The Contract / Revenge 4/5
Sunday, September 10, 2006

Jayne and Kaylee deal with the Dragons and prepare for their revenge on Badger, unaware that Mal’s negotiating a job through the crook.


Title: The Contract / Revenge 4/5 Author: hisgoodgirl

Disclaimer: Joss's toys, my make-believe. No money changed hands and all that. Paring: Jayne/Kaylee Rating: PG-17 for adult language, sexual references.

Compliment to my story, THE CONTRACT. To read my other stories, click on my name above. This falls between "RED" and "Too Little, Too Late", post OIS, pre BDM.

Dedicated to BlueEyedBrigadier for challenging me to figure it out. Thanks, BEB!

Technical assistance from my very own bigbadman, with beta by the lovely ArtemisPrime. Italics indicate time and represent internal dialogue.

Nothing so pleases and inspires a muse as thoughtful and insightful feedback. Thanks!


Two blocks up, a pair of Alliance troopers spotted the uproar and pushed into the crowded street. Recent gang conflicts made the docks unusually tense and the local dock patrol had been reinforced with a contingent of Federals well trained in crowd control to help keep the peace.

The group of Dragon Clan members up ahead were gathered like vultures around some poor soul and the sight set Jayne’s teeth on edge, but it was the sound of Kaylee’s voice, shrill and furious, that sent the big mercenary into full battle mode.

He plunged headlong into the milling crowd, shoving people right and left. The already anxious crowd parted, giving way before the huge man bearing down on the gang like a freight train. Yanking loose a wooden support pole from one of the vendor awnings, Jayne swung the heavy staff like an oversized baseball bat, the unexpected blow sending two of the Dragons sprawling.

The tall, lean gang leader glared at his adversary with narrowed eyes, his forearm tight across Kaylee’s throat as he backed away, dragging the thrashing girl with him. For one heart-stopping second, Jayne’s eyes met Kaylee’s as she struggled with her captor. The remaining subordinate drew a wickedly sharp dagger and lunged at Jayne, but years of practice wielding pool cues in bar fights paid off, and the merc swung the butt of the pole sharply around, catching the Dragon squarely under the chin and snapping his head back with the impact.

His hands spaced widely on the pole and feet planted well apart, the merc clenched his bared teeth together, sucking noisy breaths through them and studying Tall for an opening. Focused as he was, Jayne failed to notice the pair of Alliance troopers approaching until one called out, “Cease action immediately or you will be taken into custody!”

The gang leader was caught off guard by the voice behind him. Sensing an opportunity, Kaylee jammed her elbow hard into the thug’s ribs. As he moved to protect himself, she turned and drove her knee hard into his groin, pulling away as he retched and fell to his knees. The other Dragons scrambled to their feet and fled, leaving Tall in the custody of the officers who dragged him upright.

Jayne dropped the pole and grabbed Kaylee’s arm. “Hoof it before they can start askin’ awkward questions,” he urged, and they plunged into the crowd and were quickly lost down a narrow alleyway, heading back toward Serenity.

“Damn, girl, I didn’t know you could fight like that! Remind me never to piss you off,” Jayne muttered as he caught his breath.

“Well, I did have a brother to learn on, “ Kaylee panted.

“God help ‘im, ya little hellion.”


After helping with supper cleanup, Jayne found his girl back in Serenity’s engine room curled up in her hammock, her nose buried in a novel. He stood quietly in the passage, his eyes drinking in her unselfconscious beauty, then stepped over the hatchway and smiled at her.

At the sound of the mercenary’s heavy footsteps, Kaylee’s face lit up. She closed her book and swung herself into a sitting position, her legs and feet dangling off the edge of what Jayne referred to as her “swinging death trap.”

“Pretty adventuresome day today, huh?” he asked, scratching the back of his neck.

The girl nodded. “Maybe just a tad too adventuresome. Sure am glad you showed up when ya did. Thanks, Jayne.” She hung her head, “Ya know, I didn’t remember to take ‘Lulu’ with me. Wouldda been nice to have a gun handy with them goons crowdin’ in.”

“Nope.” Jayne crossed his arms and shook his head from side to side. “Much as I’m in favor of carryin’ a weapon, that’s one situation where your pop-gun wouldn’t have done you much good, bein’ as she just has the one round. Still, you better not let me catch you goin’ out again without her. What would you’ve done if I hadn’t heard ya holler and come runnin’?” Jayne asked.

