My Valentine: Part 12
Thursday, July 13, 2006

Jayne and Kaylee return after their Valentines weekend. Lotsa Jaylee goodness. Lotsa angst. Enjoy!


Title: Dreams Series Title: My Valentine Author: Jayneswoman Rating: NC-17 Fandom: Firefly Pairing: Jayne/Kaylee Word Count: 2137 Summary: Kaylee and Jayne's relationship Disclaimer: Joss is Boss. I'm just borrowing his characters for fun!! Warning: Jaylee sexiness! Is it getting hot in here?!

Authors note: Thanks to bookaddict43 for betaing.

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*********************** I just watched ‘Something New’ today, and this sexy film gave me some wicked ideas.

Jayne and Kaylee return after their Valentines weekend. Other characters pop in and out. I’ve got the fanfic writing bug. Enjoy!!


Da Bien Hua = big change

Pi hua = shit

Yun fu = pregnant woman

Hun-dan = bastard

Bao-bei = darling

Ai ren = spouse / lover / sweetheart

Xin-gan = Darling

ding hun = engaged / betrothed

xi-xin = attentive

jie hun = get married

Gong xi = congratulations

xie xie = thanks

wu jia zhi bao = priceless treasure

tian tang = paradise/ heaven

mei li = beautiful

hue li = gorgeous

xi shi = wedding/ happy occasion

bai tou xie lao = live to a ripe old age in wedded bliss



Kaylee woke with her husband’s arms wrapped around her. She snuggled against him. Ai ya, she felt better. He had released all the tension in her.

Jayne gently kissed her lips, teasing her with his tongue, lightly brushing her lips and darting briefly in and out of her open mouth until she could bear it no more. She grasped his head in her hands.

“Come ‘ere,” she said, kissing him firmly and purposefully, plunging her tongue into his mouth and exploring his mouth and tongue.

Jayne caressed Kaylee’s arms, and slipped his hands under the over-sized t-shirt she wore to bed. She groaned as he stroked her belly and gently caressed her breasts.

Reaching down Jayne grasped her t-shirt and pulled it off over her head. He pulled her close to him and she buried her face in his shoulder. He stroked her head and back as she cried softly.

“Shhh, Babe. Ya so beautiful. Ya my most wu jia zhi bao (precious treasure),” he whispered to her.

Jayne lifted her chin so he could see into her eyes and wiped the tears away, softly kissing her lips.

“I need ya, bao-bei. Just let me touch ya and ease somma that tension.” He rubbed her back and neck.

“ ’Kay,” she whispered.

Smiling Jayne gently kissed her and eased her away from his body. His hands slid from her face down to her breasts. He bent down to nuzzle them and she gasped.

“Ya ‘kay?” She nodded. “Tell me if I hurt ya.”

Kissing and caressing her breasts Jayne ran a hand down her back to cup her backside.

Kaylee moaned with pleasure as Jayne slowly kissed down her swollen belly. She gasped again and wriggled nearer to his eager lips and he opened her legs and kissed her inner thighs.

“ ‘Kay, Kaylee girl?” he asked.

“Don’t stop,” she panted, pulling him close and pressing a quick kiss to his lips.

With a grin he bent once more, licking her sweet spot. She moaned in a way that went straight to his John Thomas. Wo de ma, he hoped she would give him some relief after this. Or he would need to go to his bunk…

He plunged his tongue inside her as far as it would go. Then he pulled out and sucked on her core, all the while moving his fingers deep inside her. First one, then two. Kaylee wriggled and gasped and moaned as he sucked and pushed until he felt her tighten around his hand as all her tension was released.

He lay beside her as she caught her breath. She was giggling.

“ ‘Kay, Kaylee girl?”

She kissed him. “So shiny, ma ai ren.”

He planted kisses across her face and neck.

“Do ya want be to do the same ta you?” she asked, shyly.

“Hell, yes,” he grinned.

“Well take ‘em off.” She pointed to his boxers. Jayne had been generous lover last night, treating her with dignity and respect. He knew that she felt unlovable because of how pregnant she was. So he had kissed and touched her gently, making her feel like an attractive and sexy woman again. And she had given him some relief too.

Kaylee sighed as she breathed in the scent of her husband and lover. He smelled so good. And he had slept right through the night, not once waking up with a bad dream. He murmured in his sleep and pulled her closer, letting his hand rest in the small of her back. She pressed a warm kiss on his chest.

“Bao-bei?” he asked, still half asleep.

“ ‘S okay, husband. So back ta sleep.”

He grinned. “I slept right through. No bad dreams.”

