My Valentine: Part 10
Wednesday, July 5, 2006

Jayne and Kaylee return after their Valentines weekend. Lotsa Jaylee goodness. Lotsa angst. Enjoy!


Title: Hun Qi (Wedding Day) Series Title: My Valentine Author: Humbug Rating: NC-17 Fandom: Firefly Pairing: Jayne/Kaylee Word Count: 2247 Summary: Kaylee and Jayne's relationship Disclaimer: Joss is Boss. I'm just borrowing his characters for fun!! Warning: Jaylee sexiness! Is it getting hot in here?!

Authors note: Thanks to bookaddict for betaing.

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I just watched ‘Something New', and this sexy film gave me some wicked ideas.

Jayne and Kaylee return to Serenity after Kaylee's Valentines surprise. Other characters pop in and out.

I’ve got the fanfic writing bug. Enjoy!!


Hun qi = wedding day ai ya = damn jie hun = getting married feng le = loopy in the head qing rou = gentle/ tender xi xin = attentive bao-bei = darling ai ren = soulmate/ sweetheart/ lover/ spouse Gong xi = congratulations zhi de qing xing = worth celebrating swai = handsome wo de ma = mother of God


Hun Qi (Wedding Day)

Jayne held his finger to his lips as he gently carried Kaylee off the horse.

Kaylee’s Aunt Maude opened the door and showed him the way to their room. He laid Kaylee on the bed and kissing her on the cheek covered her up. Quietly he closed the door and followed Maude back outside.

“Don’t worry young man,” Kaylee’s aunt told Jayne, “She always gets so excited about seeing family that she gets plum tuckered out as soon as she gets here.”

Jayne smiled and sighed. Ai ya, this was hard, keeping the pregnancy a secret.


“Mizz Frye?”

“Please, call me Stella. We’re practically family.”

“’Kay, Stella,” he smiled.

“Is my baby girl okay? She seems to get tired real easy. There isn’t anything ya’d like to tell us?”

“Stella, there’s nothin’ ya need worry about.”

“I’m not worryin’. I’m just thinkin’ this might be a double celebration.”

“Mizz Frye, I can’t talk ta ya about it when Kaylee ain’t here.”

“That’s good enough for me. We’ll talk when ma girl wakes up.”




“Is Kaylee alright? She’s seems real tired. She’s not sickening fa somethin’?”

“No. Ma.”

“She’s not?”

Jayne coloured.

“Well, I’m glad ta see ya doin’ right by her.”

“That’s not why we’re jie hun.”

“I can see that, my boy. I got eyes in ma head. Ya feng le about her, anyone who knows ya can see that.”

“Don’t say nothin’, Ma. We ain’t told anyone ‘cept the crew.”

“Kaylee’s Ma don’t know yet?”

“She’s guessin’, but we ain’t told her yet. Gonna tell her when Kaylee wakes up.”

“You’re a good man, son.” Marie kissed her son on the cheek, “I’m real proud of ya.”

“Thanks, Ma. That means a lot.”


Kaylee woke up and reached over for Jayne, but he wasn’t there.

Smiling she remembered that they were at her aunt and uncle’s ranch on Lilac, gettin’ ready for the wedding.

Kaylee smiled again she recalled their outing to the swimming hole. Ai ya, but her man was qing rou and xi xin. The sweet things he said, the way Jayne had touched her. Kaylee sighed at the memory.

Sitting up slowly she remembered Simon’s instructions about morning sickness. She reached into her bag and ate a couple of crackers. Then she eased her way up and made her way back outside.

Jayne had been watching for her and came straight over. “Bao-bei,” he kissed her gently, “Did ya sleep well?”

Kaylee nodded.

“Ya feelin’ okay?” He placed a hand possessively in the small of her back.

“I’m fine, ai ren.” She smiled up at him and reached up to press a warm kiss against his lips.

Jayne stroked her cheek with his thumb and whispered against her hair, “Ya Mama wants ta have a word with us. I think she guesses.”

Kaylee breathed in deeply. “Guess we’d better get this over with.”

He started to move but she reached out an arm to stop him. “Jayne, ma Daddy has a shot gun, and he will use it if he thinks ya done me wrong.”

Jayne smiled. “I can take care of myself, Darlin’. Got Missy in ma boot and Clara in the small of ma back.”

“Jayne,” she smacked him, “Ya can’t shoot ma Daddy.”

“Ow! But it’s okay if’n he shoots he, kills me dead?”

“’Course not, Jayne. But if ya hurt him, practically ma whole family’s here.”