Kaylee thought about it for a minute. “Oh, probably waited for a chance to kick him in th’ balls, like I done.”

“That works,” the big merc chuckled. “Ya know, I never thought I’d be glad of the Feds steppin’ in, but it was a good thing they did.”

“Don’t let the cap’n hear you sayin’ that. Or Simon.”

“Aw hell, Simon can kiss my ass. Mal, too, for that matter. After sendin’ me out to buy that ammunition, he lit into me tonight over what I had to pay. Man's an idiot, needs to get laid in a serious way. Like, what’s this stupid dance he’s doin’ with Inara? Why don't he just go on an' fuck her? Any moonbrain can see she want it."

Kaylee giggled and nudged the grousing merc in the crotch with her bare foot, “Is that what’s wrong with you, Mr. Cranky?”

“Wouldn’t hurt,” Jayne grinned provocatively, and pulled the engine room door shut.


The following morning, Kaylee made her way onto the bridge where Mal and Zoë were bent over a star map that Wash had pulled up on the Cortex.

“It’s days out of our way, Sir. Can’t hardly see how the run would be worth our while.”

“Wouldn’t be takin’ the job just for the coin, Zo. This fella Li Chen may pan out to be a good new middleman for us, especially if we can work it so we’re dealin’ directly with him rather than goin’ through Badger. Things as tight as they are, it can’t hurt to line up somebody else as can work with us, keep a broad base.” Mal’s face was smiling, but even Kaylee could read the tight set of his jaw.

“Mal, I just don’t…” Wash started to jump in but Zoë caught his eye and shook her head once, waving him off.

“It’s your decision, Sir.” The dark woman’s voice was flat but strained.

Mal noticed Kaylee and slipped an arm playfully around her waist, trying to diffuse some of the tension. “What’s up, li’l Kaylee? Thought you was comin’ down to play checkers with us last night.”

“Uh, sorry, Cap. Got to readin’ an’ fell asleep.”

Liar, liar, pants on fire… she thought, color flooding her face as she thought about what she’d actually been doing.

“Figured you oughtta know, we need a new compression pump and a replacement for that Reuter attenuator keep’s bustin. I was thinkin’ about poppin’ down to the junkyard and seein’ if Gel might have what we need.” The mechanic stuffed her hands into her pockets and rocked back and forth on her pink jelly shoes.

Mal looked pained and uncertain. “Can’t make do?”

“Not really. Both are shot an’ we ain’t takin’ off without ‘em.”

“Well, best take Jayne with you. Heard there was some shenanigans involving the Dragons down that way yesterday an’ I don’t want you out there on your own. See if Geller’ll let us put ‘em on our tab, just ‘til this next run’s over.”

Kaylee nodded, “Will do, Cap,” and bounced off in search of the big man.


Jayne steered Serenity’s mechanic down the ramp and across the landing pad, his ever-watchful eyes scanning the crowded docks. “Let’s take that back route over to the junkyard. Make for less chance of anyone seein’ or hasslin’ us. Anything starts getting’ messy, you git yourself back to Serenity, hear me?” At Kaylee’s puzzled look, he explained, “I don’t mind shootin’ my way outta things, but just as soon not have ya caught up in a firefight.”

“Okay.” The thought of Jayne having to defend himself single-handedly disturbed Kaylee, and she wormed her hand into the hip pocket of her coverall where ‘Lulu’ rested, heavy and cool. She’d make a fair showing of herself if need be.

Between warehouses and down alleyways, the pair zig-zagged across Eavesdown until they came to the high fence capped with razor wire that surrounded Geller’s Junkyard. Gel was out by the gate, collecting payment for a crate of small parts from a greasy, middle-aged mechanic.

Seeing the pair, he waved. “Hey, folks, come on in the house. Got a little something I wanna show you.”

Jayne looked at Kaylee and raised one eyebrow.

The girl grinned. “I told you. He’s good, Jayne. Really good.”

Gel swung the door open and ushered the pair into his little office, then dragged a couple of old mismatched kitchen chairs in near his desk. “Sit down. Can I get you somethin’ to drink?” The old man eyed Kaylee. “I know you’d rather have coffee. Pot’s already on, so help yourself.”