“What have you been dreaming about?”

“They’re nightmares. Make no sense but scare tha hell outta ya.”

“Are they about me, the baby?”

“Uh uh,” he shook his head, “Only good dreams ‘bout ya. Just had a real sexy one after what we done last night,” he growled, a grin playing about his lips. Then he said seriously, “Ya and our baby, Yer the only thing on this ship keeps me sane.”

“Then who? Mal? Shepherd? Zoe?”

“I don’t wanna talk about it.”


“Leave it alone, Kaylee. Ya better off not knowing.”

“ ‘Kay,” she whispered.

“Aw, Kaylee girl. I’m sorry ta snap at ya, but I can’t tell ya. It’s pretty nasty stuff I’ve been dreamin’, else why would it scare a big tough merc like me?”

“Ya’ll tell me one day?”

“Well, maybe,” he said with a smirk, turning her around so they could spoon. It was the closest they could get without her belly getting in the way. His front pressed up against her back. They soon fell asleep in the comfort of this closeness.


“No weights this morning?” asked Wash as they came into breakfast together, “Seems like you’ve been working out most mornings for some time.” “Got no need ta work out this morning,” Jayne replied, winking at Kaylee.

“Oh, ya gave each other a ‘hand’?”

“Wash!” Kaylee blushed.

“Don’t ya go saying things like that ta my wife and upsetting her, dong ma?”

Wash held up his hands in surrender.

Kaylee put a hand on Jayne’s arm, “It’s okay, bao-bei.”

He sat back down with a growl, glaring at Wash.

Zoe came into the galley and saw the Jayne’s intimidating manner.

“What have you been saying to Jayne, dear? Have you been teasing him again?”

“But it’s so much fun getting a rise outta him!”

Jayne glared at him again. “Ya wanna take a space walk, lil man, ta see how long it takes fer yer blood ta boil out ya ears?”

“Jayne, just let him be,” Kaylee whispered, planting a soft kiss on his cheek. Jayne turned, slipped his arm around her to draw her close, and kissed her passionately.


“Inara?” Kaylee pushed open the door to the Companion’s shuttle and glanced inside.

“I didn’t hear you. Come inside, mei-mei!” Inara helped her pregnant friend to sit down on one of her couches. “How are you, Kaylee?”

“Okay. I just wish our baby would come out already.”

“You’re getting really uncomfortable?”

“Uh huh! My back aches, my feet hurt, I haven’t been able to bend down for weeks!”

“Sorry, mei-mei. Would you like a massage?”

“Have ya got any lotions could use? I’d like Jayne to…”

“Of course.”

“Inara, are you alright about me and Jayne being together?”

“Why wouldn’t I be?”

“Well, I always thought ya liked Jayne.”

“Since he’s been with you I’ve seen him change. There are many things to admire about him. His loyalty to you. How gentle he is with you. And he’s a good looking man… “

“So, you do like him.”

“On behalf of my friend, who seems very happy with her choice of husband right now.”

“I am! Oh, ‘Nara, I’ve been feeling so useless. I can’t do anything right now. I even need help to sit down and stand up. And I’ve been feeling fat and ugly, but Jayne showed me last night how sexy he finds me right now, even with this huge belly.”

“Mei-mei, I’m so happy for you. You know, at first I wondered if it would work between you. I’m glad that I was wrong, for your sake.”

“You know, maybe I would like that massage.”

Inara began to rub Kaylee’s shoulders and neck. “Kaylee, I feel like there’s been something stopping us from being friends.”

“’Nara, You’ll think I’m silly, but I’ve be jealous.”

“Of me? But you’re the newly wed with a baby on the way. You’re very own family starting soon.”

“But you look so beautiful and slim.” Tears welled up in her eyes.

“Oh, mei-mei, don’t you know that pregnant women glow? And you’re really glowing. I’m not surprised your husband can’t keep his hands off you.”

“’Nara, do you remember when I accused you and Jayne of falling in love?”

She nodded.

“Did anything ever happen between you?”

“No, mei-mei. I tried testing him by showing an interest once, but he turned me down flat.”

“You did. Why?” Kaylee frowned.

“To reassure myself that he loved you. If he had responded, I would have done everything I could to get you to see that he was not showing the right commitment to you.”

“So he turned down sexin’ you?” Kaylee looked up in surprise.

“Backed right off, saying you were his ai ren, and that he couldn’t do that to you.”

“Xie-xie,‘Nara.” Kaylee whispered, “So all my worries have been for nothing.”


“Jayne’s been having nightmares, and I swear he whispered your name in the middle of one. He won’t talk to me about them.”

