Susanna's Story Ch3: Just a Girl Making A Living
Sunday, May 9, 2004

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For disclaimers see Chapter 1.

Author notes: Okay, so it's another short one, but I promised Cassie an update.

Ch2: Writing Herself

Chapter 3: Just a Girl Making a Living Chinese glossary Hundan – bastard Dongwu - animal Tianna – goddess Nien ching duh – little girl Pengyou - friend

Yolanda glared up at Captain Jordan Marks while she carefully kept any sign of disgust off her face. "Come again Captain?" she asked in a bid for time to consider her response.

Marks leered at her. "You heard me well enough Yolanda. Now, the question is, exactly how badly do you wanna stay away from your hubby?"

Yolanda cursed to herself. She had underestimated the rutting hundan and now she had to live with her mistake for at least a week until the ship reached Boros. She could do this though; playing this part wouldn't be new for her. However, she would find a way to make sure that Jordan Marks regretted the day he took advantage of her.

Yolanda smiled coquettishly at the overweight, sweaty man who stood before her. "You're right Captain. I would do anything not to be returned to that evil man. Now, what did you have in mind?" she asked as she moved seductively towards him. Uggh, hopefully she could get the dongwu to take a bath before she had to do this again.

Marks stood in the doorway savoring the sight of the full-bodied woman as she packed her meager belongings. He would miss that ass when it left his ship. "Boros is a mighty dangerous place for a nien ching duh. You sure you don't want some help settling in and finding a safe place?"

Yolanda closed her eyes as she cursed at the oaf who stood behind her. She could only imagine too well what his type of help would entail. "That won't be necessary Captain. I have a friend who is expecting me and this isn't my first time on Boros anyway."

Marks nodded. "Sure, but that was before the war I imagine. Things have changed since then."

Yolanda picked up her small duffel bag and placed it on her shoulder. Walking towards the man blocking her doorway, she shook her head again in refusal. "I'm a big girl Captain, I'll be fine. Besides, I know you have places to be," she answered.

Captain Marks sighed as he stepped into the corridor to allow the woman to pass. "Good luck then. We'll be on planet for another two days if things don't go well with your friend," he offered.

Yolanda simply tried to not run as she walked quickly towards the exit and what she hoped would be freedom.

After securing a room at a local boarding house, Yolanda had two goals which were of equal in importance. The brothel just happened to be the more convenient of the two she told herself as she entered the establishment and took in the sight of the men and women in the parlor. It was still early in the day on Boros, so most of those lounging in the front room were employees rather than customers.

An older woman whose only flaws were silver hair and crow's feet at the edges of her almond eyes came forward to greet her. "Welcome pengyou, I am Shari. What may the Orchid Rain do for you this morning?"

Yolanda replied with a sincere smile. The house madam reminded her in many ways of Elana. After having endured Marks' advances for the past week, a friendly female face was welcome indeed. "Shari, it is a pleasure to meet you. I'm Susanna. I was wondering if perhaps this establishment might sell those items that a single woman can use to defend herself."

"Of course. Normally, these things are only available to our own members, but I think an arrangement can be made," the older woman replied as she placed an arm across Yolanda's shoulders and guided her into a side room. "What did you have in mind dear?"

After acquiring the goodnight kiss and a few other items from the Orchid Rain, Yolanda had managed to purchase several fake identification cards. These necessities made a significant dent in the money she had taken from Durran, but she still had enough left for her purposes. Of course she also had more than enough time to make a quick addition to her small nestegg, Yolanda thought to herself as she applied the goodnight kiss to the seal on her lips.

She found Jordan Marks and his crew quickly. They were all clustered around a table playing Tall card at a saloon near the docks. Marks spotted her almost as soon as Yolanda walked through the door. The foolish man had actually expected her. Yolanda sat at the bar and waited for the ship captain to come to her.

"Hey there darling, you alright?" Marks slurred in her ear. Yolanda smiled to herself. Time for Captain Marks to learn a new part, she thought vindictively.

"Oh Jordan!" she wept as she engulfed the man with her arms. Crying she continued, "They took all my money! I have nothing left."

"There, there darling. It'll be alright," Marks consoled her. "You got a place to stay though right. Your friend will help ya get back on your feet," he suggested.

"Only if I work for her in her whorehouse! We grew up together and the pofu wants me to turn tricks in exchange for a place to sleep."

"Hey now, it's okay. Tell ya what, how 'bout we go back to the ship. Tomorrow you can decide what you want to do when you're calmer," he told her. "And I promise I won't leave ya at the mercies of your friend okay?"

Yolanda nodded. "I can never thank you enough for this Jordan."

Yolanda smirked at the prone man on the floor of the ship's corridor. The lummox hadn't even been able to control himself until they reached his quarters. Shaking her head, she dismissed the body as she stepped over it. Now then, time to see what Jordan Marks and his crew owned of value. And maybe she'd leave them a little present in their engine room. It felt good to be earning a living in a part of her own choosing.

continued in Moving up in the Verse (or the Role of a Lifetime)



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