My Valentine: Part 8
Friday, June 30, 2006

Jayne and Kaylee return after their Valentines weekend. Lotsa Jaylee goodness. Lotsa angst. Enjoy!


Title: Yun Fu Series Title: My Valentine Author: Humbug Rating: PG Fandom: Firefly Pairing: Jayne/Kaylee Word Count: 2000 Summary: Kaylee and Jayne's relationship Disclaimer: Joss is Boss. I'm just borrowing his characters for fun!! Warning: Jaylee sexiness! Is it getting hot in here?!

Authors note: Thanks to bookaddict for betaing.

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I just watched ‘Something New’ recently, and this sexy film gave me some wicked ideas.

Jayne and Kaylee return to Serenity after Kaylee's Valentines surprise . Other characters pop in and out. I’ve got the fanfic writing bug. Enjoy!!


Yun fu = pregnant woman

Hun-dan = bastard

Bao-bei = darling

Ai ren = spouse / lover / sweetheart

Xin-gan = Darling

ding hun = engaged / betrothed

jie hun = get married

Gong xi = congratulations

xie xie = thanks


Yun Fu


“I’m here, bao-bei,” he brushed the hair out of her face, “Ya ‘Kay, Kaylee girl?”

She smiled, “I can’t kiss ya, darlin’. I‘m still feeling sick.”

He leaned down to kiss her forehead. “Ya hot, D’ya want some water?”


Drinking the water it slowly Kaylee asked “Can I have some of the crackers Simon gave me?”

Jayne opened the box and got out a couple. He sat next to her on the bed, grabbed a pillow and she scooted over and laid her head on his lap. He handed her a cracker and she munched on it as he stroked her hair.

“Told the Cap’n I’d check on ya. I’m supposed ta be cleaning ma girls and sharpening ma knives.”

“Can ya do that here? I don’t like being alone when I’m sick.”

“Sure, bao-bei.” He slipped the pillow off his lap and onto the bed, reached underneath and took some of his girls out of the box where he’d hidden them, within easy reach, but out of Kaylee’s sight. He grabbed his oil and rags to clean them. He laid a clean rag on the bed to protect the sheets from gun oil.

Kaylee closed her eyes and listened to the sounds of him dismantling his guns, cleaning them and putting them back together. It was strangely soothing, perhaps because the smooth, regular movements. They were simple, repetitive, mindless tasks that calmed him down and that had to be concentrated on. He couldn’t worry whilst he cleaned his girls. Might make a mistake and then a badly assembled or dirty gun could misfire and be a matter of life or death. And he had so much to live for now. He smiled as he glanced at her. She looked like she was falling asleep.

When he’d finished cleaning his guns and sharpening his knives, he lay down next to Kaylee and watched her as she slept. She looked so peaceful. He sighed as he checked the clock, it was nearly time to tell Mal how Kaylee was doing. Gently kissing her cheek he slowly slipped off the bed, trying not to wake her.

She stirred, “Ya goin’?”

“Need ta tell Mal how ya are…”

“Were ya gonna wake me ta ask if I still felt sick?”

“Figured I’d leave ya ta sleep a little longer. If ya restin’ then ya can’t feel sick.”

“So ya were just gonna lie ta the Cap’n and tell him I was still sick, even if ya weren’t sure?”

“Uh huh,” he nodded.

“I think I feel ‘kay now,” she sat up, felt queasy, and immediately lay down again.

“Stay here and rest. I’ll tell Mal and the Doc ya not feelin’ up ta workin’. I’ll be back ta ax ya what needs doin’ ta Serenity.”

“’Kay,” she closed her eyes, and Jayne leaned down to kiss her.


Jayne sneaked into the infirmary. “Jayne, how’s Kaylee?” asked Simon.

“Still feelin’ sick.”

“It’s perfectly normal, Jayne. She just needs to sleep, take her medication and eat crackers when she first wakes up.”

“Doc, can ya not tell the Cap’n that Kaylee’s got Mornin’ Sickness?”


“Cause the Cap’n will get mad and throw us off Serenity. Kaylee loves being this ship’s mechanic. It’d break her heart if we had ta leave.”