“Did he have one last night?”

Kaylee shook her head.

“A dream is just that. Not reality. So even if he dreamt about me, and I’m not saying that he did, it doesn’t mean anything. You had sex yesterday and he didn’t have one. He’s just a man, Kaylee, and men have needs. He was feeling frustrated and having sexy dreams. He was also working out in any spare moment he wasn’t with you. But now he’s woken up happy and satisfied because he had sex with you. You know what to do to keep him satisfied and interested in you. Just keep having sex, and make him feel like the world’s best lover, and he will be faithful to you forever.”

“He said he had a sexy dream ‘bout me after we had sex,” Kaylee blushed.

“There you go,” smiled Inara, “about you, it’s a sexy DREAM, about anyone else, It’s a nightmare.” “I want to bai tou xie lao (live to a ripe old age in wedded bliss)with Jayne,” Kaylee smiled.

“If the way you both look this morning is anything to go by, then you will.”

“Xie-xie, ‘Nara… Have you ever thought about gettin’ married and having babies? Settlin’ down with some man?”

“I have, and seeing you with Jayne has made me think about it some more.”

“Ah, that’s what you were thinkin’. I’ve seen you look wistfully at Jayne, and so I thought ya were jealous of my being with him.”

“Jealous, not of him, but of having that close relationship.”

“Ya know, the Cap’n’s always had his eye on you.”

Inara smiled, “I have my plans in that direction…”



“Yes, Wife.”

“Will ya give me a back rub?” Kaylee asked.

“Ma pleasure,” Jayne grinned, pressing a passionate kiss to her lips.

Kaylee handed him a coconut lotion that Inara had given her.

“How we gonna do this?” Jayne frowned, “Ya can’t lay on ya belly… ”

“Ya sit back there and I’ll sit here between ya legs. Then ya can get to ma back and shoulders… ”

“Ya sure ya’ll be comfortable?”

“Gimmie those pillows, I’ll rest on them.”

“How ‘bout I bring ma leg up, then ya can rest on the pillows ‘gainst ma leg?”


Kaylee got herself comfortable while Jayne poured some lotion into his hands and rubbed them together to warm it up. “Ya ready?”

“Uh huh” Kaylee nodded.

Jayne glided smooth strokes from her lower back, up over her shoulders, and down her ribs, gently ghosting along the sides of her breasts. Kaylee sighed and Jayne grinned.

“Ya ‘Kay, Kaylee girl?”

“Shiny!” was all she could answer, as her man reduced her to a state of total relaxation.

Her breath deepened, and he realised his wife had fallen fast asleep. He groaned as his fingers tingled, remembering touching her soft skin and breasts. He looked at Kaylee’s beautiful bare back and wished he could touch her again. But she was sleeping and he didn’t want to wake her. Kissing her shoulder he slid his leg out from under her, making sure that she lay on her side so she was not to lying on their baby.

Kaylee sighed and wriggled until she was comfortable.

Jayne slipped off his t-shirt and pants and lay down on the bed next to her, pulling the covers over them both. She pressed back against him, as Jayne curled his hand around her belly, cuddling both his wife and their baby inside her.






“Jayne, the baby’s coming!”

Jayne woke up in a hurry. “What d’ya need me ta do?”

“Remember our plan?”

He frowned as he tried to remember in the midst of his panic. “Get ya to tha ’fimary. Go get tha Doc. Bring ya tha bag o’ stuff ya got packed ‘n ready.”

Kaylee grinned, “That’s right.”

“Ya need help gettin’ dressed?”

“We’re having our baby.” Kaylee said.

“Uh huh,” Jayne agreed, slipping on some pants.

Kaylee reached out her arm to stop him. “Jayne, look at me.”

He sighed and looked into her face. Ai ya, she was glowing.

“We’re having our baby.” She was grinning from ear to ear.

Jayne picked her up and spun her around. He pressed an open-mouthed and passionate kiss to his wife’s lips.

“Ya want a clean t-shirt o’ mine, ai ren?” Kaylee nodded. Only Jayne’s t-shirts fitted her now.

Jayne helped her change and put on a clean t-shirt himself.

He bent down and swept her up in his arms, to take her to the infirmary.


To be continued


Thursday, July 13, 2006 8:14 AM


Damn!!!! I hate cliffhangers!! Great piece. It makes me feel all shiny like, I'm so excited for them. I really cant wait for the next one. Hurry!!!

Friday, July 14, 2006 12:23 PM


Really glad that Inara and Kaylee talked about the supposed attraction between Jayne and Inara...would have been bad if it came out in a different way:S



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