enjoy.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006 2:27 PM


Yep, those two go well together! Well until he finds Kaylee that is. :)

And I think we have a new word: cocksmanship. And Jayne would be good at it!

Wednesday, June 14, 2006 7:16 PM


Still too damned jealous of Jayne;)

Great work here, HGG!



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