“ ‘Kay, Kaylee girl” he said with a grin.”

Kaylee smiled back and reached her hands around his neck, giving him a kiss, good and proper. All lips, tongues, mouths, smiles and sighs.

Pulling apart to the cheers and applause from the families gathered to celebrate the young couple’s happiness, they joined hands and walked over to Kaylee’s Mama.

She looked up and smiled at her girl. “Ya sleep okay, baby girl?”

“Yeah Mama.”

Mrs Frye stood between Kaylee and Jayne, taking an arm in each of hers. “Let’s walk.” She led them away from the crowds and under a large oak tree.

“D’ya remember this oak tree, Kaylee?”

“Uh huh. Used ta play on this swing right here, every summer when we used ta come and visit.”

“That’s right. Ya see I know ya girl, and I know somethin’s up. Ya pregnant?”

Kaylee blushed. “Yes, Mama.”

“Gong xi! These are two things zhi de qing xing!” She embraced and kissed them both, “Least ya found a man who ain’t running away and leavin’ ya ta raise a young’un on ya lonesome.”

“We’re real happy about getting’ ta be parents,” said Jayne, reaching out to hold Kaylee’s hand.

“How far along are ya?”

“Nearly four months.”

“Ya not showing unless ya lookin’ for it. Ya look fine in ya weddin’ dress, but we musn’t tell ya Daddy.”

“I told Jayne about Daddy’s shotgun. Jayne, he can handle himself, and is good with a gun. I don’t want Daddy attackin’ him, cause he’ll defend himself and will do anythin’ ta protect me and our baby.”

“D’ya know if it’s a boy or a girl?” Mrs Frye asked with a smile.

Kaylee answered with a broad grin, “It’s a girl, mama. We’re havin’ a baby girl!”

“A granddaughter,” she said with a smile as she hugged her daughter, “Well, I’m pleased fer ya both.”

She embraced her soon to be son-in-law, “Gong xi!, both of you.”

“Thank you, Mama!”

“Are you alright to come back now, Kaylee, or do ya want ta rest here a spell?”

She took her fiancé’s hand, “Jayne can ya stay with me, and help me back in a while?”

He knelt down and kissed her, ‘Course, bao-bei!”

“I’ve got ta get back ta preparin’ ya wedding breakfast.”

“Thanks for everything. Mama.” Kaylee kissed her on the cheek.

“Be happy, my girl. Take care of her Jayne,” she reached out to grasp his hand.

“I will Mizz Frye.”

“I won’t tell ya again. Call me Stella.”

“Yes, ma’am. Stella!” he said with a grin. He helped her up, making sure she was steady on her feet before he let her go.

As she walked away, Kaylee’s Mama called out to her, “He’s a swai one, your man, baby girl.”

“Don’t I know it!” she whispered to her ai ren with a smile. Jayne brushed his lips against hers, and she pressed hers back. They smiled as they opened their lips, letting tongues wrestle and hands caress.

“Jayne, how did ya manage ta charm my Mama?”

“I put it on special fer Mama’s. I can be charming...”

She grinned. “I know ya can. I’ve seen that charm up close and personal.”

“I can show ya some more o’ that right now,” he growled as he kissed her neck.

“Just keep kissin’ me like that... Oh yes,” she moaned as he began to loosen her clothing.


Kaylee sat up with a start when the gong sounded and quickly grabbed at her clothes.

“Careful, bao-bei, don’t want ya feelin’ sick.”

“That was the meal gong, we gotta get back.”

“Slow down there, honey,” Jayne said helping to find her underthings, “We can take all the time we need.”

“Not if we want some food ta be there when we get back,” she pulled on her pants, “its first come first served around here.”

“Well then,” Jayne said as he quickly pulled on his pants and boots.

Kaylee laughed as he put his t-shirt on inside out. “I think ya need ta turn that around.”

Glancing down he sighed in exasperation and put it on the right way round, helped Kaylee with her shirt and boots, then picked her up and carried her back to the ranch house.

Every one smiled as Jayne carried his fiancée into the dinning room and sat her down in her chair.

“That’s a bit premature, son,” joked Shepherd Book, “ya don’t need ta carry her over the threshold until ya are actually married.”

“I’m starvin’. Hope ya’ve saved some fa us,” Kaylee told everyone.

Jayne stood up and served Kaylee first, then helped himself to a generous portion. “This gettin’ married sure is hard work,” he exclaimed.


That night they lay in bed thinking about the following day. Their wedding day.

“Ya excited ‘bout tomorrow, bao-bei?” Jayne asked, running his hands up and down her arms.