“Okay. But I think you’re wrong. I don’t believe that the Captain will throw you off, and Kaylee will start showing in a few weeks time. You can’t keep it a secret for much longer. She’ll carry on getting sick the next couple of months, maybe longer. That can’t be explained away as food poisoning…. Have you noticed the changes in her body? Breasts more tender than usual? Needing to go to the bathroom more often? Getting bloated? Getting extra tired?? Mood swings? These are all early symptoms of pregnancy. Now she’s just starting to get morning sickness, she’ll be extra sensitive to how things smell. Have you noticed her gaining some weight?”

Jayne nodded, “But I’m not so dumb that I’d tell Kaylee. She’s be so mad if she knew I thought she’d put on weight. Ya know how women are. ‘Sides, I like ma woman with a little weight. Gives me somethin’ ta hold onta when we’re….”

Simon cut him off, “That’s more than I need to know, Jayne.”

“We still gotta work out how ta tell everyone.”

“Well, you’ve got to tell them soon. The others will start to guess. Sickness, moods, strange food cravings, and you know she’s already starting to fill out.”

“Just don’t tell Mal. Thanks, Doc.”


“Cap’n, Kaylee’s not feelin’ up ta workin’

“Have ya told Simon?”

“Yeah. He says she’s gotta rest and drink lotsa water. That way her stomach will settle.”

“I’m gonna go ask the Doc about her….”

“I’ll go ask Kaylee what I can do ta keep Serenity flyin’.”

“Thanks for the update, Jayne.”

“Ya welcome. Anything for ma bao-bei.”

Mal clapped Jayne on the back, “Gong xi, Jayne. I’m glad ya found someone ta love ya. But if I ever find you’ve hurt our shiny mechanic, you’ll be so fast out of that airlock; it’ll make ya head spin.”

“If I ever hurt her, I’ll give ya Vera, and ya can do what ya like ta me.”

Mal frowned, “I’ve seen how it is between you and Inara. If Kaylee finds out…”

Jayne frowned. “There’s nothin’ goin’ on between me an’ Inara.”

“But the way she looks at you…”

“I don’t think about Inara that way. I sorta did once, but it didn’t feel nothin’ like what I got now, Mal. I love Kaylee. Can’t live without her. I’m plannin’ ta get Book ta marry us. Don’t much care where; so long as our families can meet ta celebrate with us.”

“I never thought I’d see that day Jayne Cobb would ding hun and plan to jie hun. Or the day ya’d turn down the attentions of a Companion.”

“I never bin happier. And I think ya need ta speak ta Inara. Ya readin’ too much into these looks ya think Inara’s bin givin’ me.”

“Thought you’d be a wreck with Kaylee so sick.”

“Doc’s on tha case.”

“He knows what he’s doin’ I’ll give ya that.”

“Keepin’ busy. Tryin’ not ta think too much about her…. Likely ta make a mistake if I don’t focus on ma work. Could get messy, ‘specially if’n I’m out with Vera or ma other girls.”

“Don’t worry. Doc’ll find out what’s wrong and fix our Kaylee.”


Kaylee stirred in the middle of the night. Her stomach rumbled.

“Bao-bei, ya ‘kay?” Jayne pulled her close.

“I’m hungry.” She mumbled into his chest.

“What can I get ya?”

“I feel like… ”

“I can get ya anything. I even got some chocolate stuffed away somewhere.”

“Chocolate, oh, Jayne! I knew I chose ya for a good reason,” she kissed him on the lips.

“Ya sayin’ ya chose me ‘cause I got chocolate?”

“No. I love ya ‘cause ya the kinda man who thinks of keepin’ chocolate hidden away fer special occasions. Like ya pregnant woman havin’ cravin’s.”

“Ya cravin’ chocolate?”

She nodded, “and macaroni cheese.”

“Xin-gan, I’ll get ya some chocolate then I’ll see what I can find. Maybe make ya some cheese sauce, and I’ll see if there’s anything like pasta.”

She wrapped her arms around him. “Xie xie, Jayne darlin’.”

“Ya welcome, Kaylee girl.” He kissed her tenderly and pulled on some clothes.


Grabbing the chocolate from its hiding place Jayne wandered down to the galley. He found Wash and Zoe sharing late night snack

“Ya woman got ya fetching her snacks already?” joked Wash. Zoe kicked him under the table.

“Ow! What?” he glared at the wife.

“I ain’t hen-pecked , if that’s what ya getting’ at,” Jayne growled.

