My Valentine: Part 5
Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Jayne plans a Valentines Surprise for Kaylee. Lotsa Jaylee goodness. Lotsa angst. Enjoy!


Title: Sexin’ Up Series Title: My Valentine Author: Humbug Rating: R Fandom: Firefly Pairing: Jayne/Kaylee Word Count: 2010 Summary: Kaylee and Jayne's relationship Disclaimer: Joss is Boss. I'm just borrowing his characters for fun!! Warning: Jaylee sexiness! Is it getting hot in here?! Authors note: Thanks to bookaddict for betaing.

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I just watched ‘Something New’ today, and this sexy film gave me some wicked ideas.

Jayne plans a surprise for Kaylee on Valentines. Other characters pop in and out. I’ve got the fanfic writing bug. Enjoy!!


Bao-bei = Darling

Swai = handsome

Fei-fei = fragrant / luxurious / beautiful

Xin-gan = Darling

Xi-xin = attentive

Ai ren = soulmate / lover / sweetheart

Ta ma de = f*** me blind

Wo de ma = mother of God

qiu hun = propose marriage

Biao zi = whore

Xui li = beautiful / pretty


Sexin’ up

“Close ya eyes.”


“Don’t worry. I’ll guide ya.”

He led her into a beautiful room, with a luxurious double bed turned down for the night, and huge tub filled with hot water and scattered with rose petals.

“Feels warm….”

“Don’t open those eyes yet.” Jayne nodded to the door man, indicating he should open the champagne.

“What was that?”

“No peekin’.”

Picking up two glasses full of Champagne and a silver bowl of strawberries, he led her to the bed.

“Sit down, bao-bei.”

Setting the strawberries and one glass on a table, he dipped a strawberry in the champagne and lifted it up to her mouth. “Eat.”

“MMmmm” Kaylee wondered what he was feeding her, “Strawberries! …with…..what, Jayne?”

Slipping the blindfold off Jayne handed her a glass of champagne and another strawberry.

“Champagne and Strawberries. No one’s ever bought me Champagne and Strawberries.” Kaylee kissed him, pushing a piece of strawberry into his mouth with her tongue.

“Strawberry kisses…… I like,” he grinned.

“How about champagne kisses?” and she gave him one.

“MMmmm. You’re a wicked woman, Kaylee Frye. Drive a man ta drinkin’ and eatin’ more than is good for him. Just the kinda torture could make me die a happy man.”

Kaylee gasped as she looked around the room. “This place is real fancy. Are ya sure ya can afford it?”

“’Nara knows the owner. Got us special rates. But ya special, worth every penny. No pinching credits this weekend.”

“We’re staying here the whole weekend? It’s not just for one night?”

“Whole weekend.” Jayne grinned as Kaylee climbed into his lap and began kissing him on any bare patch of skin she could find, slowly pulling his t-shirt out of his pants so she could reach the bare skin beneath.

“Have ya seen the tub?” Jayne asked between kisses.

“There’s a tub?” She tried to look around him to catch a glimpse of the tub.

“Big enough for two,” he grinned in anticipation.

Kaylee’s eyes grew wide. “What are we waitin’ for?” She pulled off his t-shirt.

“Thought ya said I wasn’t gettin’ any?” he grinned.

“Just look at that tub, and the bed? All punishments are off. I ain’t wastin’ an opportunity like this…”

She began to take off her top, but he stopped her. “New rule, we can’t undress ourselves. We must let the other take all our clothes off.”

“Even underwear?”

“’Specially underwear.” Jayne said with a twinkle in his eye as he slipped her top off and gasped at her sexy lacy bra. Moving his hands lower he took off her short little skirt. First time he’d see her wear a skirt, not overalls. Her panties did match, he noticed with a grin.

“You’re a wicked man Jayne Cobb, exposing a woman like me to all these earthly temptations: Liquor, rich food and sexin’.” Kaylee moved her hands to the waist of his pants, popped the button and slowly lowered the zip.