“Real excited. It’s gonna be a beautiful day.”

“The best. I’m gonna remember every moment.”

“Ya gonna love ma dress.” She smiled up at him.

He pulled her into a passionate kiss, “I know I will. I love ya in whatever ya wear, or don’t!” he said raising his eyebrow with a grin.

Kaylee rested her cheek on his chest and listened to his heart beating. “But this is real special. It’s a beautiful dress.”

“And you will make it even more beautiful.”

“Thank you, ma swai ai ren.” Smoothing her hands along his arms, Kaylee enjoyed the warmth and strength of his powerful muscles.

Jayne ran his hands up and down her back, soothing her and sending her back to sleep.


Jayne stood by Shepherd Book and Mal, waiting for his bride to arrive. He had never been so nervous in his life, and was having trouble keeping still. When things worried him he liked to get out and do something physical, to take his mind off whatever was worrying him. This was the one time he couldn’t do that.

“She’ll be here, son. Don’t worry.”

“Mal, have ya got the rings?”

“Right here in ma pocket.”

The music started, and everyone stood as his bride began to make her way down the aisle, on the arm of her father. He could not believe his eyes as he turned to watch her. Wo de ma, she looked so beautiful. The dress draped around all her curves, showing off her fuller figure. He could just see her round belly and he grinned as he thought about his ai ren with their child within. Kaylee’s father handed her to Jayne, giving him the responsibility of taking care of her and protecting her from now on. He gasped when she lifted her veil and he saw her face smiling just for him.

The rest of the ceremony was a blur. All the time they held hands, and sneaked little smiles and glances at one another. Promises of fidelity were made and rings were exchanged. And at last Book told them they were husband and wife, and that he could kiss his bride.

Jayne pulled Kaylee close and cupped her face in his hands. Leaning down he pressed his lips to hers. She responded and everything else faded away; lips, tongues and sighs. They pressed each other close. When they pulled away, everyone in the church was clapping and cheering.

The rest of the day was a flurry of congratulations, food, wine, speeches and dancing.

Kaylee and Jayne were dancing together when she felt dizzy. “I need to sit down,” she told her husband, and nearly collapsed on her way to the chair.

Jayne picked her up and took her to the cabin set aside for their honeymoon. “Bao-bei d’ya need Simon ta take a look?”

“No, I need you!” she whispered.

He groaned as he buried his face in the silky smooth skin of her neck.

“Undress me,” she pleaded.

Slowly Jayne undid the buttons on her dress, and slipping it off her shoulders groaned when he saw Kaylee’s sexy underwear.

Laying her down on the bed he brushed his lips against hers. “Sure ya want ta do this now?”

“Yes,” she glowed, pressing kisses across his face and down his neck as she slipped off his jacket and loosened his tie.

Jayne ran his hands over her supple body and Kaylee gasped as his fingers brushed over the bare skin between her stockings and her panties. As he undid the stockings and slid them off her legs, he bent down and kissed every inch of the tender skin.

Kaylee slid Jayne’s shirt over his head, running her fingers across the muscles of his bare chest. Bending down she blew gently on each scar she found there, then went back and kissed and licked each one. She stopped to suck each sensitive nipple and dipped her tongue into his belly button.

Jayne couldn’t stop from laughing. “Right, Kaylee girl, I’m gonna give ya some o’ that!”

Undoing her bra, he slipped it from her shoulders, bending to kiss and suck each tender breast. He licked his way down her creamy skin and plunged his tongue in her belly button.

Jayne grinned as she giggled, squirmed and sighed, kissing and licking his way down to her panties. Kaylee pressed her hips towards his eager lips as he licked her through her panties groaning as he slipped them off and sucked on her sweet spot.

Grinning Jayne looked up and kissed her gently rounding belly, then right between her breasts, on her neck and finally back to her lips. He plunged his hand between her legs, sliding himself into her warm, wet folds. She gasped as her body adjusted to his. Slowly he began to pull himself in and out, pressing her spot as he brought her to climax, moving faster as he came too.

He held her close, rubbing her back as their breathing slowed. “Ya ‘kay, Kaylee girl?”

“So shiny,” she grinned, planting a sleepy kiss on his chest.

They fell asleep, his strong arms holding her close, pressing against his chest, their legs entwined.


To be continued

P.S. Thanks to the person who let me know I accidentally reposted this more than once. I hope I sorted it out now. It only happens when is on the fritz. It doesn't always come up as posted and so I end up trying again, and so I get multiple posts. Anyway. I'll shut up. Hope you enjoyed the fic!!!



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