“’Course not, Jayne.” Zoe teased, “No woman would dare.”

Jayne frowned at her. “Have ya seen any pasta around?”

“Think there’s some pasta in tomato sauce in a tin.” Zoe suggested.

“No plain pasta? Feel like makin’ a cheese sauce.”

“Pretty fancy late night snack. She’s got ya whipped.” Wash joked

Jayne growled.

Zoe intervened. “Ya best not antagonise him so late at night, dear.”

Inara overheard as she came in. “Who wants some Pasta? I’ve got some.”

“Jayne wants ta make Kaylee pasta in a cheese sauce.”

“Inara, ya don’t hafta…” began Jayne.

“Don’t be silly. If it’s for Kaylee,” she reached in her locker and passed him the pasta.

Jayne got out a pan, filled it with water and put the pasta on. Then he found a packet of cheese sauce and read the instructions.

Inara started to make herself a bedtime drink.

Wash saw the chocolate on the side. “Whose is this?” he asked.

“It’s mine,” snapped Jayne.

He persisted. “Who’s it for? You or Kaylee?”


“Hey, wait a minute. Chocolate. Cheese and Pasta. Are you not tellin’ us something, Jayne?”

Jayne glared at him. He quickly busied himself in preparing the cheese sauce.

Zoe and Wash shared a look.

“Jayne,” Zoe asked. “Has Kaylee been gettin’ sick in the mornin’?”

“Ya know she has.”

“And she’s been moody lately. Gettin’ tearful for no good reason.”

“She got really upset before we stopped on Osiris,” said Inara.

Inara, Zoe and Wash gasped. Kaylee walked in. Everyone was staring at her, including Jayne.

“Babe, I didn’t tell ‘em. They figured it out fer themselves.”

Zoe embraced Kaylee. “Gong xi, yun fu.”

“Thanks, Zoe.” Kaylee looked embarrassed.

Wash shook Jayne’s hands and patted him on the back. “Gong xi, Jayne.”

Inara gave Kaylee a big hug. “Gong xi, mei-mei.”

“Thanks, ‘Nara.” Kaylee squeezed her hand. “We’ll talk later, yes?” Inara nodded.

“Mal don’t know yet, so no one tell him,” explained Jayne. “Don’t wanna get thrown offa Serenity. Me or Kaylee. I gotta feelin’ he’ll throw me out when he finds out I got Kaylee pregnant.”

“Don’t say that, Jayne.” Kaylee wrapped her arm around his waist, “He can’t now we’re gonna jie hun. Besides, we’re essential. I’m that best mechanic an’ ya tha best merc he ever had. If you go, I’ll go.”

“But ya won’t be able ta work just before and just after havin’ tha baby. He’ll hafta hire another mechanic then.”

“I’ll tell ya what ta do, and Book can help ya. Maybe he won’t need ta. Ya can sub for me. And just look at all the babysitters we’ll have.”

Jayne smiled. “Ya always look on the bright side, no matter how bad it gets.” He kissed her.

“Where’s that chocolate? Ooh, ya found some cheese and pasta.” Kaylee grinned.

Inara smiled as she watched them. They were so right together. Jayne had passed her test, rejecting her and proving that had found his ai ren, and Kaylee was so happy with all his little attentions. Yes, her test had given them just the push they needed, in the right direction.

They complemented each other perfectly. Kaylee’s happiness, sensitivity and naivety combined well with Jayne’s strength, courage and knowledge of the world.

Where she could be too optimistic, he would temper it with a little reality. Where he could become world weary, she would temper it with a little of her sunny outlook on life. Where she could feel defeated or overwhelmed by circumstances, he would give her a little strength and belief in herself and her abilities. When he could get overwhelmed with anger and frustration at himself and others, she could show a little love and understanding. No, she couldn’t remain mad at them.

And Jayne was right. (She never thought she’d ever think that!) She had been turning Mal around. Maybe it was time to face up to what she had been feeling and longing for. If she was willing to leave the guild and give up her Companion lifestyle, she and Mal could…?

Well, it was something to think about. To find someone to be with, like Jayne and Kaylee were there for each other.


To be continued


Friday, June 30, 2006 8:10 AM


Oh thank you! I so wanted Inara's attempts at getting Jayne in the sack to be a test cuz...well, Inara/Jayne pairings take some work to pull off, I find;)



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