“Oh, there’s gonna be lotsa sexin’.” He was standing in just his boxers as he unclasped her bra.

“I should hope so. Be a shame to waste this lovely big tub a hot water, and this ginormous bed. It’s just made to be tested with some good hard lovin’. See if the springs squeak.”

“Maybe we could even break it,” Jayne teased, as he slid his hands down her hips, sliding her lacy panties off.

“But first we gotta test this tub,” she removed his boxers. “D’ya think it’s really big enough for two? I mean, ya are kinda big.”

“Let’s try it out an’ see if it’s big enough ta get sexed up in…”

“Ya gotta dirty mind, Jayne, but I love your wicked ideas.”

Jayne picked her up and slipped her into the tub, all the while admiring her silky soft skin.

“Rose petals. Oh, Jayne, I didn’t think ya were listening. Ya really did think of everything.”

He gazed at her, lying in the tub, looking hot and wet and all kinds of enticing. “Ya look good enough ta eat.”

“Why don’t ya come on in and see how good I taste.”

Jayne brought the strawberries and champagne over to the tub, and a couple of towels.

“Ai ya! You’re so swai, Jayne.”

“And you’re gorgeous, bao-bei!”

Climbing in behind her and pulled her close, holding her steady as he planned to kiss and caress every inch of her heavenly soft body, already slick and shiny in the tub. Sexin’ the the tub was gonna be all kindsa fun. All that extra lubrication was sure ta add ta the pleasure….

“What’cha plannin’ with a grin like that on ya face?”

“How I’m gonna go about sexin’ ya good, and givin’ ya the most pleasure you’ve ever felt.”

“Now, that’s a plan. I’m thinkin’ about doin’ the same ta ya!”

“’Kay, Kaylee girl!” Kaylee kissed him passionately.

“Oh, Jayne!” she answered, getting another passionate kiss for the sexy way she moaned it.

Kaylee grinned as she knew she was going ta get well and truly bedded by her lover for the next three days and nights…... She just didn’t realise what her amazing lover could do to her body…… or how much she would ache by the end of this long weekend.


Jayne dragged himself from his well-earned rest, pulling on a towel and opening the door answering the knock.

The maid gasped and blushed as she handed him a parcel. “Parcel from Miss Serra to Mr and Mrs Cobb.”

“Thanks, darlin’,” he gave a smile and a few credits to the girl. Still blushing at the sight of his bare chest, she ran away as fast as she could.

“Why Jayne Cobb, ya made that poor girl blush.”

“Well I’m a swai man, so ma woman keeps tellin’ me,” he strutted.

“She’s perceptive, your woman…….What’s in that parcel?” She tried to grab it. “Ya’ll hafta distract me if ya don’t want me ta see what’s inside.”

“Think I can manage that,” he teased with a twinkle in his eyes, and set about kissing her and sexin’ her again.

Kneeling down Jayne kissed her slowly along each leg. The smell of the rose petals in the bath still lingered on her skin.

“Ya so fei-fei, xin-gan,” he breathed against her skin.

Kaylee’s breathing grew deeper as he neared her thighs and she gasped as he began to lick and suck at her sweet spot, pressing deeper with his tongue. She sighed as waves of pleasure began to cascade through her and Jayne plunged his fingers one by one into her core, increasing the pressure of his tongue on her sweet spot, licking and sucking her until she melted.

She fell asleep, totally satisfied by her xi xin lover.


Kaylee woke to firm but tender kisses and responded in kind. She groaned. “Jayne, bao-bei!”

“Ya know yesterday ya said ya’d make me sleep on the floor,” he grinned.

“Ya want me ta waste this room and this bed by makin’ ya sleep on the floor?” He shook his head.

Holding his face in her hands and kissed him like she’d never let him go. Slow, sexy, open mouthed kisses. All smiley and glowing, like Kaylee herself, Jayne thought.

They pulled part and Jayne grinned. “Kaylee girl. I’m gonna do ya toes. D’ya want gold or sparkly?”

“Gold on ma toes, sparkly on ma fingers.”