His rheumy old eyes scanned Jayne up and down. “She says you’re her sweetheart.” He announced, bluntly. “Treat her good, you hear.”

The merc was somewhat taken aback. “Well, I uh…hell.” He looked at the girl. “Kaylee, you done told everybody?”

The mechanic slipped her arm around Jayne’s neck and planted a kiss on his bristly cheek, then settled into the chair beside him.

“Nah, just Gel. He’s my buddy.”

Gus Geller laughed and winked at the self-conscious mercenary. “How ‘bout a shot a whisky from one buddy to another?” He opened a drawer in his battered old desk and pulled out a grapefruit-sized metal container and a half-full liquor bottle. “Kay, honey, hows about handin’ me and yer man a glass apiece, if ya please.”

Gel rested the metal object on the corner of his desk and poured a couple of fingers of whisky into each of the glasses Kaylee passed to him, handing one to Jayne. The old man grinned and raised his bushy white eyebrows, then pronounced a resounding toast. “Sic Semper Tyrannis!”

“Sick tempered ta-whatsits?” Jayne was puzzled. “What’s he talkin’ ‘bout, Kaylee?”

Gel laughed. “It means “Thus Ever to Tyrants’, which we got more’n enough of, in my opinion.” He downed his drink and Jayne nodded and joined him.

The old machinist pulled out a small plastic jug of intensely magenta colored liquid out from under the kneehole of the desk and set it beside the small device. “Couldn’t get your li’l situation outta my mind yesterday, Kaylee, so I done some checking into what we talked about.”

Kaylee came over and bent down to look more closely at the object, marveling at the old man’s skill. “Why, looks like you done finished it! I wasn’t expectin’ you to build the darn thing, just help me out some.”

“Looks kinda like a grenade!” Jayne noted, pleased. “Jing zi!”

Gel picked up the “bomb” and pointed at a small threaded cap on the side. “See, you pour the ink in here, then pressurize it up real good. You’ll wanna put it this end up in a box just exactly the right size, so it’s a snug fit, and the lid depresses the sensor on top. That Badger feller goes to open up his package and releases the pressure on this little valve, everything within about a ten foot radius is gonna get covered in aerosolized indelible pink ink!”

Jayne looked skeptical. “You done run a trial with this here gizmo?”

“Yep, filled it with water and pumped ‘er up with the compressor. Then rigged a remote release with a piece of cable. She still soaked me good!” the old man laughed gleefully. ”Sure wish there was a way to take some captures of the gorram thing goin’ off!”

“Ooo, me, too,” Kaylee giggled. “You got no idea how much we appreciate this, Gel. You been a mighty dear friend.” The girl smooched Gus Geller’s furrowed old cheek.

Gus leaned toward Jayne and asked, “She make a habit of smoochin’ on fellers?”

The merc laughed. “Yeah, she’s a right rare flirt, she is…”

Kaylee turned a bright rose and hung her head.

”Gel,” she spoke hesitantly, “hate to even ask, after all you’ve done, but is there any chance you got a compression pump in half-decent shape that’ll work for Serenity and a replacement Reuter somewhere out in the yard? Oughtta warn you -- Cap’n asked, could we put it on our tab ‘til we get paid for our next job? Things is runnin' a little tight right now.”

Gel pushed his chair back from the desk and stood up. “Let’s us see what we can find out there. You tell that Browncoat captain a yours, he can pay when he’s able, long as he treats ya good.” He looked at Kaylee fondly. “I wasn’t a big fan a Unification, either.”


By mid-day, Jayne and Kaylee returned to Serenity without mishap. Jayne balanced the heavy compression pump on his left shoulder, and toted the replacement attenuator, while Kaylee carried the ink and homemade atomizer in a sturdy box Gus Geller had provided.

Pushing open the bay door, Kaylee hit the comm to let Wash know they were back on board.

“Did you get the parts we needed?” The pilot’s usually jovial voice had a bit of an edge to it.

“Yeah,” the mechanic responded. Found a brand new Reuter and pretty decent compression pump oughtta work well enough.”

“Mal’ll be glad to hear that. He’s decided we’re takin’ off at 1400 tomorrow afternoon, if you can get those parts swapped out and assuming we can get Inara to cut her last appointment a little short. By the way, tell Jayne some kid came by with a message for him about an hour ago. Zo put it over on his weight bench.”

“Will do, Wash.”

