My Valentine: Part 7
Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Jayne and Kaylee return after their Valentines weekend. Lotsa Jaylee goodness. Lotsa angst. Enjoy!


Title: Gong Xi (Congratulations!) Series Title: My Valentine Author: Jayneswoman Rating: PG Fandom: Firefly Pairing: Jayne/Kaylee Word Count: 1797 Summary: Kaylee and Jayne's relationship Disclaimer: Joss is Boss. I'm just borrowing his characters for fun!! Warning: Jaylee sexiness! Is it getting hot in here?!

Authors note: Thanks to bookaddict43 for betaing.

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I just watched ‘Something New’ today, and this sexy film gave me some wicked ideas.

Jayne plans a surprise for Kaylee on Valentines. Other characters pop in and out. I’ve got the fanfic writing bug. Enjoy!! ***********************

Yun fu = pregnant woman

Hun-dan = bastard

Bao-bei = Darling

Ai ren = spouse / lover / sweetheart

Xin-gan = Darling

ding hun = engaged / betrothed

jie hun = get married

Gong xi = congratulations

zhi de qing xing = worth celebrating

shen shi = gentleman

ma = Mama

ba = Daddy

xie xie = thanks

*********************** Gong Xi

Kaylee moved along the walkway, smiling as she glanced down into the cargo bay.

Jayne was working out with Book down below. She sat down next to River, who was sitting with her legs dangling over the side of the walkway, counting.

“How many have they done?”

“Jayne has done fifty lifts and now plans to do fifty sit ups, then fifty pull ups. Book has done fifty lifts with smaller weights.”

“Ya really do watch what they do.” Kaylee got up and slowly made her way down to the cargo bay, sitting down on one of the crates to get a better view.

Jayne smirked as he saw her out of the corner of his eye. “Don’t get too comfortable, Kaylee girl. I’m liable ta get ya workin’ out too. No one comes here and gets ta just watch.”

“But River… ”

“River counts, and remembers how much of each exercise we done.”

“Come ‘ere and sit on ma legs, so I don’t lift ‘em up. Works ma stomach muscles harder that way...”

Kaylee got up and sat astride his legs.

Book excused himself as he could see Jayne had another spotter.

“I’m getting’ hot. Think I’ll just take off this t-shirt,” he smirked.

Kaylee enjoyed watching her man working out, watching all those muscles flexin’, with a sexy grin plastered all over his face. He knew just how much he was turnin’ her on. That and the groans he was making. Was enough get her thinking on all the sexin’ she was planning they’d have later…

When he’d finished, she tossed him his towel and he wiped the sweat from his body.

“Come ‘ere.” He pulled her close and kissed her. “Let’s get ya doin’ some weights.”

“River said ya were gonna do some pull ups.”

“How’d she know?”

“I love ta watch ya do pull ups.”

“Let’s say that’ll be your prize after you work out…”

He fixed much smaller weights to the ends of the bar and sat it on the holder. Kaylee lay down under the bar, listening to his instructions.

“Just breathe deep and grip the bar with both hands….. that’s it….. further apart….. like that.”

She smiled as he moved closer to get her body in the right position.

“Right, deep breath and lift……. Have ya got it?”

He didn’t let go until he could see her taking the strain. His hands remained close to catch the bar if she couldn’t take the weight.

“’Kay, Kayleee girl?” he grinned, “Now lower it towards ya body……. Breathe deep and push it back up with all ya strength…. Use ya arms and ya stomach muscles…”

She used all her strength to lift it up and down.

“One… two… three… four… ya think ya can do one more? … five… and put it back on the rest.”

He helped her replace the weights to the holder. She was breathing deep.

“Ya did good, Kaylee girl.” He grinned as he kissed her. “Now ya can watch me do some pull ups.”

He got the ties and threaded them round the bars he did his pull ups on.

“Now ya’ll be my spotter, yes?”

Kaylee nodded.

She watched his arms bulge as he pulled himself up and lowered himself down.

“One… two… three…” She counted as she admired his muscles as they rippled under his skin. Wo de ma, but he was a swai man. She knew he thought she was talking go se the way she got jealous of him with Inara, but she knew that her friend thought he was pretty swai too.

When Inara has come to help her get ready for the ball she’d seen the admiring glances directed at Jayne. Of course he looked swai in anything he wore (or even when he didn’t wear a stitch) but he looked so good in his Tux. He’d turn any girl’s head.

But Kaylee relaxed. They were ding hun, and Kaylee had won her man. There was no way that Inara could steal him now.

“Forty-five… forty-six… forty-seven… forty-eight… forty-nine… fifty!”

Jayne lowered himself to the floor, and loosened his wrists from the ties.

“Come ‘ere,” she beckoned him over, “Here’s ya reward.” And she kissed him, gently parting his lips with her tongue and slipping it into his eager mouth. Pulling his body against hers, Kaylee enjoyed the heat and the movement of his muscles as he smoothed his hands over her back and her arms, and into her hair.

“Ai ren,” he whispered.

“I’d better be. I’m ya fiancée,” she teased, “an’ I can think of better ways to work up a sweat,” she whispered back, running a finger down his bare chest.

He grinned at her. This woman was so fine. And she was his ai ren…


Jayne pulled out a chair for Kaylee and then sat down next to her.

“Jayne, you’re actin’ like a real shen shi now.” Wash kidded.

“Just treatin’ ma woman right.”

Zoe gasped as she saw the ring on Kaylee’s finger.

“Wife, are you okay?”