“Yes, ma’am,” he mock saluted her.

She was in heaven as she laid back. He settled down between her legs and carefully applied a first layer of polish, and gently blew on her painted toes to help them dry. She shivered at his breath on her bare skin.

“Ya ‘Kay, Kaylee girl?”

She grinned as he used his phrase to get a kiss from her. He leaned back and she kissed him passionately. Tongues and lips and pressing and sucking. She sighed as he pulled back to finish her toes.

He ran his hands down the length of her smooth legs and applied another coat on each toe, blowing them dry gently as he finished each one. Jayne looked up at her and turned his attention to kissing every inch of her supple legs, turning her over as he reached the top of her thighs. Kaylee gasped as he began to kiss her pert butt, slowing inching up his way up, lingering at the dimples in the small of her back, smoothing his hands up to her arms and shoulders. She sighed as he caressed and kissed the creamy expanse of her bare back, from her shoulders and neck all the way down to her lower back.

“I’m aimin’ ta kiss ev’ry inch of ya before we get back ta Serenity...”

“Well, that’s a plan I aim on helpin’ ya complete, my xi-xan bao-bei.”

He grinned as she turned over and held out her arms so he could paint her nails with the sparkly polish. Her breasts called out ta him, so firm and creamy, just begging him to kiss and caress and suck them… Ai ya! This was a task he was goin’ ta enjoy… Sexin’ up his woman every way he could think before Sunday.


Grinning Jayne looked over at his ai ren, fast asleep beside him in the bed, she was so responsive.

He barely had to touch her skin before she cried out to have him inside her. Just breathing on her breasts made the nipples stand up and she gasped in pleasure. And when he kissed his way to her sweet spot, he gave her wave after wave of pleasure. Ta ma de, but this was a good bed fa sexin’ in. So spacious, it could fit at least three of Serenity’s bunks in it. This was a bed for a honeymoon. Jayne let himself think about the ring in the pocket of his jacket, and exactly when and where he was goin’ ta propose.

He breathed deeply. Yes. He, Jayne Cobb, was going to qiu hun to Kaywinnet Lee Frye.

The thought of spending even a day without her made his chest hurt. He knew his life would be short, mercenaries never lived long, but he wanted to be with her for the rest of their lives. And he didn’t ever want ta see her cry like she did when she thought……. He stopped. He still couldn’t believe what she had thought. She had imagined that he, Jayne Cobb, could attract a companion like Inara. She was so above his league, a companion, with a regular income and status in society. She would never give all that up for the likes of him. Yes, she was looking at him, and he’d looked at her, in the past, but never seriously. Kaylee was his ai ren. She had nothing to fear from even a high class biao zi like Inara.

Getting up he took the parcel behind the screen. Opening it he gasped as he saw how fine the clothes were and let the soft fabric run across his fingers.

He felt for the ring box in his jacket pocket. He peeked. What a ring. So beautiful. A beautiful ring for his xui li girl. And he checked for the ball tickets. Safe. Now all he had to do was wait and surprise Kaylee later this afternoon. He knew she’d want time to prepare herself, and the plan was for Inara to help her change and get ready. She’d come at 4 o’clock.

He heard Kaylee stir and went over to the bed. “Darlin’ ya hungry? Shall we order some food?”

“Oh, Jayne!” He grinned as she said it, knowing it was a signal for him to give her a kiss. She pressed his lips gently to hers.

“Ya want eggs?”

“Uh huh, scrambled eggs and some real bacon, if they have it. And tomatoes….”

“Anything else, my lady? Ya wish is my command.”

“I command ya ta come back ta bed….”

“As soon as I’ve ordered our after-sex meal.”

Kaylee grinned as she waited for her swai man to return, giving her everything her heart desired.


To be continued


Tuesday, June 27, 2006 11:18 AM


Tell me about it. I'd have Jayne Cobb paint my toes anytime he wanted...

I also wouldn't kick him out of bed, if he was saying (and doing) those things to me... ;)


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