FAITH SERIES: 15. "Big Damn Day"
Wednesday, July 26, 2006

"Simon and Kaylee have their best day ever. Afterwards Inara has to decide once and for all how much she should reveal to Mal."



SUMMARY: "Simon and Kaylee have their best day ever. Afterwards Inara has to decide once and for all how much she should reveal to Mal." The usual disclaimers apply. The characters and 'Firefly' are the property and gift of Joss Whedon and Mutant Enemy. No infringement of copyright is intended.


"Firefly" story

Written by Alison M. DOBELL

* * * * *

It was a merry no-holds barred meal. The wall to wall happy shifting something deep in the Captain's chest and tying him up so completely he couldn't have spoken a word had he the notion to do so. Instead he quietly drank his fill, enjoying seeing his crew relaxed and happy. His *mei mei* fair glowing as she stepped down the grass aisle in the front of the big old farmhouse on her daddy's arm. Had a misty moment or two his own self watching them walk the walk up to the front to where the Preacher waited with God's Own Patience, Simon standing so bright and shiny that the Captain was almost dazzled. Didn't know why he was so gorram surprised the doc cleaned up so good it was just with all the time him and River had been on Serenity the boy's dress sense had relaxed some. Now he was shining like a new pin, reminded the Captain of the first time he had seen the boy. Was kind of a sobering memory, so much time had passed.

The wedding march sounded a mite different played on a fiddle but not nobody minded a gorram bit. He stole a glance River's way, not surprised to find her looking straight at him with a happy soft smile on her face. It pleased him more than he could put into words to see her happy. Girl had been through so much. *Diyu*, his whole crew had. Many a time he feared not a one of them would make it out the other side. His heart missed a beat, head bowed in the pain of memory. Not all of them did. Inara touched his arm, the subtle shift to bring her side into contact with his steadying him. Instinctively sensing that he was kind of vulnerable right now. Then the words were rolling over friends and family alike, the sun beating down something fierce on the congregation like it was determined not a dark thought would mar the happiness of the moment. Mal lifted his head, surprised when Inara dropped a light kiss upon his lips. His own quirked in a twisted smile. "You gonna make good on that promise, woman?" He whispered. Inara gave him a butter-wouldn't-met-in-the-mouth smile. "I have no idea what you're talking about, Mal, but why should that surprise me?"

He raised an eyebrow, about to retaliate then distracted as the vows were exchanged. All his attention now on his *mei mei*, his smile deepening with the fervour of Kaylee's words committing herself body and soul to her *zhangfu*, and Simon's impressively steady voice repeating the vows they were renewing his own self. Had to admit it was a moving service and near identical to a full wedding ceremony apart from the Preacher not pronouncing them man and wife but taking Kaylee's ring hand and blessing the ring and the couple's marriage in the sight of God. He trembled a bit at that last sentence, his eyes fogging a bit making him blink. As they cleared he could have sworn he saw not Preacher Morgan but Shepherd Book standing there, his kindly smile and wise knowing eyes gazing across at him with a touch of humour and deep affection. The Captain's breath caught in his throat. Inara squeezed his hand, thinking the emotion was simply getting to him. Oh it was, but not in the way she thought.

Mal blinked again and there was Preacher Morgan finishing up. Leading the folks off into a slew of hymns that washed over Mal's ears like a distant thunder. It was only later that he asked Inara something that had occurred to him at the start of the ceremony, glass of wine in one hand and something light and buttery threatening to crumble between his fingers in the other. "Was meanin' to ask you, *bao bei*. Thought Kaylee wanted you to be a bridesmaid?"

"Mal, this is a blessing ceremony not a wedding."

That amused him if only because every one of them had been referring to this as Kaylee and Simon's Wedding Day. There was something about an open air mass and being blessed in front of God that conferred the stamp of validation as if none of this could be real without it. And he wasn't about to deny Kaylee that. "That how come River an' half Kaylee's cousins an' such are all dressed up in that get up?"

"It's not a 'get up', Mal, an' yes you're right those *are* bridesmaid dresses but did you really think - anyone, including Kaylee and Simon - could stop River from doing what she set her heart on doing?"