“Husband, I’m fine, but look.” She nodded her head towards Kaylee.


“Her hand...”

“Oh! Kaylee, that’s a mighty fine ring ya got on. Jayne give ya that?”

Kaylee nodded, a shy smile on her lips, her cheeks flooding with colour.

Mal looked angry. “Jayne, ya wanna explain why ya buying an expensive ring for Kaylee here?”

Jayne held Kaylee around her waist. “I axed her. I qiu hun ta Kaylee… ”

Everyone in the room stared at them open mouthed....

“…’ she said yes. We’ve ding hun. It’s our engagement ring.” Jayne leaned down to kiss her. They were glowing.

“Gong xi,” said Book.

And, after recovering from then shock, everyone started to give the couple their congratulations and best wishes.

“Gong xi, Kaylee. This is zhi de qing xing,” whispered Inara quietly, “You’ve got yourself a good man.”

Kaylee worried when she saw the tears in Inara’s eyes, but her friend ran out before Kaylee could say anything else.

“Is ‘Nara alright, Kaylee girl?” Jayne asked.

“She’ll be fine,” she whispered, drawing her man into a kiss.


Kaylee started awake, a feeling of nausea growing inside her. Clapping her hand across her mouth, she ran over to the toilet, and threw up.

Jayne jumped up. Rubbing her back and pulling her hair away from her face, he tried to comfort her. “Throw it all up, darlin’. Ya’ll feel better when it’s all out.”

When she finished, Jayne sat her on the bed and gave her a drink of water and wiped her face.

“Kaylee, I think ya should see the Doc. There’s somethin’ wrong with ya and he’ll know what ta do.”

Kaylee nodded and the next second she jumped up and ran back to the toilet.


“You’re pregnant,” Simon announced.

“What?” Jayne and Kaylee both looked shocked.

“You do know how babies come into the world, Jayne?”

“I’m not a back birth, Doc,” Jayne snapped angrily. “We used precautions.”

“Well, the only one 100% accurate is regular contraceptive injections…. or abstinence.” Simon said with a smile.

“That ain’t never gonna happen,” Jayne growled.

“Your have morning sickness.” It never ceased to amaze Simon how many people were shocked when birth control didn’t work.

Jayne bent down to kiss his yun fu fiancée with a grin on his face.

“Are ya happy with this?” she asked.

“Yes. You’ll make a wonderful Mama.”

“And You’ll be a great Daddy.”

“I can do a scan, so you can see the baby inside you.”

“Yes please, Doc.”

“Can ya tell if it’s a boy or a girl?”

“Depends how many weeks it is since you got pregnant. When did ya first have sex?”

“Six months ago.”

“Well it can’t be that long ago when you got pregnant, you’re still getting morning sickness. That normally stops by the end of the fourth month. Get up on the bed.”

Simon put some jelly on Kaylee’s stomach and ran the scanner across the bare skin.

“Your baby is about 6 weeks old. We can’t tell the sex from this scan, maybe in a couple of months. Or I can do another test to determine the sex.”

“Will this other test hurt our baby?” Kaylee asked, holding onto Jayne’s hand.

“No. But I would recommend leaving it until the baby is at least 12 weeks…. You could just ask River…. She may be able to tell you how your baby is…… Gong xi, Kaylee… and Jayne.”

Simon embraced Kaylee and shook Jayne’s hand, watching as Jayne drew Kaylee closer and kissed her. He’d never seen Jayne be so gentle with anyone. He was really going to look after his yun fu.

River had heard the whole conversation. They were all so happy and excited; she couldn’t block their thoughts out. She walked into the infirmary. “Gong xi! It’s a girl. Healthy and happy,” River rested her hand on Kaylee’s stomach. She looked up at Jayne and Kaylee, “Going to be a good ma and ba,” she told them.


Jayne walked Kaylee back to their bunk.

“Ya don’t need ta walk me, Jayne. I’m safe. No one will hurt me.”

“Yun fu…”

“Sshh, Jayne,” she put her finger on his lips, “Ya can’t go round sayin’ that. Someone might hear.”

“I want everyone ta know” he grinned.

“Jayne. We hafta pick the right time ta tell everyone. Simon and River are the only ones who know.”

“Know what, lil Kaylee?” asked Mal.

“Oh, Cap’n…..”

Jayne started to explain. “Mal, we got some news.”

“Jayne,” she hit him in the stomach, “let me tell the Cap’n.”


“Big Baby,” she teased Jayne. “Cap’n, I went ta see the Doc. I’ve been sick. Simon’s given me somethin’ for it, and he says I should rest for a coupla hours. Then he says I should be feelin’ better, and, if I’m not still bein’ sick, I can go back ta work. That okay?”

“Sure, Kaylee. If ya still feelin’ sick, don’t go back ta work. You get down in that bunk and take a nap. Jayne, can ya check on her for me in a coupla hours? Tell me if she’s not up ta work, and tell the Doc?”

“Xie-xie, Cap’n.” Kaylee opened the bunk and climbed down.

“I’m gonna go talk ta the Doc and see what he says about why you’re being sick.”

Jayne stopped him. “Mal, I think the Doc is giving River some tests.”

“I’ll catch him later, then. Jayne, d’ya know what’s wrong?”

“Uh…… I think it’s better that the Doc ‘xplains.”

“I expect its something she ate.”

“I’m going to check on Kaylee and then go and clean ma guns and knives.”

“If she’s still sick, get her ta tell ya what needs doin’ and ya can work on Serenity for her.”

“Thanks, Cap’n.”


To be continued


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