Kaylee and Jayne looked at one another conspiratorially.

“Guess we’re one step closer to delivering Badger’s little present,” the merc surmised. “Can you grab the note, darlin’? This pump’s getting’ heavy, so I’m headin’ on back to the engine room with it.”


For the remainder of the afternoon, Jayne assisted the little mechanic in the dirty, awkward process of pulling out Serenity’s old compression pump, located in a recess under one end of the main engine housing. The job was hard and miserable. The engine room was always the warmest place on the ship, but especially so when she was parked and on auxiliary ventilation. Kaylee had rolled her overalls down, tying the sleeves around her waist and Jayne finally stripped out of his sweat-soaked t-shirt and mopped his face with it, remarking, “Ai ya, this is a gorram mean job. I’d rather beat up or shoot people any day.”

They struggled with the old seals to no avail, time and heat having fused them. Jayne finally resorted to using a heavy pipe wrench for leverage, and the pump dislodged abruptly, mashing Jayne’s finger against the housing. Kaylee’s helper erupted in a string of loud, furious curses. He shook the injured digit, then stuck his throbbing finger in his mouth. “Gorramit, that hurts like hell!”

“Think ya broke it?” Kaylee slid out from under the housing, watching with concern as Jayne gingerly flexed the offending finger.

“Nah. It ain’t broke, but I sure as hell mashed it good.” He knelt down and pulled the old pump clear. “Good thing for you it’s on my right hand, huh?” He wiggled the fingers on his left hand in a very suggestive way, and Kaylee burst out laughing.

“Look, there’s no way we can both get under there to fit that pump in. You set them new seals and I’ll get that chou wang ba dan installed while you read us Annie’s note. Then we can get the gizmo boxed up and make arrangements for delivery first thing tomorrow mornin’.”

“Makes sense.“ Kaylee rooted around in her pocket and pulled out the rumpled envelope, carefully breaking the adhesive. As the big mercenary wiggled into the tight space under the engine mount and jiggered the pump into place, she opened the cream vellum and read the sloping script.

“Dearest Jayne…” She nudged his knee. “She called ya ‘Dearest’, huh?”

“Don’t mean nothin’, Kaylee. We’re just old friends. You know that.”

“Dearest Jayne, My sources say that B. handles work for several big clients: Kemberton Morely, Sir Warrick Harrow, the Dragon Clan, the Houghton brothers, and Phe Long Nhow. The latter has been his biggest connection for guns and synth-opioids. Hope this helps. Good luck, A.”

“Hand me that socket wrench, will ya?” He stuck out his hand. “Looks like we got us several options. You don’t wanna tap Harrow, so he’s out.” He fell silent for a minute to torque down the bolts, then added, “I think we’d best not mess with the Houghton boys, since we buy ammo from ‘em, an’ The Dragons are just bad news all ‘round.”

Kaylee pushed her hair back from her face. “Never heard of that first fellow, but if Annie says that last fella is Badger’s biggest connection, don’tcha figure the li’l weasel’d open up a special delivery from him straight off?”

“Hand me that coupling, would ya?” Jayne connected the hose Kaylee passed to him and tightened the connector.

“Yeah, let’s pin it on Mr. Phe Long Nhow.”

(To be continued... 4/5)



Sunday, September 10, 2006 5:49 AM


**Bounces in** Why look, here I am!

~“Damn, girl, I didn’t know you could fight like that! Remind me never to piss you off,” Jayne muttered as he caught his breath.

“Well, I did have a brother to learn on, “ Kaylee panted.

“God help ‘im, ya little hellion.”~

I love this section, I can hear Jayne and Kaylee's voices plain as day whenever you write them, but this made me laugh out loud.

I can't wait for the last section of this, Badger'll get what's coming to him. I hope!

More please, and soon! I'm not exactly a patient sort ;)

Sunday, September 10, 2006 7:38 AM


Dammit! I never get enough of this. this is good stuff. really looking forward to the next installment.

Monday, September 11, 2006 2:31 AM


I can't believe there is only one chapter left! I'm looking forward to seeing/hearing Badger's reaction to the ink bomb. It's going to be great.

This chapter did another good job of showing Kaylee and Jayne all relaxed and at ease with one, working, etc. It says something that Jayne would let Kaylee read Annie's note. I also liked the bit between Gus and Jayne.


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