He shook his head with a smile and kissed her cheek. "Once again you're right. Don't it ever get tiresome bein' right all the time?"

She gave him a sweet smile, the little dig buried just deep enough that he would only feel the hook as her words sank in. "How can I get tired of being right when I am never wrong?" He chuckled. "Gorramit woman, you are so gorram modest your beauty pales afore it."

Her eyes twinkled. "Pales?"

His voice dropped an octave lower, looking down at her through his dark and oh so beautiful lashes. Making her shiver. "Uh huh. You havin' problems with your hearin', 'Nara?" He teased softly, his voice all honeyed seduction. "Best get Simon take a look at that."

* * * * *

It was a long and glorious day. Tiring, but in a good way. When the day's end was creeping up on them, River rounded up all the children and laughed at Jayne as he pouted and grumbled. She knew he didn't mean it and truth to tell them kids were wearing him out. So it was that when it came time for folks to bed down Kaylee and Simon stared at the Fryes declaration that there was 'no room at the inn'. Kaylee blinked, confused.

"But daddy, we got plenty of room!"

"An' plenty of guests, little Mrs Tam." The use of her married name on her daddys' lips brought an instant smile. Simon looked a bit concerned. "Um, if we aren't sleeping in the house..." He trailed off, trying not to frown as he glanced over at the barn and some outhouses. Mr Frye was trying not to laugh, his wife slapping his arm for teasing the young couple. Before she could explain Serenity's Captain cleared his throat.

"You ain't sleepin' here 'cause you're off on gorram honeymoon, *dong ma*?"

Simon blinked, Kaylee's eyes widened then she clapped her hands together in glee. "We are?"

The Captain straightened. "That you are."

Jayne looked suspicious. "But there ain't nothin' here, Mal..."

"They aren't honeymoonin' on Carousel, Jayne."

"They ain't?"

"No!" Said Mal impatiently, "An' if you'll just hush up I can tell 'em before you ruin that too."

"I ain't ruined nothin'." Jayne protested with a puzzled frown, his attention diverted when River stepped up close to glare at him. Kaylee looked at the Captain.

"Where we goin'?"

"Some place not here." Said Mal with a hint of smug satisfaction. Inara was about to insist he put them out of their misery when the sound of a ship approaching drew every eye to the sky above their heads. Kaylee looked stunned. Zoe grinned, already knowing what the surprise was.

"Is that a Turner 28?"

Zoe gave a little shake of her head. "Kaylee, don't think of it as a top of the line inter atmo ship."

"Then what is it?"


Everyone stared at River but her grin was so wide it was impossible not to feel the happy anticipation just aching to burst out.

"Cinderella had a pumpkin." River explained.

Simon caught on while the others puzzled at the words. "It's from a classic fairytale from Earth-That-Was."

"Don't look like no pumpkin to me." Said Jayne as he frowned at the super shiny sleek craft coming in to land.

The door opened with a soft little hiss and two men in elaborate livery stepped out.

"Here come the mice."

Simon opened his mouth to explain, saw Kaylee's expression warning him not to and shut it again without a word. She didn't want him taking the magic away from this moment. Really, even a happily married Simon Tam could be such a boob at times.

* * * * *

As soon as everyone had seen Kaylee and Simon off on their honeymoon, the clean up operation began. Everyone pitching in, some helping more than others. As the trestle tables were folded up and the leftover food sorted to see what would go to the pigs and what could be used up a battle errupted between Jayne and some of the children. Mal started to tell him off then found himself grinning just before a pie crust hit him in the eye. Inara laughed then had a bowl of punch emptied over her head as River ran by playing tag with little Billy Jo and Pauli, Jayne growling and tumbling the younger ones across the grass before pitching food at them. The effect was somewhat ruined by Samuel opening his mouth and trying to catch the food bits before they flew on by. The food fight then became a competition.

Martin Frye shook his head while Lizzie tried not to laugh out loud. He put his arms around her and sighed in frustration. "Thought they were cleanin' up?"

Mrs Frye turned her head and gave him a kiss, all the love in the 'verse shining full of happy in her eyes. "Let 'em play, Martin. From what I hear life on a ship ain't all fun an' food fights." Her voice lowered until it was nothing but a soft breeze tugging at his ear. "Let 'em play while they can."

He watched bemused then turned for the house, reluctant to let the mayhem continue without hollering but wise enough to know which battles to fight. When they stepped into the quiet sanctuary of the house he turned her in his arms and shut the door with his foot. "Now woman," He said quietly, his look intent. "What you got to go get all maudlin 'bout? Ain't ya heard this is a happy day?"

She smiled though her eyes looked sad. "*Qu*, just happy for our little Kaylee."

His eyebrows rose as he waited for the rest.

"Just wish she could stay with us so's we could see the baby grow an' all." She sniffed then shook herself out of it just as quick, giving him a blazing smile through unshed tears. "I'm just bein' a sentimental old fool."

"No, ya ain't." Martin declared softly, drawing her into his arms in gentle possession. "You're bein' a mama." He kissed her forehead and smiled fondly. "An' I wouldn't change a gorram thing even if I could."

"Not even to keep our baby at home?"

He pulled back enough to get a clear look at her face. "An' what? See her ate up with misery an' longin' for the rest of her life?"

"I didn't mean without Simon an' little Charlotte..."

"Hush, woman, I know what ya meant an' ya know clearly as I do that flyin's in that girl's blood, *dong ma*? 'Sides, I think that Cap'n of hers would be more'n a mite upset if we interfered now. Girl made her choice an' it's a right shiny one. Remember that old sayin', Lizzie? The one your pa quoted to us 'til we near got sick of it?"

That brought a smile. "Ya on'y get to keep 'em when ya open your hand to let 'em fly free. If they come back then ya ain't ever gonna lose 'em but if ya don't open ya hand they'll suffocate sure as night follows day."

"That's right, an' she came back didn't she?"

For a long moment neither spoke, enjoying the moment of stillness. Then Mrs Frye pushed him back, all sign of tears gone, her whole body a-bustle itching to get on with the art of living. "C'mon, *zhangfu*, don't ya know we got work to do? Farm don't run itself."

Martin laughed then hugged her close. "Ain't never gonna trade ya in, not even for a younger model."

"A younger model wouldn't have ya!"

He pretended to be mortally wounded. "Woman, ya know how to hurt a man."

She smiled and leaned in to kiss him tenderly, the sparkle back in her eyes. "Yeah, an' I also know how to make up so special ya can't help but beg for more."

Laughing he gathered her up in a hug of love and joy and deep content, his laughter echoing off the walls.

* * * * *

Night had a hush and quiet all of its' own, but it was warm and comforting. Not the cold isolation of the Black. The haunting glory of sailing through a sea of stars as indistinct as unshed tears, the motion blurring the effect. No, this was feet on the ground happiness stored up for a rainy day. The evening meal was merry but subdued, Mrs Frye taking time to fuss over Joshua and happy to see Zoe relaxed and enjoying her time off the ship but wise enough not to comment on the shadow of sadness in the first mate's eyes. Afterwards the dishes were washed and put away, the beds sorted and everybody broke off into little groups to either talk, read or just take a walk through the balmy night air and enjoy breathing deep and long.

Inara pulled Mal aside and with a puzzled look he noticed they were heading towards Serenity. His heart hitched, the momentary fear that she was leaving hit him like a dagger to the heart. Inara caught the look on his face and smiled. "I thought we could use some privacy, Mal."

His eyebrows rose, his heartbeat hammering. "Privacy, huh?"

Didn't take any effort at all to convince him they'd be more comfortable spending the night in her shuttle. Out of habit he locked the ship down before letting her drag him off to bed. Almost, it felt like some gorram dream. Everything he wished she'd do to him played out for real, her hands warm and inviting his own to explore. Lush lips drew moans from his throat, clothes vanishing with artful skill that he could not compete with. *Wode ma*, if she wanted him standing naked and straining before her she could have it, not a muscle in his body able to protest anyway. He wanted her, always had. His body and his heart sang at the notion that she wanted him too.

"Relax, Mal." Her warm sweet breath scented the air he breathed. Eyes closing on bliss.

"Gorramit, woman, you make me boneless."

A wicked hand slid down his chest, briefly warming his abdomen before checking for herself. He groaned as her fingers closed around him, flexing and beginning to stroke him so deliciously that he feared it would all be over before he could get to the main event.


"Shhhh, Mal, don't ruin the moment."

He could hardly speak, his voice hoarse with desire, his body thrumming with need for her. Heart already lost the rest of him was following in rapid succession. "Want more'n a moment, *xin gan*."

She laughed, soft and merry, the sound feeding his soul with the kind of joy men would die for. They made love slowly, Inara showing him the kind of heaven that was so beautiful he ached with the sharp joy of it. Tender, loving, her face an adoring moon engracing him. Her hands spreading a fire of passion through him that near immolated him with the need for her but she would not be hurried and he had no breath left to beg.

It was hours later. Mal had never been so deeply and thoroughly loved before, and not just that but with such tenderness it damn near broke his heart. Not that he was heartbroken at all, far from it, just sometimes the ecstasy brought him near to tears. He had wanted this for so long, not just the sex but the woman herself. Gorramit, Inara was like to kill him for simple love of her. He kissed the warm glistening skin, his tongue flicking out to lay a trail up from her belly while his right hand slipped lower, parting her damp folds and gently stroking into her resting heat. Inara watched him, pleased to see him so content and happy, so relaxed it was like years had been taken off him. The weight of universes removed from his proud unyielding shoulders. Buddha forgive her but she loved him.


He smiled at his name on her lips. "Hush woman, just wanna love you."

She masked her sigh with words. "You have."

A sparkle teased the look in his eyes. "You think I'm done with you? Hope you've got plenty of stamina."

Despite her training Inara arched her back as his fingers found the bundle of nerves moist and receptive to his touch. He dipped his head and drew a nipple into his mouth, his free hand massaging the other breast, then tweaking and rolling the nipple hard while he sucked. His other hand making a lazy rythym that was building a warmth inside her that she had thought sated. Malcolm Reynolds was a man in love and as good at surprising her in this as he was in every other thing he did. It was part of the reason why she loved him so much and why she had to tell him before the strength in her spine went slack.

"We need to talk."

His lips hummed contentment against her breast. "Can't. Lips're busy."

Inara swallowed a moan, could feel herself responding to his tender ministrations. Who could have known he would be so good at this? "Mal, you know I love you, *ai ren*."

She could feel his smile, knew her words made him happy.

"We can't marry like Simon and Kaylee, Mal." Inara said gently, the fingers of one hand sifting through his hair, trailing along his scalp in a need to reassure.

"Don't wanna marry Simon or Kaylee, just you."

A lump formed in her throat, guilt crowding in on her even as his gifted fingers made her gasp as her body quickened to his touch. Inara's body spasmed and her warm essence flooded his hand. Mal lifted his head and grinned at her. Such joy. Such delight.

"Not finished with you yet, *bao bei*."

Before she could respond he slid down her body and buried his face in her, his lips parting her folds so he could lap up the juices with his tongue, the touch making her hips jerk, her eyes closing with the pleasure of it while trying to think beyond sensation. His warm hands slid under her and drew her closer, tongue having more penetration, the sated buzz in her body getting excited all over again at his expert touch, her hips making little abortive thrusts where she was too sensitive to lie still. Her over sensitive nub nipped, licked and sucked until shaking and shuddering she gave a cry and spilled across his tongue. Inara closed her eyes, thoughts vain fragments she could no longer grasp. Mental coherence narrowed to the glory of his touch as he patiently and lovingly licked her clean.

* * * * *

Simon Tam's jaw dropped. They had been escorted to the most beautiful room he had ever seen. Kaylee's eyes were wide as dinner plates, a stunned look of barely comprehending joy all over her face as she turned slowly taking in the shiny huge bedroom. The whole room was like some huge open plan play area with the centerpiece being a glorious King-sized bed. Kaylee had to look, to touch at the plush fabrics which she expected to be tacky copies only to realise the velvets and silks were real. Mirrors framed three walls with tasteful art snaked around them, a step beyond the bed leading to a large bathing area completely with sunken bath and every luxury the mind could imagine and the heart crave.

"We have to be in the wrong room." Said Simon in a stunned voice.

Kaylee dropped her bag on the floor and reached for his hand. "Uh huh, dont' ya realise what this is?"

Simon blinked. "A dream?"

Kaylee thought that was sweet and kissed him long and slow on the lips. His face broke out into a smile which made her heart go pitter-pat. "No, this is the honeymoon suite."

"*Shenme*? How do you know that?"

She laughed and dragged him over to the huge bed. "Ya mean the heart shaped bed didn't give it away?"

There were red roses in several vases and on the table by the bed a bottle of champagne and a box beside it. Intrigued, Kaylee opened the box then laughed out loud, falling back on the bed with the box hugged to her heart. Alarmed, Simon knelt next to her. "Kaylee? What is it, what's in the box?"

Stifling her laughter, Kaylee took pity on how concerned he was. Smiling she opened the box then took out the biggest juiciest strawberry that was in it. His eyes widened in suprise.

"Now do ya think we're in the wrong room?"

Before Simon could answer there came a soft knock at the door. Kaylee sat up on the bed and looked at Simon, with a sigh he sat up and called, "Who is it?"

The door opened and a man and woman entered in the same livery as the two who had accompanied them in the Turner 28. Simon glanced helplessly at Kaylee.

"Did we ask for Room Service?"

Before Kaylee could answer the gentleman spoke. "If you will pardon the intrusion, *shifu*, we are here to serve you."

Now Kaylee was perplexed. "Serve us?" Did that mean what she thought it meant?

The man and woman had matching smiles which was a little creepifying. Simon was about to say they didn't need anything when the man walked back to the door and put the 'do not disturb' notice on the outside door knob. When he shut the door there was a loud satisfying click as the lock cycled shut. Simon's eyes widened. "Oh, *shen goushi*."

"Do not be alarmed." Said the woman, removing her jacket and shoes while the man laid down a small ornate case and did the same. The woman then turned a dazzling smile on Simon as the man walked over to Kaylee and gave a little bow. "We are here to bathe and massage you."

Kaylee would have laughed until tears ran down her face but she was too shocked to do anything but stare, sure that her ears weren't working and that Simon had been right. This was a gorram dream.

* * * * *

CHINESE GLOSSARY: (Mandarin - Pinyin)

*mei mei* = little sister *diyu* = hell *zhangfu* = husband *shenme* = what *baobei* = precious/treasure *dong ma* = understand? *qu* = yes (lit. go) *wode ma* = mother of God *xin gan*/*ai ren* = sweetheart *shifu* = sir *shen goushi* = deep shit


Wednesday, July 26, 2006 5:09 AM


You reallly know how to tell a tale.

Although it sounds like Simon and kaylee may not have much privacy for honeymoonin',

Wednesday, July 26, 2006 5:21 AM


Dammit. Where do I get a Captain and parents that'll spring for a honeymoon like that?

Wednesday, July 26, 2006 5:42 AM


Aww, this was so happy and sweet. And who the heck sprung for a honeymoon like that? Sounds more expensive than all the money they have put together.

Nicely done. Looking forward to more.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006 11:56 AM


This was great ... man, do I not relish the morning after when Inara has to tell Mal the whole truth and nothin' but ... but in the meantime, that was some sweet loving!

And I cannot wait for more of Simon and Kaylee's honeymoon - Simon's discomfort at being bathed by someone other than Kaylee ... that's just priceless ... although I do think having Kaylee do it, would be far more enjoyable. Just a thought ...

Post more!

Thursday, July 27, 2006 10:38 AM


This has been an enchanting read so far. It will be interesting to see what Inara does next. And that honeymoon sounds...interesting.

Friday, July 28, 2006 6:39 PM


I get the feeling our favourite Companion called in some favours to get Kaylee and Simon this kind of honeymoon;)

And I too really am waiting with baited breath to see Inara finally tell Mal the truth about her situation. Cuz then we can get to the crazy-ass scheming to either make off with more riches than someone could count or find a way to cancel Inara's debt;)



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